In a World that Demonizes White Males, Trump Represents Male Competence and White Power


Financial guru Doug Casey opines on the 2016 election, explaining Trump’s appeal to the average white guy. Trump’s rejection of political correctness and his competence inspire white MEN, who are portrayed as laughable losers in the media while being treated as threatening rapists on college campuses.

Sadly, many of our young white males have been turned into cucks by the university system and Hollywood. This election is as much about them and their future as MEN as it is anything else. With Trump setting the example, I believe that at least some white men and youths have been inspired to reclaim their right to rule the world.

Execerpt from Zerohedge

The average middle-class, middle-aged American doesn’t give a damn about racism or sexism, however, because they basically only exist in the imaginations of the Politically Correct. But it doesn’t really matter any more what the average white male American thinks; he’s become the laughing stock of the rest of the world. He’s gone from being the King of the World to a bumbling, overweight, uneducated, bigoted, near-bankrupt parody of himself. What we once thought of as the “average guy” in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even the 80s is on his way out. The PCs and the migrants have pretty well transformed the U.S.

Trump is the desperate “last hurrah” of the old order. An FYI: I don’t support Trump per se, even though, given the alternative, I hope he wins. It’s clear he has all kinds of dangerous authoritarian tendencies. And has all kinds of really silly economic notions. But the good news is that he may – to at least a degree – upset the Deep State’s apple cart, at least until he’s co-opted into the Deep State. No matter who wins, this election is going to be ugly. So try not to take it very seriously. Put the Stone’s “Street Fighting Man” on continuous loop instead of your TV’s regular audio, and enjoy. Before you rush to cancel your subscription, I hasten to add that, like any right-thinking person, I actively despise Hillary.

So what’s going to happen? The Deep State will do everything it can to keep things looking rosy for the next three months. The worse things get, the more likely the capite censi are to vote for Trump; the better things look, the better things are for Hillary. That may make Trumpistas closet Leninists. Lenin said, “The worse things get, the better they get.”

What more can the Deep State do? I used to think it was metaphysically impossible to have sub-zero interest rates, especially after creating trillions of new dollars. But it seems anything is possible in Bizzarro World.

I guess they’ll create trillions more dollars and use them to buy bonds, mortgages, and even stocks. So, despite stocks, bonds, and real estate being way overpriced, the smart money has to bet on things holding together until November. On the other hand, the average guy not just in the U.S., but around the world—as shown by Brexit in the U.K. and the surprise victory of Macri in Argentina—is mad as hell. We’re looking at a worldwide upset, not just one in the U.S.

Trump is not the last hurrah of the old order. He is the dawn of a new order.

Whether Trump wins or loses, his actions have created a new pride in manliness that will not go away.

That pride expresses itself in the Identitarian movement that we call the alt-right or White Nationalism or whatever you wish to call it.


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