Hillary Promises Press Conferences–On One Condition

hillary stop lying


As of today, it has been 273 (call it an absolute zero) days since Clinton’s last formal press conference on December 4, 2015, something even the left-leaning WaPo and NYT have expressed outrage against. Naturally, as questions mount if and when the Democratic Presidential candidate will finally speak to the press, overnight Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, had some good news, when he assured an ABC News podcast that she will hold regular press conferences, but under one condition.

That she is president, or as Nancy Pelosi might put it, “you have to elect her, to ask her questions.”

This is not a joke: this is how ABC put it, “Clinton’s lead press secretary, Brian Fallon, vowed that if elected, “Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences.” And here we were worried that if elected, Hillary would serve Clinton Foundation corporation and Middle Eastern donors for (at least) 4 years without speaking to the press at least once (an idea Trump may want to consider).

Fallon, seemingly unaware of how this statement sounded, added that “The amount of interaction can only go up,” noting that the traveling press will soon be flying with Clinton on her new campaign plane.

“I’m sure that will bring with it a lot of opportunities for additional access to the candidate and interactions between her and the traveling press corps that covers her every day,” Fallon told ABC News’ chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl, and political director Rick Klein on the podcast.

The article goes on to note that most all of Hillary’s time this summer has been spent raising money at fundraisers open ONLY to the wealthy.

Which leads one to ask what is going on in the minds of working class and middle-class Hillary supporters. This woman is the most hated female since Jane Fonda 50 years ago. At least Jane Fonda was honest. Crooked Hillary has earned the Donald’s derisive nickname over and over.

This comment by Chris Hunter is intriguing:

Clinton fake chairty

97% of the funds don’t go to chairty, they go to shell corporations, pass through accounts, and finally into their pockets.

HIV drugs to Africa, the drugs were made in India by some pharma company and were fake.

The Clinton’s are white niggers who somehow made it to the white house and on the way out they stole George Washingtons dishes.

I can’t confirm that this is how part of how the Clinton’s have enriched themselves, but as a theory it makes sense. Even the speeches the despicable woman gave that earned her hundreds of thousands of dollars are small potatoes compared to the wealth she and Bill have accumulated.

rough 8 years hillary

2 thoughts on “Hillary Promises Press Conferences–On One Condition

  1. Hillary’s meme of the century – “If you would stop asking I could stop lying”

    For a normal Human brain just this single meme should be enough to end her career. Hence the problem is not her, but the crowds that vote her. If I had never knew anything about her before, just watching her facial expressions during her theatrical appearances would lock my disgust for this scoundrel in an instant.

    Hillary-mania should be officially recognized as a new mental disorder.

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