Fox News Report: The Rise of the Alt-Right (Short Video)

This two minute video features brief appearances by Jared Taylor, Milo, and Ann Coulter, among others.

The mainstream is talking about us, but they still can’t figure out who we are. Thank you, Hillary.

Published on Aug 24, 2016

Conservative movement embraces the Trump campaign; Doug McKelway takes a closer look for ‘Special Report’

The comments are worth reading since neither Trump nor Milo are alt-right. Both are worthy of mention in the video, though, since both bring some of our views to the fore.

Are you alt-right? If you believe this, the answer is NO!

5 thoughts on “Fox News Report: The Rise of the Alt-Right (Short Video)

  1. Paladin, whenever you provide some interesting links, there is regularly next option to check some other content from that webpage and bingo, fat catch follows as usual. That way I bumped on a TYT Nation channel (how preposterous it sounds), and an epic medusa-like creepy host. Racism, Racism…oh my God Racism…and again Racism…only Racism and nothing but Racism…and bla bla bla…slimy poof made me sick.

    Aside of being hit by liberal mental disorder, Lefty loons also suffer from specific physical appearance disorder. It’s not about being ugly, fat or just unattractive; it’s about their facial expressions, as a talking cadavers, or disgruntled Necrophiliacs, or Homo-Pedophilic deviants…and similar in that direction. Pale lifeless creatures, and no wonder that chronic liar and psychopathic sociopath Hillary is their darling.

    In their righteous holiness, Lefty zombies obviously forgot lessons about basic physical law – On every ACTION there is REACTION. Lefties in last century killed over hundred million of innocent people, just because of disagreeing with them. Time for pay back!

  2. I like the party name “Social Nationalists” or SocNats. There is no way for the media to spin such people as being Nazis.
    They can say, no, we are Socialists, who also are Nationalists, we are not Nazis and have no idea what that word means.

    alt right sounds somewhat wishy washy and a temporary Twitter type name of the Andy Warhol 15 mintutes of fame idea. Musso and Hitler had the right idea with their party names and flags. However both party names are severely tarnished and better left buried.

    Maybe New Right is a better name. The GOP is not right wing anyway, it is run by and for Jewish interests. George W Bush proved that in a big way.. Jews are essentially Socialists and Communists and some crony Capitalists. These are ((criminal gangs)) where a small number of people steal immense wealth and power. Redistribution of wealth happens only from the poor and middle classes to the “Rich classes” and from the middle classes to the poor classes. Never from the rich to poor, that does not happen anywhere.

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