University “non-negotiable respect policy” BANS All Insults to Create Safe Spaces

ronnie green

Message to white students: If you’re not for diversity and inclusion, get the fuck out.

Daily Mail

The University of Nebraska Lincoln’s new chancellor Ronnie Green has instituted a new, non-negotiable respect policy at the school.

During a speech given at the new student convocation last month, Green made it clear that ‘actions of hate and disrespect’ would not be tolerated.

However, the policy on what constitutes ‘hate’ and ‘disrespect’ has not been made clear.

The announcement came as a part of the university’s new belief statement, posted to UNL’s website.

We ask that all members of the University community be especially mindful of our responsibility to create an environment that is welcoming to all, where each person feels accepted, valued and safe,’ the chancellor wrote in part.

One critic said this policy will hinder first amendment rights and stifle dissent from progressive ideologies.

‘Chancellor Green has informed UNL’s new students that UNL has a non-negotiable list of expected beliefs about matters of diversity and inclusion.

‘In other words, here in the UNL community, we encourage you to speak up but if you say the wrong thing we will not tolerate it.

Feel free to politely criticize the ideas of ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan, for example, but make sure not to show any disrespect, much less hatred, for any group, individual, or ideology.

‘If you can’t express yourself respectfully, shut up.,’ intellectual freedom activist David Moshman wrote on the Huffington Post.

Moshman? Another Jew, This one critical of the policy. I’m starting to believe the claim that Jews take all sides of an issue in order to control the dialogue.

Green did not say in the speech what the consequences would be for violation of this new policy, leaving it open to interpretation.

‘We all share in the responsibility to create a positive culture here and to safeguard equity, inclusion, diversity and respect.

‘We take action when we observe something or someone being treated unfairly or in a demeaning manner. It’s our core belief as a university here at the University of Nebraska.

It’s nonnegotiable. That’s who we are,’ Green said in the speech.

One student said minority groups at UNL have many avenues for acceptance but people of faith do not.

‘Lincoln has trended towards the social justice principles for years. So I’m not surprised, I just won’t be a part of it.

‘There are plenty of open arms to liberal rights groups, minorities, the LGBTQ community, and even libertarians. But if you dare bring up God, for example, be ready to be yelled at,’ UNL student Gus Burnette told The College Fix.

Despite this, in the belief statement written into a memo on the university’s website, the school said it defends the first amendment and asks students debate courteously.

‘We believe in the freedom of speech, and encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, and we do not tolerate words and actions of hate and disrespect. We know how to share criticism of ideas with respect,’ the site says.

I’m debating with myself as to whether or not to reactivate the $10,000 reward that I had put on anti-white university president David Boren last year. I think I ‘ll see how this plays out first. However, if I do reactivate the reward and put it on the head of Ronnie Green, I’ve learned that I need to get the word out better, so next time I’ll contact the student newspaper and other media and see if they want to interview a “racist,” who just happens to value free speech.

Meanwhile, I’m also thinking about contacting UNL to offer to fund a scholarship. Which would only be open to white male students with Swastika or similar tattoos. I won’t tell them that at first, though.

Universities take money to create all kinds of scholarships for “students of color,” but will this university take money to fund a young “Nazi?”

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5 thoughts on “University “non-negotiable respect policy” BANS All Insults to Create Safe Spaces

  1. “has instituted a new, non-negotiable respect policy at the school. ”
    Universities claim to be about thinking, discussion, argument and free thought. Ideas, not slogans.
    This guy seems to be a fan of Stalin and Hitler.
    Rule by one man, the Great Leader.

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