Trump in Detroit: Reuters Cuts Feed as Bishop Jackson Blesses the Donald (Video)

trump jewish prayer shawl

Here’s another case of the media controlling what we see.

Leftist, Jew controlled Reuters cut the feed to news networks as the Donald was blessed by a black pastor. You can watch in the video below.

If a significant number of blacks decide to be responsible adults and leave Hillary’s plantation, the Trumpster will have turned the world upside down.

Imagine a world in which realism toward race replaces the “whites oppress you” sh*t that comes out of every Democrat’s mouth.

A p*ssed off Jew claims the shawl placed on our leader is a Jewish prayer shawl. So what? I thought Jews were supposed to be the light of the world. Lulz.

Interestingly, a black news source refers to the fine black folks praying for the Donald as COONS!

7 thoughts on “Trump in Detroit: Reuters Cuts Feed as Bishop Jackson Blesses the Donald (Video)

  1. “fine black folks praying for the Donald as COONS!”

    No Trump voters are never Coons or Niggers.
    Coons always vote for Hillary or whoever the Democrap machine has put up. In fact a lot of unemployed Coons do not vote at all.
    When it rains on Polling day, the Republicans usually win. That is because Coons (and other lowlife lazy bums of various races), even those born in the jungle, hate to get wet. I am not making this up.

    • In the south, placing a police officer at polling places with arrest warrants would keep them home. Half of them had outstanding warrants and didn’t want to be arrested. Hence, the expression (I think) “Sweatin’ like a nigger on election day.”

  2. I don’t know what actually happened to the feed, but here is Thump’s full speech. Start at 31:38 for the coming blackout then watch as several little coonettes flail around on stage in an ape parody of dancing. So the feed DID continue. No reason to black out Dump getting a jew shit shawl or being blessed by the darky pastor. May have just been a glitch.

    It’s obvious Stump kisses jew ass and sucks nigger cock. What more do you need to know?

    • If I have the time and my Internet connection was better than last night, I’ll write a response re what I think Trump is up to. It will include some negative possibilities and also some positive ones for us. I want to read what Anglin has to say about Trump’s going after black votes. I haven’t gone to his site yet, but I think he may just avoid the subject.

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