Gentile Trust and the Jew

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Posted by Laddie in the comments section at Zerohedge. Broken into shorter paragraphs here for readability. The author is the late Birdman Bryant.

One of the most important concepts to free-market economists is what is known as “transaction costs”. The transaction cost of a purchase is the cost over and above what is paid for a good or service in order to make the purchase possible.

For example, if we wish to buy a used car, we may decide to have a mechanic look it over, and our payment to the mechanic then becomes part of the transaction costs.

Likewise, if we have to pay a tax on the purchase of the car, then this also becomes part of the transaction cost.

Because transaction costs can be large, there is an obvious motivation to reduce them. As libertarians have often pointed out, the effect of government is generally to raise transaction costs, as would be the case when government imposes taxes or costly regulations on businesses. (Such costs are often ‘hidden’ in the price of the goods or services purchased, but in reality they are part of the transaction costs.)

But it is within the power of government to “reduce” transaction costs as well, as happens when government inspection guarantees the healthfulness of foods, and government laws make it unlikely that a businessman will dare to cheat his customers.

One of the most important ways which consumers have to reduce their transaction costs is to deal only with people they trust.

There is, however, another explanation for the change, and that is that America — and in fact, the world — has become besieged by people who are expert in exploitation, namely, the Jews.

In saying this, I am not necessarily using the term ‘exploitation’ in a pejorative sense: I could just as well say, “The Jews are good at seeing opportunities and making the most of them.” But if Jews exploit the gullibility of gentiles, it is also true that they do not, as a rule, exploit the gullibility of their own kind, which is to say that the Jews have a high degree of trust among themselves.

Accordingly, it might be said that the Jews have the best of all possible worlds: They have trust within their own group (and thus low transaction costs), but are free to use their highly-developed skills of exploitation among outsiders.

But if the problem of the exploitation of gentiles is due to Jewish intelligence and skill, it is also due to another factor: The failure of gentiles to be racially or ethnically aware. That is, for gentiles — or at least the Christian West — there is no ‘outsider group’ because of the Christian-rooted ‘universalist’ philosophy which declares that ‘there is no race but the human race’; whereas for Jews, the outsiders are everyone who is not Jewish.

The absence of ‘outsiders’ for gentiles, then — something which has resulted from the philosophy of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ which has become dominant of late in the West — has meant that not only Jews, but every other racial and ethnic group has been put in a position to exploit whites, while whites, who know no ‘outsiders’, are unable to defend themselves against such exploitation.

It is of course Jews who have been responsible for imposing multiculturalism, but that is yet another story of the exploitation of whites by Jews.


13 thoughts on “Gentile Trust and the Jew

  1. Off topic: the holy nog. again.

    “Battered for his phone: Shocking CCTV shows gang of 10 youths savagely beating a teenager before knocking him out with a CHAIR – just so they can steal his mobile

    19-year-old had been walking to catch a bus when the set upon him
    He was knocked to the floor, beaten and struck unconscious by a chair
    Police had released CCTV of attack and are hunting 10 suspects

    Read more:

    10 of them against a lone White and all for a phone.

  2. “The absence of ‘outsiders’ for gentiles, then — something which has resulted from the philosophy of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ which has become dominant of late in the West — has meant that not only Jews, but every other racial and ethnic group has been put in a position to exploit whites, while whites, who know no ‘outsiders’, are unable to defend themselves against such exploitation.”


    Everyone else knows to which group they belong to. And they work for the interest of that group.

    And actually, it’s not totally correct. Liberals also work for a group that’s called diversity and it’s interest is the destruction of our race,culture and society and the promotion of others.

    • Forgot to add that if you want to afiliate to a group that protects white interests, then you are deemed a racist or a hate group, just like what happens to alt-right groups or white lives matter thing.

    • I view liberals as race traitors since they work against white interests. We seem to be the only race that has race traitors. Some blacks are called Uncle Tom but they are not really race traitors, just sensible people who reject the worst of black culture.

  3. What he says is accurate, except… universalism is as far from a Christian concept as east is from west. ‘The other side’ has come in , and hiding behind the label ‘Christian’ tried to make it seem so, but the reality is different. The Bible is CLEAR about the separation of races. Period. Plus, once you understand WHO the true Israelite people are [us] and more importantly who they are NOT [modern jewry] then this becomes even more abundantly clear.
    Also, the word ‘gentile’ does not simply mean ‘non-jew’. In the Bible it is used to describe Israelite peoples dispersed from the land of Palestine. A common and correct translation of the term in the Greek is simply ‘nations’.

  4. The article is correct about Jews success and deliberate exploitation of outsiders, as they do with stock markets especially the USA ones.
    Whites used to stick together, up to a point. E.g. the British Empire was a big success for hundreds of years until meeting their match militarily fighting to the death with the Germans. This cousin vs cousin fratricide ended both Empires.

    Koreans buy at Korean shops, blacks buy from black shops, Jews buy from Jew shops. Whites buy from any shop.
    Only whites hate their own race.

    • Milton Friedman (Jew) advocated the idea that it’s irrational to pay attention to the race of those you buy shit from. That’s in his book Capitalism and Freedom, which I used to assign in my economics classes. At the time I believed it. I now realize it’s bullpuckey.

      • It is also Jew Spew. A huge number of economics textbooks are written by and for Jews. They get Nobel prizes for telling lies.

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