Barking Dog Found Alive in Rubble 9 Days After Italy Earthquake

romeo rescued dog italy earthquake

A beautiful, inspiring, golden symbol has arise from the earthquake rubble in Italy, offering a brief moment of happiness to a grieving people.

Welcome back to the sunshine, Romeo. Welcome back to love.

NBC News

Firefighters rescued a Golden Retriever from a pile of earthquake rubble after they heard the dog barking, nine days after the temblor struck central Italy.

The dog, called Romeo, appeared to be bewildered at first as it scampered down the mound of broken concrete and other debris, but quickly took a few steps, wagged its tail and sniffed its surroundings.

Firefighters told The Associated Press rescuers heard the dog bark as they were accompanying the pet’s owners to retrieve essential belongings from their quake-damaged home.

The Aug. 24 temblor claimed nearly 300 lives, injured hundreds and left thousands of people either without homes or with homes unsafe to immediately inhabit.

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6 thoughts on “Barking Dog Found Alive in Rubble 9 Days After Italy Earthquake

  1. Nine days with no water? And able to walk? I wonder if Romeo wasn’t wandering around for some days when a weakened structure collapsed on top of him or crawled into a rubble hole, it shifted, and he couldn’t get out. He looks too good to be stuck for nine days unless it rained and drank from pockets of collected water.

    Anyway, thanks to the Italian firefighters for saving handsome Romeo!

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