Soros: Trump Will Win the Popular Vote But Hillary’s Presidency a “done deal” (Video)

Published on Aug 9, 2016

Exposed: George Soros opens up and tells the truth for 3 straight minutes. He stated that Western Civilization is doomed and that Donald Trump will win the popular vote in the next general election, but Hillary Clinton already is a “done deal”.

Seen at The Gateway Pundit.

Soros told Bloomberg that Western Civilization is doomed and that Donald Trump will win the popular vote in the general election in a landslide. He added that Hillary Clinton’s win is already a “done deal”.

I think it is going to lead to a landslide for Donald Trump in the popular… The popular vote will be a landslide.

He then agrees with the reporter that Hillary Clinton will be elected.

If Soros’ prophecy turns out to be true, we MUST take up arms and fight to the last man, woman, and child, if necessary. Better dead than to live under the tyranny of a corrupt system. Besides, Hillary will get us all killed anyway with her evil taste for blood and her incompetence.

10 thoughts on “Soros: Trump Will Win the Popular Vote But Hillary’s Presidency a “done deal” (Video)

  1. I had to barf after one minute and stop watching. It seems to be heavily edited in a deceptive way. He is very old, senile and decrepit.

    He said in this alternative “The only alternative is terrorism”.
    This is typically mad Jewthink. It seems to mean if you don’t vote for Hillary you are voting for terrorism? Jews are terrified of white people actually using democracy. That is terrorism to the (((elites))), the loss of unlimited Jew power and privilege.
    Why is terrorism the only alternative? Gandhi freed India from the British without terrorism. Jews love terrorism though as their first choice, they used a ton of it against the British and Palestinians in Palestine. No Gandhi pacifism for them.
    Even those scary Muslims, maybe one in ten million Muzzies do terrorist acts per year with several deaths, except for crimes done within Muslim lands. Niggers kill a lot more US people than Muslims terrorists do. Muzzies did not do 911, they just got the blame.

    What is terrorism anyway, is it terrorism when a US drone kills a US civilian without trial? Much US military activity of the past decades is terror from the sky unleashed on defenseless civilians down below.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for ISIS, what nonsense.
    Soros is on the same side as ISIS.
    All in all, listening to Soros is like some Communist bullshine from the Soviet Union, all lies and contradictions.

    • I think Soros is trying to discourage Trump supporters from turning out to vote. After all, if Hillary has it in the bag, why bother to vote at all. If Hillary is a “done deal” is he admitting that the system is rigged? Does he want an American civil war? Probably so.

    • “Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim.” – just from wikipedia

      Basically, USA is a terrorist state, because anyone who doesn’t bow to their jewmocracy get several tanks in their country.

  2. That filthy jew satan worshipper needs to suffer a massive stroke that leaves him a vegetable, or just as good die at the hands of a feral negro mob, just like all the whites who have suffered from Soros’s little pets

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