Pictured: Our Neanderthal Ancestor in Modern Suit and Tie

neanderthal in suit

Once in a while I see a white man who resembles the reconstruction in the picture. What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Pictured: Our Neanderthal Ancestor in Modern Suit and Tie

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  2. This is our ancient ancestor and not African Negroid, as we never had nor we ever developed simian jaws, Caffre snouts and bootllps. These “beauty” attributes belong to African primates exclusively, and even “benign” diversity interbreeding would not change that prerogatives.

    • I posted the pic because I was curious about what whites would think about it. Some of the comments I get from Negroids on this site include what they think is an insult: “Yall white debils be descended from Neanderthals.” BTW, I love the word “bootlips.” I need to start using it as an alternative to jigaboo and Negroid in some of the titles. I gotta try to remember that.

      • It’s always funny when Niggers blab about our origin, as the one you quoted – “Yall white debils be descended from Neanderthals.”

        It feels good that even Negroids, although instinctively, do sense that we are not them – African Homo Sapiens, as we are direct descendants from Neanderthals. As a first grader, decades ago, I never bought nonsense of common ancestry with Negroids, and that was in the times when I had no animosities against these creatures at all, because they were nonexistent in these parts of Europe.

        It’s obvious that anthropology too became Politically Correct, evidently to appease abnormally growing Negroid population and in support of degenerative (((Multicultural project))). African Semi-Simian primates in their original shape can hardly share common ancestry with the rest of Humans. It’s just IMPOSSIBLE, which is why no other Races visually resemble chimpanzees as Negroids do.

        In my half-satirical opinion Negroids are a Stone Age artifact, presumably created by, in this case PC Mother Nature, probably with intention to avoid disturbing more important (to her) African species – apes. For this reason she designed Humanoid creatures on the similar level with apes – known as Negroids, or can we say Humanoid apes.

        I also never paid much attention to the famous IQ graphs, brain weight, etc., because we have on our disposal much better and CLEARLY VISIBLE evidence – CREATIVITY. It’s just enough to compare what we Euro-Neanderthals created versus Humanoid Negros and math are done. Even after centuries that they were brought to us, genuine unmodified Charcoal Simian Jaw – Booticus Lipicus remained Humanoid Ape. Evidence – URBAN NIGGERS!

        Negroid gen as a very (((efficient))) toxin is chosen to destroy our Neanderthal descendability, which is why (((THEY))) push so ardently that infamous diversity.

        A lot is probably not clear about Neanderthals, but next is quite interesting – http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-fossils/species/homo-neanderthalensis
        Where Lived: Europe and southwestern to central Asia
        When Lived: About 400,000 – 40,000 years ago
        “Neanderthals are our closest extinct human relative. Some defining features of their skulls include the large middle part of the face, angled cheek bones, and a huge nose for humidifying and warming cold, dry air. Their bodies were shorter and stockier than ours, another adaptation to living in cold environments. But their brains were just as large as ours and often larger – proportional to their brawnier bodies”

        “Neanderthals made and used a diverse set of sophisticated tools, controlled fire, lived in shelters, made and wore clothing, were skilled hunters of large animals and also ate plant foods, and occasionally made symbolic or ornamental objects. There is evidence that Neanderthals deliberately buried their dead and occasionally even marked their graves with offerings, such as flowers. No other primates, and no earlier human species, had ever practiced this sophisticated and symbolic behavior” … and much more on the website.

      • Some years ago we had a series of TV commericials for Geico insurance in which Neanderthals live in modern America. There were two of them. They made wry comments about American culture. It was pretty funny stuff.

        Commercial compilation:

        So easy, a caveman can do it.

    • Lew is right. This knowledge was first advanced – or rather, RECOVERED – by a team of French scientists at the end of 2012 (in which Varg Vikernes’ wife, Marie Cachet, is a leading member), and it appears that the alt-right is finally picking up on it.

      All you have to do is just look at the comments’ section on any internet article from the 2010s (usually the article is fictionalizing Neanderthals as ugly, subhuman in behavior, extinct and unrelated to modern Europeans) and you will find a bunch of visitors exposing information that the article’s author would prefer to never see the light of day.

      And what do they want to keep hidden? That modern (and pure) Europeans are 99¾% Neanderthal – therefore, WE ARE NEANDERTHALS!

      Your old Greek professor is proof, as he was certainly one of them. If he was brilliant and had photographic memory, that makes the proof’s pudding all the thicker.

      The earliest known article reviving the truth about the Neanderthal:

    • Well, whites and only whites allegedly have Neanderthal DNA. So, he put his shoes under some white woman’s bed. LOL. As I said to another commenter, he looks like my old Greek economics professor, Dr. Mike Agapos.

  3. I recently read a book titled ‘Them and Us’, by Danny Vendramini about the relationship between humans and Neanderthals. His thesis was interesting in that he thinks that Neanderthals looked nothing like the character above but much more like an ape. He argues that for a long time they preyed on humans until we turned the tables on them and eventually wiped them out. Some of his arguments are convincing but one should read the book to decide.

    • I’ve heard about, but not read, some “theories” that whites were black at one point in fairly recent history. I take those with a grain of salt. I think that’s false claims coming from egalitarians. As to Neanderthals, all I can say is that one of my favorite economics profs when I was a student, Dr. Michael Agapos, looked very, very much like the fellow in the picture. Honestly, he really did.

      Here’s his Find a Grave:


      Great guy. Very accomplished. Greek.

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