Mom Upset: Girl, 11, wearing leggings pulled out of class because ‘boys can’t control themselves’


Sex is a powerful force. Recognizing that simple idea, historically, societies have been structured to keep the sexual impulses down.

Monogamy is an example. In the West, young men have historically had a shot at marriage, children, and family because of it. That structuring of society around the family has kept the beast under some control.

In societies where men are allowed multiple wives, some young men have no chance at marriage, and so turn to crime and/or war to work out their frustrations.

Another effort to keep sexual aggressiveness under control comes from the Bible admonition to women to dress modestly, in a nonsexual manner. My God, in Muslim countries women wear clothing that conceals all. Although we reject the burka in the West, it serves its function in the Middle East.

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the power of sexuality ought to support school dress codes for young females and likewise dress codes for males. The female projection of sex and the male projection of thuggery MUST be discouraged. If they are not, there will be serious consequences.

The mother of an 11-year-old girl pulled out of class for wearing leggings said she was told this was because ’13-year-old boys can’t control themselves around this type of dress’.

Kimberly Jones said her daughter Bella wore patterned leggings and a jumper dress to Lansing Middle School in Kansas on August 24, and was sent to the school office for a ‘dress code violation’.

The school’s community relations coordinator measured the dress and deemed it too short, and Bella was made to wear a borrowed pair of tracksuit bottoms.

Kimberley said that the school’s policy only stated that ‘clothing that is revealing or is suggestive may not be worn’ and that she was told ‘the reason behind this is that 13-year-old boys can’t control themselves around this type of dress’.

‘Two different staff members told me that!’ she wrote on Facebook.

sexual male gaze

On Thursday, the school posted a new dress code policy, in which leggings specifically were banned.

Ms Jones has said, however, that she feels her daughter was isolated and shamed by Lansing Middle School staff.

‘If I could come up and bring her a change of clothes, why in the world would you want to humiliate her all day like that?’ she said,

‘We’re a military family and we just moved here.

‘One of the big heartbreakers for me was that literally all day and the day before she was so excited about school. And then to hear your daughter say, “Can I please move?” It was hard.

Leggings can expose the shape of female body parts. And although it will outrage feminists for me to say this, that exposure of the outlines of lady body bits can create sexual aggression in males toward the girl wearing this type of clothing.

Furthermore, there is a racial angle that the politically correct press will not touch. Blacks (and to a lesser degree Hispanics) have a higher testosterone level than whites and Asians. Girls might be safe around white and Asian boys, but around blacks and Latinos …

Let’s just say that rape and/or other sex crimes MUST be discouraged.

Where Bella’s mom has a case is in the way the school handled the girl’s mode of dress. Youngsters are sensitive. It’s really not the best idea to embarrass them in front of their classmates.

niggers time to strike

12 thoughts on “Mom Upset: Girl, 11, wearing leggings pulled out of class because ‘boys can’t control themselves’

  1. I’d like to know the racial mixture of the kids classmates. I’d also like to know if there has been any “sexual” incidents at the school that caused administration to pull her. While I agree with Paladin that a return to modesty is necessary, especially with pre teens, I see nothing sexual in her outfit but agree the dress should be longer.

    When I was a kid (when the dinosaurs were dying out) we pecked each other on the cheek all the time in class and on the playground. If we didn’t like it, we punched the kid and that was it.

    On a side note, covering up does not prevent sexual curiosity (I hate the jew term harassment) or rape. Plenty of burka covered women are raped and then stoned for “committing adultery.”

    • I too hate the term sexual harrassment. I’m not sure sexual curiosity is a general enough term, but thanks for throwing it out there. You’ve started me thinking. A lot of what is called sexual harassment used to be called wooing. Every man had a right to woo any woman and every woman had the right to reject the man wooing her, if she was not attracted to him.

      The problem for the male was the way the game was played, with the female acting coy. My female cousin from Alabama rejected her husband for the first six months he was pursuing her at the U. of Alabama. She played coy. I think she finally went out on a date with him after around six months of his attentions, which she played as allegedly unwanted. This was in the 60s. Today, he would be expelled from school because some one would report him to administrators. The Jew has put up huge barriers to the formation of white marriages and families. At my Mexican run university, Mexican males could run amok going after females,but white males were ofter charged with harassment. One white Mexican got kicked in the ass for saying “I’ve really enjoyed our conversation. Let’s get together for lunch sometime.” The girl reported him. She was a Mexican.

      • The old saying was she let him chase her until she caught him.

        I want to talk more about this but am going out of town. Will see you Monday. Have a good holiday weekend.

  2. I live here in Lansing. The mother is lying about what happened. The girl got dress coded which wasn’t a big deal. Whether you agree with it or not, the mother embellished almost everything else. The principal at this school is the nicest and fairest man ever. My kids had him and yes, they have had dress code violations. Wasn’t a big deal until this mom raised cane and went to the media immediately after it happened. If she was concerned about embarrassing her daughter, why do this?? Plus, use her name.

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  4. “13-year-old boys can’t control themselves around this type of dress’”
    The boys must be Coons.
    What does this loss of control lead to? It would be nice to know.

    Bring back school uniforms. One of the worst things aoaut not having uniforms is that some parents find themselves buying the $200 Nike “runners” made for $1 in Indonesia. Plus lots of other overpriced fashion items so kids can compete and not lose “self esteem”.
    So, uniforms are far cheaper for the average parent.

  5. Sorry, folks, but I know White males can control themselves, concentrate on their studies, as well as, involve themselves in activities unrelated to sex. This is just another step closer to Sharia law!!

    This 11 year old little girl is a child! Nothing wrong with tights at this age. Her azz was covered!

    Who’s the real problem here? Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics? Segregate!!!

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