Melania Trump Sues Daily Mail for $150 Million for Claiming She was a PROSTITUTE

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Although Melania Trump may feel damaged because of the publication of a story in the Daily Mail that claimed she worked as an escort before coming to the United States, there’s a high bar to recovery of damages. The Mail has already issued a retraction of the claims, which it says come from a book available for purchase at

New York Daily News

An outraged Melania Trump filed a $150 million lawsuit Thursday against The Daily Mail for publishing a story that repeated claims she had worked as a paid escort in the 1990s.

Trump’s defamation suit said The Daily Mail, which operates a newspaper in England and a global website, maliciously circulated the false report, according to CNN.

The suit also named Tarpley, a U.S. blog, for repeating the allegations, court papers show.

“These defendants made several statements about Mrs. Trump that are 100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation,” Trump’s lawyer said in a statement, according to CNN.

Melania Trump, 46, is the third wife of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The two married in 2005.

Melania Trump, who is from Slovenia, lived and worked as a model in the U.S. for a decade before she got hitched.

Her suit was filed in state court in Montgomery County, Md.

“Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs. Trump supposedly was an ‘escort’ in the 1990s before she met her husband,” said Trump’s attorney, Charles Harder.

“Defendants’ actions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs. Trump that her damages are estimated at $150 million dollars,” he said.

Not long after news of the lawsuit emerged, The Daily Mail issued a retraction of its Aug. 20 story that ran in print and online. The news outlet said its reports were based on allegations made in a book “available on Amazon” that an Italian agency where Trump worked doubled as “gentlemen’s club,” and an article in Suzy, a Slovenian magazine, that Trump’s New York agency also functioned as an escort service.

“The article … did not intend to state or suggest that these allegations are true, nor did it intend to state or suggest that Mrs. Trump ever worked as an ‘escort’ or in the ‘sex business,’” the statement said.

The allegations were “hereby retracted, and the Daily Mail newspaper regrets any such misinterpretation,” it concluded.

Harder, the attorney representing Melania Trump, successfully sued Gawker Media on behalf of ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan, who won a $140 million award in his invasion-of-privacy case.

The lawsuit bankrupted Gawker Media and led to the shuttering of its flagship site, Gawker.

The dishonorable left will keep pushing in order to derail the Trump Train. Meanwhile, it ignores Bill Clinton’s affairs as well as Hillary’s lesbian relationship with Huma. The mainstream press also ignores the rumors that Michelle Obama is a transgender.

Even if the allegations could be proven true, it’s not clear that folks would dump Trump over his wife’s sexual behavior prior to when he even knew her.


4 thoughts on “Melania Trump Sues Daily Mail for $150 Million for Claiming She was a PROSTITUTE

  1. Do any successful, or wannabe, models or actresses avoid the (((casting couch))) or prostitution?
    This sleazy secret is rarely published because the Jews control Hollywood and much of the fashion industry. Thus they indirectly control models also. Many mothers know their daughter is going to be a prostitute when she pushes her daughter in to being a model. This is especially the case in Eastern Europe. Even now, beautiful trainee Siberian models aged 16 and under travel alone to China or Japan, get fucked by one or more wealthy Asian men, and come back home with $10k or $20k US bucks. Only the best get selected for this pedo activity and very few make it as actual models. Nobody goes to jail. This sort of thing is only punished in white countries, that is why the girls go East and not West. Those few that make it West become bona fide models without being raped, due to heavy penalties and effective law enforcement.

    Slovenia was a very poor country and part of Yugoslavia when Melania got away. Women using their body to get benefits or to get ahead is normal in Eastern Europe. They keep this mental habit when they go West. Morals are flexible in Eastern Europe. Maybe Trump net her as his escort?
    So it may well be true. Just like Obama using boy prostitutes, snorting cocaine and attending Roman bathhouse orgies.
    Difference is that people elected Obama the criminal to be the POTUS. Nobody gets to vote for Melania.

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