Leftist Outrage as Photo Shows Philly Cop’s “Nazi” Tattoo

ian hans lichterman nazi left

Nazis. We’re everywhere, Jews, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

To quote a favorite slogan of the alt-right:



Actually, “Nazis” (an insulting name given to Adolf Hitler’s followers by Communist Jews) are not everywhere and even if they were, shouldn’t people be judged by their actions, not by their tattoos?

Aren’t many of the Nazi groups agents of the FBI or SPLC plants?

BTW, the photo above shows Lichterman with two other World War II reenactors.

Philly Voice

Photographs depicting a Philadelphia police officer on duty with a Nazi tattoo began circulating on social media late Wednesday night.

The ensuing outrage prompted Philadelphia police to release a statement saying the matter had been reported to internal affairs. The department said it does not condone anything interpreted as “offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form.” Yet, it acknowledged it does not have a policy regarding tattoos.

A photo appears to show the Nazi Party’s partieadler emblem tattooed on the left forearm of an officer identified as Ian Hans Lichterman, 39. The party emblem features an eagle, with outstretched wings, holding a wreath containing a swastika. The photo shows the eagle topped by the word “Fatherland,” but it is not clear if the tattoo includes the enwreathed swastika at the bottom, which cannot be seen in the photo.


hitler cat

Lichterman’s right arm features an assault rifle laid over the United States flag.

The photos were posted to Facebook by Evan Parish Matthews, who claimed he took them at a Black Lives Matter march held during the Democratic National Convention. Matthews said Lichterman was one of about 100 officers who blocked an entrance to a major intersection during the march.

In his Facebook post, Matthews urged people to call Northeast Philadelphia’s Second District police headquarters and inform them that “employing a police officer with a white-supremacist, Nazi tattoo is unacceptable.” His post has been shared more than 3,000 times.

A message sent to Matthews was not immediately returned.

In a Facebook post late Thursday morning, Matthews said he filed a complaint with the department, that included the following:

The mere decision to get this tattoo, and choose his profession, casts disperses any faith in Officer Lichtermann’s [sic] ability to do his job in a non-oppressive/racist manner. It’s intimidating display, and its present notoriety on social media have permanently marred Officer Ian Hans Lichtermann’s reputation and, for anyone knowledgeable of his history, made him a deadly embodiment of police-terror.

Philly Antifa, an antifascist blog, posted several other photos, saying Lichterman previously was outed as a member of the neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honour when several neo-Nazi websites were hacked between 2010 and 2012. The blog claims Lichterman later left the Philadelphia Police Department to take a security job in the Middle East.

Philadelphia police officials have not publicly confirmed Lichterman’s identity, but he is listed in Philadelphia payroll records as a city police officer who earned about $75,000, including overtime. Court records indicate he was a city police officer as far back as 2004.

Philadelphia police released a statement Thursday afternoon addressing the issue:

The Philadelphia Police Department is aware of the image being displayed and circulated on social media. The post and photograph of the officer with tattoos displayed on his forearms was brought to our attention this morning, and we have forwarded it to internal affairs for review.

Currently, the department does not have a specific policy regarding the wearing /displaying of tattoos; however, the department will quickly move to assess and determine the appropriate policy moving forward.

The Department does not condone anything that can be interpreted as offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form. This is a very sensitive topic for both the citizens that we serve as well as the officers providing service to the public. We must ensure that all constitutional rights are adhered to while at the same time ensuring public safety and public trust aren’t negatively impacted.

Mayor Jim Kenney followed with his own statement, saying he found the image disturbing.

“The imagery on display in the tweet is disturbing. I find it incredibly offensive, and I know many others do as well. This image is particularly offensive to our WWII veterans who fought valiantly to free Europe from Nazi Germany, as well as all victims of Nazi atrocities. I understand that the PPD will launch an internal investigation, and that should run its course. In this environment — in which open, honest dialogue between citizens and police is paramount — we need to be building trust, not offering messages or displaying images that destroy trust.”

Efforts to reach Lichterman by phone were unsuccessful; a message said the number was no longer active.

Earlier Thursday, many people voiced their concerns on Twitter.

The parteiadler, also known as the Nazi Eagle and Nazi War Eagle, is included in the “Hate Symbols Database” published online by the Anti-Defamation League.

The symbol is based loosely on the traditional German coat of arms and was first used by the Nazi Party in the 1920s. According to the database, “Occasionally, extremists will leave the circle blank where the swastika normally would appear; this seems to be more common in countries where the swastika is prohibited.”

The Philadelphia Police Department website includes a seven-page directive establishing guidelines for “reporting and investigating bias incidents.” Under a section of that document with the heading “determining whether an incident is a bias incident or ethnic intimidation” the department lists six facts that can point toward an incident being a matter of racial or ethnic bias.

Guideline No. 6 reads: “Offender has hate inspired tattoos, literature, or is dressed in regalia representing a hate group.”

There is no allegation that Officer Lichterman has engaged in any racially motivated act of police brutality.

His tattoos indicate a love of the white race and a love of traditional America.

The left wishes to destroy such men as Lichterman, while glorifying Communists such as Martin Luther Coon. Jewish interests were behind MLK and they are behind this blatant power play, just as they are behind Black Lives Matter.

With Jews, you lose.

14 thoughts on “Leftist Outrage as Photo Shows Philly Cop’s “Nazi” Tattoo

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  2. Leftist’s outrage is always my advantage! – and it seems as a White Cat below concurs

    WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND – Hence, can we expect that some unfinished jobs from hoax-history might become real-history next time

      • One memory helps keep me sane in this cesspool of far left psychoses. During the earlier years of the Net when I was a fairly prolific widely read writer, I received a lot of fan mail but almost as much hate mail; and I mean HATE. A few of my allies told me to consider it a compliment when they scream and threaten you. This shows that what you are saying is reaching into their subconscious and that you are something they can NEVER be, a free thinker capable of critical thought.

        When my health began sliding downhill and I became far less mobile, plus all the neurological damage that affected my writing ability, in a fit of WTF, I erased every and all traces of my online activity with no backup at all. I had also shredded almost 1000 pages of hardcopy…..I regret it now.

        So as my friends and allies then said, good for you! wear your Nazi, racist, homophobe labels proudly. The truth is on our side in the long run

      • what about the people who aren’t on the so-called left who just think all fervent hyperpartisan ideologues control how they perceive their world are morons, who are destroying the world? What about the people who realize “the left” and “the right” are just divisive illusions manufactured by the ruling elite to control what and how we think? You must not like them too much. Because they expose people who forfeit rational objective thought in favor of rabid adherence to prefabricated ideologies that feed them all their thoughts so they never have to think for themselves, well remind you of the horses butts you truly are, then you have to scramble for an argument (excuse) for being the way you are.

      • Truth vs nontruth. That is the true divide. The alt-right offers truth. The left offers tyranny, using lies to ensnare and enslave the masses. The secular religion of egalitarianism is built on nothing but lies, which is why they must shut up truth speakers by having them fired, imprisoned, and smeared in the press.

  3. Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    GringoPrimo @GringoPrimo
    Call Philadelphia Police 2nd Precinct & let them know a cop w/ a white-supremacist, Nazi tattoo is unacceptable. The number is 215-686-3020.
    5:56 AM – 1 Sep 2016

    @GringoPrimo Getting scared, jew ass kisser? We’re on to you and getting stronger. Holocaust is a HOAX! Jews lie! They control you.

  4. Hitler did not intentionally hurt or kill any blacks. Some lived all the way through 1933 to 1945 inside Germany without harm. These were the unlucky children of US nigger soldiers who married, or raped, German women during and after WWI.

    In fact, Hitler and Tojo freed dark skinned people worldwide. The Nips proved that the whites could be beaten by the crafty yellow man, and easily. E,g in Malaysia the cunning Nips used commandeered bicycles for rapid advance, while for some non reason the White Armies on both sides insisted that soldiers must walk, across Russia, or Europe, for example.The local Asian browns and yellows watched in in amazement, then demanded their freedom from whites as soon as the Japs left. This happened in India as well as many smaller Asian countries. The Melanesians remained loyal to the white man during and after WWII probably because the Japs treated them like shit. Japs are racist!

    While the British and Germans fought over North Africa, the ultimate winner was the brown skins who lived there. They kicked out the French later, and now live unhappily ever after. So much so that they want to live in France, the enemy they hated so much.

    So a pro German Fatherland tattoo is a friendly sign to blacks, Hitler was their liberator. Hitler smashed the French and British Empires for ever and weakened the White man in a big way. He strengthened and enlarged the Soviet Empire and helped the filthy Kikes in Eastern Europe and built Israel as well. Hitler helped the Coon States of America also to become an Empire. There should be statues to Hitler all over Israel and some Jews have also said this!

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