FBI Reports That Hillary’s Unwiped Laptop has Gone Missing

hillary crazy

Any sensible person would suspect that Hillary has a mole in the FBI. Laptop computers that have evidence on them just don’t go missing.

So how corrupt is the American government?


A personal laptop computer used to archive Hillary Clinton’s e-mails when she was secretary of state went missing after being put in the mail, according to the FBI’s report on its investigation into her use of a private e-mail system.

E-mails that Clinton sent and received through her private server during her tenure were archived on the laptop in 2013 by a person who was an assistant to former President Bill Clinton, the FBI said in its heavily redacted investigative report released Friday.

Someone whose name was redacted in the FBI report told the agency that he later deleted the e-mails from the laptop but didn’t wipe its hard drive. A computer technician can often recover such e-mails that have been deleted but not permanently erased from a laptop’s memory.

The FBI sought the laptop as part of its investigation, but it’s whereabouts remain unknown, the bureau said: The last time the laptop was seen was when it was put in the mail.

Why would evidence such as this not be seized. The idea that someone in the FBI said to Hillary, “Just mail us the computer” is unbelievable.

The conspiracy–the payoffs–is widespread. That’s the only reasonable conclusion.

7 thoughts on “FBI Reports That Hillary’s Unwiped Laptop has Gone Missing

    • The laptop has been smashed to pieces and the pieces put into a landfill. Given her ballooning size, soon she will have to buy tents in a sporting good stores. Not even Gloria van Hindenburg will be large enough.

  1. Honestly, anyone who actually wants to vote for her must be sick in the head. I get how some people can hate trump, especially liberals, but how can you actually support such a liar and crook?
    Just goes to show how the liberal agenda really is filled with lies and deceit.

    • Feminists have pushed the idea since the 90s that she’s the smartest woman in the world. They are, however,voting for her vagina, not her intelligence and character. For many of them, the defining issue is abortion on demand with no restrictions. It’s a litmus test for them.

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