Watch! Oklahoma Police Pepper Spray 84 Year Old Negress

pepperspray black granny

An elderly black woman is pepper sprayed by police in the video embedded below. To my eye she appeared to resist police instructions.

Do you see police brutality in this instance? What say you?

Personal Liberty

It sure is a good thing to live in a country where there is a Bill of Rights with a 4th Amendment requiring a warrant for searches and seizure and that prohibits police from kicking down our doors without just cause and assaulting us for no reason. If not for the Bill of Rights, just think where we’d be.

Next thing you know, police might be tasering, assaulting and shooting us – even 84-year-old grandmothers — over traffic violations or some other silly victimless crime.

Published on Aug 29, 2016

New body camera video released by the Muskogee Police Department in Oklahoma shows officers pepper-spraying 84-year-old grandmother Geneva Smith and tasering her son. Smith is accusing the officers of using excessive force.

I pulled this video from a conservative, patriot site, Personal Liberty, that seems to have a problem with the police pepper spraying an elderly individual who fails to comply with their orders.

The police tase her son for also failing to comply.

Blacks NEVER obey orders from the police. Are they too stupid to understand? Or are our Negro gods simply exercising their black privilege?

20 thoughts on “Watch! Oklahoma Police Pepper Spray 84 Year Old Negress

      • In my experience PJ, having dealt with countless 1000s of these beasts, they almost all believe that laws, social norms, morality is for whites to follow and the negro was meant by their god to be totally free to do whatever they want

        Whenever I have tried to reason with them that that laws are meant to everyone to follow, the response was swift and violent. THEY DO NOT BELONG IN A CIVILIZED COUNTRY

  1. It’s black privilege, they are told from an early age that the white man don’t need to be obeyed anymore. They resist arrest at every opportunity and make it really difficult for the police to do their jobs, knowing that in today’s PC climate they will most likely get away with whatever they were being arrested for in the first place. This idiot logic sometimes get’s them killed or seriously injured but still they try their luck on the ghetto lottery. They really are like small uneducated children in adult bodies and I believe that they will never change as it’s not possible for them to do so, if it was they would have done it by now. From the cradle to the grave they are nothing but trouble for the white man and they’ve got to go in order for us to enjoy the civilisation that our white ancestors built and maintained.

  2. I noticed this Liberty site does not tell the whole story of why the cops raided the house, obviously no one was answering the first knock. I was going to comment but they don’t allow “racism.” Hahaha! It’s so obviously nigger non-compliance how could you not?

    I agree with Malsipots. But we’ll have to get rid of the jews before we can get rid of the niggers. Never forget the jews brought the niggers here in the first place to disrupt White society so they can plot our extermination while our attention is diverted, like this.

  3. You people are vile and disgusting. I don’t know what more to say. The blogger and every commenter. I am a white male, for the record, and I would never, ever associate with the likes of you. I would rather be tased by the police and pepper sprayed than say I was acquainted with people who think like you.

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