Watch as White Cop Shoots 15 Year Old Dindu Female Chasing Boyfriend with Knife


Have no fear, America. Yakyira Mitchell’s injuries were not life threatening. Loving young Mr. Johnson didn’t kill her. But her jealousy did bring her to national attention when a white cop shot her while she was chasing her true love with a knife in hand.

The officer in this shooting has been cleared. What’s also interesting is that the boyfriend is upset that his girlfriend was shot because she was just funning around, according to his pea-sized brain.

These monkeys operate according to a strange mental process that most white people don’t understand. His girlfriend was going to kill him and yet, stopping her (if you’re a white cop) is racist.

Fox17 Online

Muskegon Police say they responded to a call of a domestic situation and when the first officer arrived, he found a 16-year-old boy running from his 15-year-old girlfriend as she chased him with a knife according to Jeff Louis, Director of Public Safety.

“A gentleman exited the house at high speeds,” Louis said.” He was running and immediately behind was a female who allegedly had some knives in her hand.”

The boyfriend, Deyonte Johnson, told Fox 17 despite the chaotic circumstances, police shouldn’t have shot his girlfriend, Yakyria Mitchell.

“She was carrying a knife but I know she wasn’t going to do nothing with it,” said Deyonte. “She was just playing tough with me.”

Mitchell was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation and the Muskegon officer has been automatically placed on leave as the investigation continues.

No one else was injured.

There doesn’t seem to be any hope for these creatures, does there. Oh well, looking for the silver lining, the young lady of color is going to be slowed up for a while because of that bullet to her leg. The boyfriend can rest a little easier. At least until she trades in knives for a gun.

6 thoughts on “Watch as White Cop Shoots 15 Year Old Dindu Female Chasing Boyfriend with Knife

  1. >>These monkeys operate according to a strange mental process that most white people don’t >>understand

    I spent years trying to analyze the operation and logic of the negro brain. Having spent my career as a systems analyst trying to apply this to the negro. If white and Asian brains are likened to Cray suprercomputers, the negro is closer to an early 80s Colecovision computer game system

    Or as Spock might say, “these negroes are totally illogical Captain, it does not compute”

    • It may be cruel of me to say it since I generally don’t like seeing anything in pain, but I was laughing at the girl as she went down and started screaming. Then the boyfriend starts screaming at the cop, “What did you do?” etc. Maybe the cop should have let her kill him. Then he’d be dead and she’d be going to prison.

  2. Wrong move polizia – let the negress knife the black boy and THEN shoot her. Hey, we are paying the bill for em anyway, what difference does it make where shes racking up charges [jail or the hood] if she lived?


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