It’s Like the Civil War Again

trump vs not trump

The publisher of this photo lives with his parents. He felt compelled to stick that sign out his bedroom window.

I think it’s time for him to live elsewhere. What say you?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Like the Civil War Again

  1. Tip for parents. Increase his rent to a full commercial rate. 99% of “loving” sons and daughters will leave. Unless you do their buying food, cooking, cleaning etc. Then he/she will stay until you die of old age. Wake up chumps., in the olden days kids moved out when they grew up.
    Todays 30 year olds are too busy being kids to have any kids of their own.
    Parents support this infantilism. Co dependence I think the Jews call it. Empowering bludging young adults to do nothing except play video games all day, for example.
    Vote Trump so your kids can get a job!

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