Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Jared Taylor

jared taylor quote

Jared Taylor is a well-known race realist who writes on statistical differences in the races for his foundation and website, both called American Renaissance. See the blogroll for a link to Jared’s website.

11 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Jared Taylor

  1. Hear hear. Many like me, with three adult children over 30, might never have a single grandchild at all.
    Whites are doomed.
    The Jews done it, they won.
    Not fair and square but they won nonetheless.

      • When Donald Trump passes away, so will his Aryan blood… along with his efforts to further our cause; assuming he’s not an (((agentur))), that is. His grandchildren are Jewish because both his son and his daughter converted to Judaism, and they did so to be allowed to marry Jews.

        In this way, the Jews have killed off the European tribe that is the Trumps, and they’ll have succeeded once the Donald is dead. So the only way left to honor the family name is for 70-year-old Trump to turn the clock back to the days of European-dominated America, and even that possibility is doubtful at this point.

        The hidden story of Donald Trump is truly worthy of Greek tragedy.

      • Making it even more interesting is his 10 year old son with Melania, little Barron. Melania is a slav, like his other wives. Not Germanic. Is Barron an Aryan or not? That’s beyond my capacity to judge. But if Barron marries a white girl, he could further the blood line to some degree.

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