Have A Laugh: Hitler and the Chinese Nazis

chinese nazi joke hitler

And you never knew that Adolf was a punster? Now you do.

3 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Hitler and the Chinese Nazis

  1. Actually this is not as funny as you think…Chiang Kai-shek, the mortal enemy of Mao Tse tung and Chou En lai, the known western backed thug, was indeed known to be “friends” with European and German Nazis , and before the end of WW2, Harbin, China and other locations in the area were and are documented as major “hideouts”, relocation areas and new homes for a significant number of Nazis and other fascists who sided with the Nazi war machine and/or the Japanese war machine, and Harbin was considered not just a very westernized city but was also seen as key and strategically located city by Chinag, Mao & Chou, The Japanese Military ( known as the Kwangtung Army-that wing of the Japanaese military in Mainland China, Korea and Taiwan ) and the Americans, and also later during the Chinese Civil war by US intelligence and military officials and operatives….It is there, as once quoted in his own book, by General John Singlaub, “…and that is where I met my good friend E. Howard Hunt”…..( read that again !!!)……nuggets like that found in the middle of a book…..tells us EVERYTHING….and not the just the implications of that quote but that their presence in Harbin there tells us not just of a large covert OSS/CIA/OPC/PENTAGON involvement in the Chinses civil was but also a “ral-line” by these same elements for Nazi’s and fascists was set also up in China before the end of WW2 and shortly thereafter, and still later with the defeat and withdrawal of Chiang and his own large Nationalist army with “help” from both Chiang and The Japanese military on mainland China….

    • Yeah, the whole story of the Communist takeover of China is interesting and much of the truth has been censored from American history books. I think Henry Makow has written about this subject on his site. It’s in the blogrool as Dr. Henry Makow.

    • One USA Jew traitor sold out China to the Commie rats, after forcing war between Japan and the USA where 36 million died. He worked for (((Morgenthau)))) and wrote the Morgenthau plan for Germany. He was the first head of the IMF. He was a chum of the traitor Roosevelt.
      He was never tried for treason. His name was Harry Dexter White working for the US (((State Dept))) in the 1930s.
      Forget Nazis, the real evil of the 20th century was (((Communism))).
      And Jews, who drove Communism.

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