“F*** that guy”: Traitor Kaepernick Hated by NFL Execs, Career Likely Over

colin kaepernick

The press is missing an angle on the Colin Kaepernick sit down story that they don’t want to touch.

That angle is to question why mixed race individuals like Kaepernick who have black fathers and white mothers identify as black so often.

Mothers supposedly influence their children via the “hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” meme. But white mothers seem not to be able to influence their mulattoes from behaving black.

It really does prove that our ancestor’s support of the one drop rule was correct. In Kaepernick’s case it’s even more extreme since BOTH his adoptive parents were white. He had a white dad role model but still turned out black.

Whatever, he’s a despicable, ungrateful loser that according to this report is hated by the NFL front office types.

Daily Mail

NFL executives have revealed they hate Colin Kaepernick and believe he is a traitor, a reports suggests.

Officials from seven team front offices across the league have said they do not want anything to do with the quarterback after his national anthem protest last week.

Most of them also believe he will shortly be released by the San Francisco 49ers, and won’t play professionally again.

None of them revealed their names to the website, but all are believed to hold senior positions in various NFL franchises.

People close to Kaepernick have also said he is aware his football career is in jeopardy.

Sources have said that if he was released, he would dedicate his career to social activism.

Kaepernick did not stand up for the anthem last week and explained to reporters that he was sending a message that is bigger than football, because he won’t ‘show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people.’

‘In my career, I have never seen a guy so hated by front office guys as Kaepernick,’ one other executive said.

One even said the divisive player was more disliked than Rae Carruth, the former Carolina Panther who is sitting in jail after plotting to murder his girlfriend.

The latest comments came as protests gathered outside the San Francisco Police Association offices in support of Kaepernick.

They held banners reading ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Stand With Kaepernick’.

national anthem protest

Kaepernick has insisted he will continue to sit during the national anthem – despite the backlash he has received for his actions.

Hmmm. The Daily Mail fails to mention his rejection of Christianity and his reported embrace of Islam. Deliberate?

In any case, you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

Colin Kaepernick is not “just like us,” as social justice warrriors keep saying. The races are different. The black race seems to be genetically programmed for many things, including whining and complaining like children.

stand with kaepernick

15 thoughts on ““F*** that guy”: Traitor Kaepernick Hated by NFL Execs, Career Likely Over

  1. This morning I was running errands and had NPR on the radio. Iisten to NPR at times to see what the enemy of sanity is up to. They had a whole segment about feetsball hero Kaputnik. What was interesting and predictable was the responses of veterans, clergy, blm terrorists and other respectable sources they hand picked. In all cases they all painted him as a hero whom stands against white r-a-c-I-s-m and on the side of liberty and justice for people of color only.

    The communists are brilliant in their use of poopaganda and brainwashing, but then satan is their god and the ruler of this world, so they have the devil on their side

  2. Once he becomes an official social justice activist, he will have to replace his obviously European name with something more ethnically and politically correct: something like “N’farious Mucus Shabazz” maybe …

  3. Well, that brings a smile to my face. This an account half negro was about to be dropped as his performance has not been up to par, now he has an excuse to lie about why he was fired. Maybe his jew sounding named father DID teach him something after all. One can almost guarantee that he’ll be broke in less than 5 years as a mulatto and his money are easily parted. Looks like the black part of his brain came to the fore and made him commit financial suicide. Hope he’s invested well or he’ll be back living with his adoptive folks and I’ll bet the gold digging DJ girlfriend (also muslim) will drop him like pork pie.

    • His contract is supposedly worth $20 mil. I don’t know if he still gets paid even if the team cuts him. He’s planning a protest at tonight’s game. Once his teammates experience the hate for them for being associated with him, it will be interesting to see if they become a bit more hostile to him. As to money, it slips through their fingers like water. I believe there’s an NFL pension, but that shouldn’t kick in for him for many years.

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