ALL Found Guilty in Ooltewah Basketball Rape Case


Ooltewah High School’s basketball team is overwhelming black. Both coaches are black.

I think we can safely say that the culture of bullying and violence that defines this basketball team is an example of black culture, not white culture.

We don’t know which boys were raped by which boys, but I assume the rapists and the rapees were black. Some white race realists might say, “Who cares?”

The problem is that as diversity intrudes on historically white institutions in our society, that they take on foreign, corrupt, immoral values.

If Ooltewah High School is to be fixed, the white man will fix it.

Times Free Press

Three former Ooltewah High School basketball players were found guilty in a case in which prosecutors say they raped one of their teammates with a pool cue.

However, only one, who turned 18 after being charged, was found guilty of aggravated rape.

The other two, who were 16 at the time, were convicted of aggravated assault, according to a witness inside the courtroom.

The judge initially refused to disclose the verdict or to allow reporters to cover the trial, claiming that it could harm the now-guilty defendants, who were juveniles at the time of their arrest.

A report made public this month found that a culture of bullying and hazing existed on the Ooltewah High School boy’s basketball team for months, maybe even years, before the pool-cue rape of a freshman player by three of his teammates.

Fifteen players participated in interviews, and many of them described “racking in,” which the report says happened for about a month during the fall basketball season.

Players described “racking in” as upperclassmen turning off the lights in the locker room and punching freshman with their fists from the neck down, according to the report.

“One player stated that they were ‘hit hard to the point you want to fight,'” the report states. It continues to say, “players did not report the behavior because they did not want to be a ‘snitch’ and they did not want it to get worse.”

Investigators hired by the Hamilton County Board of Education said all four freshman were held down by two older players, allowing for another to poke them in the rectum, indicating that the assailants had the intent to bully, haze and sexually harass the victims.

“The contact was unwanted, offensive and had the purpose or effect of intimidation and embarrassment,” the report states. “The victims had responses indicative of victims of sexual harassment that can be characterized as shame, anger, embarrassment, confusion, humiliation and disgust.”

As you might guess, there was an attempted cover up by adults involved.

tank montgomery

Times Free Press

Ooltewah High School head basketball coach Andre “Tank” Montgomery faces four charges of failure to report child sexual abuse, and Gatlinburg Police Detective Rodney Burns is facing two counts of aggravated perjury because of his testimony in Montgomery’s preliminary hearing in this case.

There are other coaches and officials involved in this mess, but to me the details are not important. Click on the links for more.

What is important is what the country has come to following 50 years of kowtowing to and pandering to blacks.

I am tired of the white man’s legal system having to clean up the mess left behind by African-Americans. End black rule now. End the failed experiment called integration. Take back what is rightfully ours.

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