White Schoolgirl Hangs Self For Fear She Had Done Something RACIST


To please her online “Asian” (Paki) boyfriend that she had never met in person, Phoebe darkened her skin and wore a headrag in the picture she sent him. Here’s the tragic story of what happened next.


A schoolgirl killed herself over fears she had put a racially offensive picture on the internet.

Phoebe Connop, 16, had been chatting regularly online to an Asian lad whom she called her boyfriend despite never having met him.

She then put a picture of herself on Instagram with her skin colour edited to look darker and a scarf wrapped around her head.

phoebe connop2

Phoebe, a talented gymnast, told friends she would have to look like that to get approval from the parents of her “boyfriend”.

But when the picture was spread around the net, Phoebe became worried about a backlash, an inquest heard on Friday. Detective Sergeant Katherine Tomkins told the coroner: “She was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area.”

rotherham poster

Phoebe’s dad Laurence, 53, who arrived home in Halesowen, West Midlands, to find his daughter hanged last month, said: “She was a lovely girl who would never want to cause offence to anyone.”

Verdict: suicide.

The unrelenting propaganda that white is not right and that white girls should be down with brown is mind-boggling in its frequency, volume, and intensity. The not yet fully formed mind of a child is going to be influenced by it.

In this surreal world in which all institutions preach the doctrine (subtly and sometimes not so subtly) that the white race should disappear from the earth. a teen might easily conclude that the only sin and the worst sin is racism, saying or doing something that a monkey might not like.

Our short-term goal as friends and parents of teens like Phoebe is to gently offer them whatever truth is within ourselves that might dissuade them from killing themselves. We shouldn’t have to do this, but forced diversity makes it an urgent task.

In the longer run, we must do two things. One is to create a healthier culture for white children. The second is to punish (((those))) who have created this sick world in which we exist.


14 thoughts on “White Schoolgirl Hangs Self For Fear She Had Done Something RACIST

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  2. Her father obviously didn’t have “the talk” with her. I made sure I did. She should never have even made contact with him but in today’s multi-culti society, especially in Birmingham which is majority paki, she didn’t stand a chance. I blame her father, he should have warned her, even to the point of threatening her that he would cut her off if she ever dated a paki but he may have been brainwashed too. Sad really but we will probably hear of a lot more cases like this in the future if nothing changes.

  3. I feel really angry about this, angry at the parents for not being straight with her and if she had been prepared adequately, I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened. And of all places, England, where the mass rapes of young girls by these camel jockeys is de-riguer and nary and eyelash is batted. I have a 15 year old and she would never in a million years even be attracted to one of these killers.

    And as far as banning Confederate Flags? The fact that people all over the south are not out in front of their statehouses with pitchforks and shovels is WHY we will be dying off after a period of extreme persecution like being thrown live into alligator pits by all the scum coming here and inflicting their foreign culture on America, with every intent on destroying us as Soros rolls out the bucks and the lefties have a field day. Hope they rot in hell. Bad news today, really angry and frustrated.

    • We must figure out a way to raise our girls (and boys too) better so that they are immune to the multicultural crap that is spewed out by our sick culture.

      The alt-right is either a movement or an awakening or both. It bodes well for us. It’s populated with young white males who know the score. It’s increasing cool to be a “Nazi.” The genie is out of the bottle. I’m not one of the youths, but I’ll go down fighting rather than stand by and do nothing. Many others will do the same.

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