Mestizo Man who repeatedly raped 3-year-old boy is sent to prison for 106 years

MARIO hernandez

The homosexual Mexican pedophile in this horrific case was much cleverer than any black homosexual pedophile I’ve read about.

There was no force, but rather a peculiar type of clever blackmail used to obtain sex from a young boy.

The judge in this case is to be commended for handing down the maximum sentence the law will allow. It’s an injustice that the law does not allow the death penalty in cases like this one.

A 59-year-old man who repeatedly sexually assaulted a three-year-old boy has been sent to prison for over a century.

Mario Hernandez, from Upland, California, was convicted to 106 years behind bars.

The abuse was carried out over a span of seven years from when the boy was three years old, according to the San Bernardino deputy district attorney Karen Schmauss.

Hernandez reportedly often withdrew food from the boy to bribe him to perform sexual acts, added Ms Schmauss, and he would tell the child: “You owe me.”

“He would also refuse to sign the boy’s school planner if he did not cooperate,” Ms Schmauss said in a statement.

“As the victim grew older, Hernandez threatened harm to the boy and his brother if they told anyone.”

When he was 10 years old, the boy told his school friends what was happening.

Hernandez was charged with three counts of sodomy with a child of 10 years or younger, one count of oral copulation with a child aged 10 or younger, and one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child. He was given the maximum sentence on 3 June.

Judge Stanford Reichert added: “The crimes showed a high degree of cruelty, viciousness and callousness.”

Ms Schmauss said Hernandez would never hurt a child again.

The boy and his brother were assisted by comfort dogs while giving their testimonies, the district office said, the first time that a trial in the county employed animals to comfort victims.

Comfort dogs are now being used in a variety of tragic circumstances. The comfort dog photo below is from my files. I believe those dogs were brought to make children traveling by air more relaxed.


7 thoughts on “Mestizo Man who repeatedly raped 3-year-old boy is sent to prison for 106 years

  1. Filthy mestizo, he should he been arrested for that bad sausage and mash alone.
    What is it with these south Americans? They even look like classic perverts anyway, good riddance to the animal, I hope he is raped every day of his sentence and even on the day he dies.

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  3. H probably lived with the boy in s stepfather role, hence holding back on signing the school reports. I wonder why the media conceals this?
    Could it be because stepfathers sexually abuse children they live with and care for at the rate of one hundred times more often than biological fathers?
    I read this estimated statistic in the Sydney Morning Herald about 20 years ago. A Guardian style lefty paper. This sort of knowledge now collides with the love of poofters like the Holy LGBT “Family”.
    This man is a member of that Unholy Mob of sick perverts. He is a homosexual.
    BTW the same SMH at about the same year once published a claim by a poof that all homosexual rape and child abuse of boys is done by heterosexual men. This is because “Gays are gentle and nice and would never hurt anyone”. A real Unicorn type article.

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