Cucked Jew Anthony Weiner Continues to Be Demonized: Will Hillary and Huma Wed?


Marriage can be propaganda. Marriage can be for strategic reasons. Marriage may not involve love. Marriage can cover for lesbianism and homosexuality.

Once Hillary Clinton wins the White House, she’ll have no more use for Bill. Will she divorce him and marry her long-time love, Huma Abedin, the alleged “wife” of Anthony Weiner?

Stranger things have happened.

Weiner stays at home in NYC with their alleged offspring, while Huma travels with Hillary. Is that really a marriage?

No, but it was never a real marriage, but a cover story for Huma and Hillary.

The press is however, taking the tack that Weiner is the bad guy. For what? For dreaming of actually having sex with a woman. I feel certain that he never had sex with Huma.

Weiner is a sleezeball, but he’s not the only bad guy in this story. What I object to is the constant demonization of men, with women almost always getting a free pass. The breakup of this sham marriage was as scripted as its creation. It’s all Kabuki theater.

New York Post

In her statement, released through Clinton’s campaign Monday morning, Abedin, 41, announced that she had reached her breaking point “after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage.”

The move came after several allies reached out to Clinton’s campaign to express outrage over The Post’s revelations and were told “some kind of statement would be coming,” according to the New York Times.

The woman with whom Weiner sexted didn’t return requests for comment Monday but previously told The Post: “I know he loves his family, I know he loves his community, but he’s broken.

“I’m not a psychologist. I can’t say how to fix him. I don’t know if divorce or salvaging his marriage would fix him. But he’s broken,” she said.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Maybe he’s an unfulfilled person. He’s in an unhappy marriage.”

On Sunday night, Abedin was photographed looking grim as she left a Clinton fundraising event in the Hamptons.

Her departure came about 3½ hours after Weiner responded to a Post inquiry about his latest online dalliance, which the woman said continued until this month.

Weiner on Sunday admitted that he and the woman “have been friends for some time.”

Weiner came clean to Abedin after The Post reached him Sunday afternoon while the entire family was together in the Hamptons, sources said. Abedin took Monday off to stay with their son, Jordan, as Weiner returned alone to Manhattan.

The couple wed in a lavish July 10, 2010, ceremony officiated by former President Bill Clinton at the swank Oheka Castle in Huntington, LI, and the collapse of their marriage marks the third time Weiner’s sexting has cost him dearly.

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8 thoughts on “Cucked Jew Anthony Weiner Continues to Be Demonized: Will Hillary and Huma Wed?

  1. Well, they need each other to play out their personal psychopathies! It’s a sick relationship! Divorce is necessary and both need psychotherapy to find out why they play these games.

    Why did she attract someone like him? Like attracts like.

    To feel sorry for him because she is not the wife he hoped for…Ha! He’d do this to any wife?

    Women like to play the victim, feel sorry for me, role, but they are partly to blame, too. A psychologically healthy female would have left him long ago…no, she wouldn’t have married him.

  2. This story surfaced at just the right time to deflect attention away from the ongoing e-mail scandals and generate sympathy for Hillary’s poor, suffering paynim partner.

    Anthony Weiner is unstable, discardable, damaged goods.

    • Exactly. It was scripted as a diversion and to create sympathy for Huma. Drudge has a link to a story about her. The headline suggests there’s a smoking gun on the lesbian angle, but I haven’t read the story yet.

  3. This Muzzie female, “born in the USA”, was raised in Saudi Arabia. I hope when she visits that nice country they arrest her, convict her and stone her to death. In accord with Holy Writ of course. To devout Muslims she is a criminal.

    Fat Jews are ugly, a thin one like Weiner looks even more ugly.

    Jew marries Muslim = Diversity works, folks!
    Oops, man becomes Internet sex fiend freak, wife becomes carpet munching lezzo girlfriend of the next US president, small child loses out as always.
    I wonder is Abedin really a Lezzo or just very ambitious for power and wealth?

    • Maybe she’s a spy working to spread the caliphate to the U.S. Just a thought.

      I used to like Weiner. He would come on Fox News and articulate the liberal position. He was very good at it. In my naive state I thought he was Italian because of the first name Anthony. I was only partly Jew wise at the time, so I forgive myself.

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