Bold, Fearless Donald Trump Flies to Mexico on Wednesday to Meet Mexico’s El Presidente

trump plane

President Trump will be flying into Mexico on Wednesday to meet with Mexico’s president.

I expect them to issue a joint statement and then shut up about their meeting.

Meanwhile, Canckles is resting or making love to Huma.

Sky News

Donald Trump will travel to Mexico later to meet the country’s president, hours ahead of a much-anticipated speech on illegal immigration.

“I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow,” Mr Trump posted on Twitter late on Tuesday.

The Republican presidential nominee’s visit is something of a surprise move – not least because Mr Pena Nieto has likened the candidate to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Most of Mr Trump’s rallies have centred on his controversial pledge to build a wall along America’s southern border with Mexico to prevent illegal crossings – and make Mexico pay for its construction.

In an interview in March, Mr Pena Nieto said there was “no scenario” where Mexico would engage with such a policy – adding Mr Trump’s rhetoric was damaging relations between Mexico and the US.

Mr Trump has also stoked controversy during previous Republican rallies by accusing Mexico of sending violent offenders to the US and labelling Mexican migrants as drug-runners and rapists.

Aside from this, there is confusion about what a Trump administration’s policies on immigration would look like, and he worried some conservative allies last week when he said he was “softening” his stance on mass deportations.

There are an estimated 11 million law-abiding illegal immigrants in the US, and during recent meetings with Hispanic voters, Mr Trump’s campaign manager said his stance on deportations was “to be determined”.

A pledge to speedily deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the US is expected to feature prominently during his major speech in Arizona.

Details of the encounter between Mr Pena Nieto and Mr Trump are still being finalised, according to a spokesman for the Mexican president.

Just prior to accepting the invite to Mexico, Trump Tweeted:

Pena Nieto may have invited both Trump and Hillary, but the odds of Hillary going to Mexico, given the state of her health, are slim.

The invite is a positive sign. Pena Nieto believes that Trump will win. He’s holding out an olive branch. He’s helping Trump look presidential.

Of course, there’s some possibility he’s setting Trump up to be embarrassed or assassinated. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

Advice to Trump: Don’t drink the water.


4 thoughts on “Bold, Fearless Donald Trump Flies to Mexico on Wednesday to Meet Mexico’s El Presidente

  1. maybe El Presidente will teat the Donald to a Mexican institution, a donkey show

    Yes donkey shows are real, I confess back in the 60’s when I was stationed in Sunny Diego during training a buddy took me to a donkey show in Tijuana…….hey I was a kid and falling down drunk at the time and now repent

    I pray nothing bad happens to Trump while he’s visiting Meh-hee-ko

  2. Beta pandering from Trump, too bad. This Mexican scumbag. like all other Mexican officials, is up to his neck in the heroin trade, a trade that is specifically aimed at white America, and flourishes because of the policies of open border genocide. Open borders is a two-fer for the white-hating Leftist/Jewish mass-murder machine – allows the free flow of invaders to displace the natives and directly kills the natives by chemical warfare.

    • Ultimately, this trip is good political theater for Trump. He is smarter than a Mexican because he’s white. He will outsmart anything the Mexicans throw at him. I’m reading some press coverage now. It looks like Trump wins again. Hillary’s out somewhere in front a few people whining about it.

  3. Trump should not paint his name on a plane with him in it. Better to travel in an anonymous looking cargo flight, or courier, an airline that never carries bombs and weapons or has enemies.
    Maybe “El Al” would be the safest name of all for Trump airplane livery. Those planes never ever get shot at or blown up by Muslim terrorists (who all love Israel for some reason) and each plane has an armed Marshal riding inside.
    Even “Air Force One” is a pretty dopey idea, in my opinion.
    Flying is dangerous enough without advertising that you are the President, or the Presidential nominee.
    A country like Mexico would have many drug lords armed with missiles and other ground to air weapons.

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