Texas School District Regrets Hiring Teacher Who Was Fired Last Year for Facebook “Segregation” Post

karen fitzgibbons

On June 12, 2015 I published this post telling the story of Karen Fitzgibbons’ firing.

Here’s her social media post (Facebook?) that caused her to be fired. She mentions that blacks cause trouble and ponders whether there should be a return of segregation. Her post was written in response to a black pool party that turned into a riot and caused a white police officer to be fired.

social media karen fitzgibbons

You may remember the pool party incident that Karen is referring to:

pool party takedown

This year, Karen found a job with the Waco Independent School District in Texas. However, someone subsequently outed her to the district.

Here’s what happened next.

Excerpt from Waco Tribune

Fitzgibbons was hired in July as a third-grade elementary school teacher for this academic year at Hillcrest Professional Development School, according to the district.

Though Waco ISD officials say Fitzgibbons was honest and upfront about her previous firing over the racially motivated post, they said the district did not know the full details of the social media post until it was brought to their attention about a month later.

The district learned of the contents of Fitzgibbons’ post on Aug. 16, the day before Meet-the-Teacher night and after hiring interviews, district spokesman Bruce Gietzen said in a press conference Monday afternoon, though he did not say exactly how the district learned of specifics.

Gietzen said people remembered the news about Fitzgibbons’ post when it first happened, but didn’t connect her name as the teacher who wrote it.

“We were aware that Ms. Fitzgibbons applied for a job with the district and was completely truthful on that application, and told us she resigned in lieu of termination of another district because of an inappropriate post she made on Facebook that had racial implications,” Gietzen said, adding her previous employers said they were surprised by her Facebook post. “Once the administration learned the contents of that Facebook post, we took immediate action.”

Waco ISD’s administration removed Fitzgibbons from campus and reassigned her to a nonteaching position in the administration building, Gietzen said, adding that Fitzgibbons has a good record, other than the Facebook post, and more than a decade’s worth of experience in education.

She will help develop the district’s curriculum, but exactly what Fitzgibbons will do hasn’t been determined, Gietzen said. She did not have contact with children in the classroom and is taking some leave days, he said.

“She stated remorse for what she did then and stated the same thing to us,” Gietzen said, adding that Fitzgibbons interviewed with a number of districts throughout the state. “All she wants to do is teach again, but that’s not going to happen in Waco ISD.”

School district contracts are for one year in Texas. Karen has been told that this will be her first and last year at the district.

Notice that once again, apologizing does no good.

There’s really nothing more I can say here that hasn’t been said in my open letter to Carrie Bowe, posted about 5 or 6 hours ago.

America 2016 is built on the false egalitarian secular religion. A country built on false premises will fall, just like a building constructed on a weak foundation.

Hopefully, America’s fall will be sooner rather than later.

hugs feels good

11 thoughts on “Texas School District Regrets Hiring Teacher Who Was Fired Last Year for Facebook “Segregation” Post

  1. I troll a few Christian Evangelical sites. They will approve of this woman’s firing. If you are a pew sitting Christian……………………..your RELIGION is DEAD!

    • The Kinists won’t approve. I no longer attend church because I can’t find one that isn’t thoroughly PC. If there were a Kinist congregation in my area I’d be there. Christianity is about the living Savior Jesus Christ, not about the corrupted churches and denominations. It’s really not a religion but a relationship. John 6:47. It’s real simple and really good news. The theologians and the power-hungry, greedy religious”professionals” have made it a complicated, “dead” mess.

  2. A lawyer just out of law school could win her case easily, and get her big bucks. The school could have looked up the details of her firing but chose not to do so. They were negligent and reckless and endangered children!. They are in the wrong. They are guilty as hell and she will win in court.

    “Though Waco ISD officials say Fitzgibbons was honest and upfront about her previous firing over the racially motivated post, they said the district did not know the full details of the social media post until it was brought to their attention about a month later.”

    This is more proof that the USSA now exists. Truth tellers are punished and snitches are rewarded.

    • Your nemesis Viking Bitch used to blog about how no one in America minds his own business anymore. Everyone is a do-gooder now. As a young teenager I used to read about Communist Cuba and the government network of people spying on each other. It’s the same here now, only the government doesn’t have to pay anyone to out traitors to the egalitarian agenda.

      • VB is not my nemesis, that is too much of a compliment to her. She is just a person who cannot control her feelings and vents her anger at anyone and almost everyone, men and women, even those on her side. She might be a “berserker” as of Norse times, who killed anyone during a battle, enemy or friend. I used to ignore her until she attacked me.
        “Let sleeping dogs lie” is a good motto and no offence to women intended with this.

        Snitching in Lenins and Stalins Unicorn State was rewarded well. Those who brought false witness against their neighbors got the neighbours bigger and better apartment. The “guilty” nieghbours got shot, or Gulag of they were lucky, the entire family, both without any trial, but maybe torture and confessions. The Govt did not care whether it was truth or lies. Mud sticks as the saying goes.

        To this day most people in the FSU speak softly even when drunk. Their is still a suspicion that those listening may be Govt spies, Secret Police or just good ol’ snitches. People very rarely call the police re neigbour noise for example.

  3. Sad because if a black teacher posted something towards white people it would be ok! How dare a white person comment on the stupidity of a black person! God forbid it would be all about black lives matter black power so on and so on!!! People wake up that was not in anyway a racial remark she made that was a statement! She needs to bring a law suit against the school as they stated they knew she was honest about her post!!! All these stupid uneducated parents need to get of welfare get a job!!!

  4. Get out of most big schools, they are lost hope because of socialism contained therein. It is also similar with “religions”, even in some large Christian church groups. Also, religious laws were meant as Christian led and not to include devil worship religions. PRAY to GOD ALMIGHTY !

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