San Antonio University President Deemed Insane and Then Fired For Supporting Donald Trump

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I found this story by accident when I went looking for information on a local radio hostess who has a cute voice. Anyway, I’m in shock.

Louis Agnese was president of University of Incarnate Word (UIW) for 31 years. He put the school on the map. He was a major player in the city of San Antonio. He was the only educator in the city to espouse excellence. The others were too busy pushing diversity and multiculturalism, while overseeing mediocre schools.

To put Agnese’s firing in perspective, San Antonio is a sanctuary city, probably 80 percent Mexican, and votes Democrat. This is not a place where you see Trump signs or bumper stickers.

This is what America has come to. Everyone will try to destroy you if you deviate even slightly from the PC line. This must stop.

WOAI Radio

Posted August 29th, 2016 @ 5:40pm by 1200 WOAI

A committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of the Incarnate Word this afternoon removed veteran President Louis Agnese permanently, firing him from the job he has held for 31 years, for what the board deemed were ‘inappropriate comments.’ An anonymous letter emailed to News Radio 1200 WOAI revealed that among those comments were remarks that Agnese made at a recent luncheon ‘indicating his support for Mr. Donald Trump and his hatred of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.’

After the comments were made, the UIW Board placed Agense on 90 days medical leave, saying they ‘provoked considerable concern for his well being.’

. UIW Board President Charles Lutz announced the decision late this afternoon, praising Agnese for his efforts to build a struggling college into the third largest private university in Texas.

The author of the anonymous letter, who is referred to as ‘very concerned students’ says the comments made him or her feel that Agnese was ‘a raging racist lunatic.’

The comments also prompted UIW to ‘offer a sincere apology to persons who may have been offended.’

‘Very concerned students,’ who refers to the writer throughout the letter as ‘I’ indicating it is from one person and not ‘students,’ also points out unnecessarily racialist cracks allegedly made by Agnese during the luncheon, including once joking that if there were any ‘Native Americans in the audience, their skin color would also count as wearing Cardinal red.’ UIW is ‘The Cardinals,’ and the crack is apparently a reference to the ‘Redskins’ stereotype.

‘Very concerned students’ also says Agnese once addressed a Hispanic faculty member as ‘Javier,’ (spelled in the letter as ‘Javiere’) and when the faculty member corrected him, saying his name is ‘Jamie,’ (its not known if this is a misspelling of the common name ‘Jaime’), Agnese allegedly joked ‘close enough, you look like a Jose.’

There is no way to tell who ‘very concerned student’ is or whether the individual writing the letter is even a student at UIW. It is also not known if the person who e-mailed the letter to 1200 WOAI did it to defend or expose Agnese, who has strongly denied making any inappropriate statements.

The letter takes an angry tone throughout, once threatening the university.

“I can be VERY LOUD and my parents, particularly given their resources, can and will be EXPONENTIALLY LOUDER still,” the anonymous writer says, threatening to take the complaints about Agnese to ‘every single stakeholder we can think of, including past and potential future donors, notable alumni, the Sisters of Charity, the local Archdiocese, every private and parochial school in Texas, local, state, and national newspapers, other periodicals in the area of higher education, and as many college review web sites as we can get our hands on.’

Agnese is credited with building UIW from a small college into a major Catholic university, building programs in areas from architecture to science to health professions. The new medical school, which Agnese has worked for a decade to build, is set to open next fall.

More research turned up this detail on Agnese’s sins:


Long known for his colorful phrases called “Lou-isms,” Agnese, 65, upset students and faculty with public comments he made at an Aug. 15 luncheon for physical therapy students, according to an anonymous complaint sent by “very concerned students” to UIW officials.

Among the concerns: Agnese singled out an African-American student who wasn’t wearing the school colors of Cardinal red. “Well, you’re lucky you’re black so you are in a way wearing Cardinal black,” he reportedly told her.

Agnese went on to ask if there were any Native American students in the group, according to the complaint, and he said their “Indian-red skin color would also count as wearing Cardinal red.”

Agnese confirmed he made those comments and others — but denied they were offensive.

Others on campus disagreed. Faculty and staff at UIW’s School of Physical Therapy were “absolutely outraged” and “immediately called upon the administration to take action,” according to a campus source who requested anonymity because school officials have discouraged people from speaking with the media.

“The dean was in contact with senior university administration immediately following that lunch, and a meeting was called the next day to inform students of this, and to make it clear to them in no uncertain terms that this behavior was unacceptable and did not reflect what UIW stands for,” the source told the San Antonio Express-News.

The source said Agnese made inappropriate comments at other functions during that time frame, sparking other complaints that eventually made their way to UIW’s board of trustees.

On Aug. 18, board chairman Charles Lutz released a statement to the UIW community that was posted on the Facebook page of the university’s student newspaper, the Logos. Lutz announced that Agnese was taking 90 days of medical leave for “sporadic uncharacteristic behavior and comments.”

Lutz, president of Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, did not offer details but apologized to anyone who was offended.

Lutz released another statement Friday praising Agnese’s service but emphasizing his recent statements “cannot be condoned.” Lutz said the board will discuss the matter Monday.

They praise you as they fire you. Bastards!

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9 thoughts on “San Antonio University President Deemed Insane and Then Fired For Supporting Donald Trump

  1. I don’t know, but this posting bothered me more than many others, as it shows how FAR down to a savage hell the leftist psychopaths have willingly dragged the 99% down to their level. Before long we’ll all met in the Gulags for the tiniest imagined butt hut targeted at their precious shit skin pets. Considered insane and loses his long tenure for just supporting Trump!!! The evil just seems to be growing more and more in our faces.

    Scarier still I would hazard a bet the majority of white millennials and almost as many white older libtards support his firing.

    • I need to follow up on the local websites and see how the comments are going. It looks like his faculty turned against him from what the story said. That’s the thanks he got for making the school respectable.

  2. “‘provoked considerable concern for his well being.’”
    This is worse than George Orwells 1984. It is like the actual 1970s Soviet Union. If you complained or told the truth about queuing up for 2 hours to buy one liter of milk, you were placed in a mental hospital for ever and given dangerous drugs and shock treatments. Only madmen could not be happy in the Soviet Paradise.
    Same in the Obama/Hillary Unicorn Happy Gay Shitskin USA. If you say “Vote Trump” you are mentally ill. This “crazy” Prof is not even white.

    If Trump wins, he has to go in very hard and very early and destroy all of these enemies, utterly and completely. Else this Marxist bullshit will escalate to the Gulag and the bullet in the back of the neck in the basement of the Secret Police (DHS) like Stalins 1930s. All arrests at home being made between 3 and 5 a.m.

    • I can’t begin to tell you how Agnese took UIW and turned it around. He’s been crucified. I read some comments on the stories about him. Really nasty stuff.

      For the record, I had the same thing happen to me in early 2006. I was placed on medical leave by the university and ordered to see a head shrinker. Luckily, the one found who could see me on an emergency basis was a white older man.

      San Antonio is a Mexican city that is run like Mexico. White culture and values are submerged and will never resurface here. BTW, Agnese is Italian. A very nice guy, from what I heard through the grapevine.

      • Yes, it had zero to do with his political views.
        I will say that he was living in a penthouse paid for by the college and was making almost a million dollars a year.
        With that being said, he made the UIW what it is, when he was hired they were nothing and had a total of 1200 students.
        I feel so bad for Louis and his family.

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