Rat-Faced Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Scandal is a Psy Op


Jewish ex-Congressman from New York City, Anthony Weiner, has erupted in the news for the third time in the last few years over his online flirtations with women.

As before, the flirtations include photos of his genital area, which makes for fun wordplay since his name is Weiner.

The Guardian offers a story that psychoanalyzes Weiner, concluding that he is at some level aware that he’s a sex addict and that he wants to get caught.

Let me reject that and similar theories in order to propose a different thought.

Weinergate is dominating the news cycle today. Drudge, Fox, and others have given the man’s penis more attention than a whore house full of whores would give if Weiner showed up waving hundred dollar bills.

Most people forget that his wife, Huma Abedin, has cheated on him for years with Hillary Clinton. She gets no criticism, but as usual, the man is ridiculed in the press and social media. If Huma’s genital area didn’t smell so much like Hillary maybe Weiner would enjoy dipping his member into it once in a while.

But that assumes the marriage is real. It isn’t. It’s just as fake as Bill and Hillary’s marriage. The two of them were married upon the orders given by the (((power elites))) to rehabilitate Weiner’s image and take attention off Huma’s lesbian play.

Weiner’s latest sexting scandal has created sympathy for Huma, who is most likely guilty of high treason and other crimes. The scandal has diverted attention away from Huma and away from Hillary.

Any reasonable person would smell a rat. Rat-faced Weiner is the rat you smell.

The scandal had to have been written by a Jewish scriptwriter with the intention of helping Hillary’s presidential chances.

Weiner is surely being paid off to take the heat.

Huma has announced that she is separating from him. As if they were ever really together. The two of them supposedly have a child together. Bill and Hillary supposedly have a child together, although by now it’s common knowledge that the father of Hillary’s child was Webster Hubbell, not Bill.

When you understand that these people have no morality and that they will do anything for power and riches, you will keep your wits about you and ask questions about the story as reported by the press.


2 thoughts on “Rat-Faced Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Scandal is a Psy Op

  1. That idiot jew, Weiner, doesn’t know how to spell/pronounce his own name. If it’s pronounced WEE-NER, then it should be spelled Wiener, as the second letter, in the ie-ei arrangement, determines how the word is pronounced. If it’s spelled Weiner, it’s pronounced WHY-NER. It’s basic German/Yiddish language rules. As an example, many people misspell the following salutation: Sieg heil. See how the second letter determines the correct pronunciation?

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