Brittanee Drexel’s Father Responds to Reports of Her Rape and Murder by Blacks

brittanee drexel

If you know blacks, you know the nickname: Dindu Nuffins.

Although the evidence shows that Timonth Da’Shaun Taylor is a really bad individual, his mother defends him, claiming he’s innocent of the rape and murder of Britannee Drexel.

Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor


Brittanee’s father has responded strongly to that obvious lie.

chad drexel

Excerpt from KATU

Chad Drexel, Brittanee Drexel’s father, said in a Facebook post that he has “no doubt Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor played a significant role in the abduction and murder of my daughter. Of course the mother of Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is going to defend her son – as a father I can understand a need to defend your children. What I DON’T understand is defending your children when you must KNOW the truth.”

His full Facebook post reads:

I would like to set the record STRAIGHT with a STRONG REPLY to Joan Taylor’s comments to the Post Courier in South Carolina this past Friday.

Based on evidence the FBI and the Myrtle Beach Police department has gathered, along with FACTS and SPECIFIC INFORMATION gathered from a team of Private Investigators that I HIRED to work with local law enforcement actively during the case (which will SOON COME TO LIGHT) – we have no doubt Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor played a significant role in the abduction and murder of my daughter.

Of course the mother of Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is going to defend her son – as a father I can understand a need to defend your children. What I DON’T understand is defending your children when you must KNOW the truth. Her assumptions and words stated have been verified INCORRECT and couldn’t be farther from the TRUTH. We know Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor was witnessed by others (Witnesses NOT IN JAIL) with my daughter – we are just praying that they do the RIGHT thing and stop forward with what they know. Additionally he has been seen and followed to the EXACT area where my daughter’s DNA was found. Joan Taylor claimed that the FBI and government are falsely accusing her son because of witnesses IN JAIL?! Well, we have other specific evidence, that I can NOT disclose at this time for the safety of my daughters case, which corroborates these testimonies!! Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is KNOWN to be involved in dog fighting, bringing drugs to parties, and raping women (mostly Caucasian young women) he either picks up UNWILLINGLY or friends of friends that end up being drugged and taken there. This IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!! There is a TON more “EVIDENCE and HORRIBLE INFO” we would like the PUBLIC in that area be aware of for their safety, but we are unable to disclose at this time.

WITHOUT A DOUBT ……….Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is a suspect in my daughter’s Disappearance and Murder! My family and I will be following the FBI’s requests to keep specific details in our daughter’s case under wrap until THIS HORRIBLE PIECE OF TRASH goes to Prison for Life. After the guilty verdict, we will be happy to dispel these fairy tales that are being spun by Timothy’s family. It is disgraceful the way this FAMILY and their FRIENDS are supporting and claiming innocence of a “PROVEN” FELON without even looking at the evidence presented and the FACTS surrounding the case.

Also adding this PIECE OF TRASH photo so everyone can see WHO HE IS!
Please keep our family and our Brittanee in your prayers!

Britannee’s father has to play nice to a degree because of political correctness and all that junk. We’re not constrained on this site.

Thus, shitskin Taylor is not a piece of trash, he’s a piece of sh*t.

And no, life in prison is not enough punishment. Some future shitskin leftist president is liable to release him from prison. Death, preceded by torture, is the only punishment that is fitting in this case.

It’s unfortunate that Chad Drexel had to learn late in life and learn the hard way that blacks are not “just like us.” A wise father warns his daughter about predators. He doesn’t let her go off with anyone that he doesn’t know and approve of. But honestly, I don’t know if Chad Drexel and Britannee’s mother are together. Many white men have been cut off from their children by vindictive ex-wives. Chad may or may not be one of those men.

What becomes more clear with each passing day is that segregation must be reinstated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Blacks will surely benefit from being separated from the oppressive white male, who causes all their problems.

Then, in the longer run, blacks must be repatriated to Africa. Repatriation is a humane alternative to the extermination of the black race. If the price of repatriation included generous aid to convert African-Americans to African-Africans, then it would be worth the money. Freed from white oppression, and flush with money, surely American blacks would create great new civilizations in Africa. Or not.

If Britannee were alive, she’d be around 24 years old. Father Chad might be having the privilege of seeing his daughter walk down the aisle with a fine white husband.

Britannee was cheated out of her life. Her parents were cheated out of seeing her mature.

This is not acceptable.

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34 thoughts on “Brittanee Drexel’s Father Responds to Reports of Her Rape and Murder by Blacks

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  2. Very fortunate for me………………I woke up from my White Guilt before myself, or my loved ones were hurt. But I’ll tell you…………..I came close to a possible nightmare like the one this father is now going through. I was washing my car at one of those ‘do it yourself’ car wash places. A black man approached me and offered to dry my car. Since I needed to prove to myself and the other people around me that day, I allowed him and paid him much more than what the job he just did would warrant. We got to talking and I told him I was painting my house. He said he was a painter. You can see where this is going…………………………….in my “guilt”, I asked him if he would come over and paint my house. Long story short…………………..days later I just had this ‘gut reaction’ you could call it. I canceled the appointment. But still in my guilt, I met him at the same car wash joint and gave him $300 bucks! This is WHITE GUILT folks and it is real.

    If you are new to this site and you find our opinion to be offensive………………..please, please, please…………..continue to read, study and learn with an open mind. Don’t ever become a victim as this father. I just can’t imagine the guilt this father now must feel for his FAILURE to love his daughter.

    You could load a 6 shot revolver with one bullet, spin the cylinder, and pull the trigger while the barrel is pointed in your skull and maybe…………….you will hear a click. Sure…………everyone knows a decent black man. But the odds are not in your favor.

  3. Another reason the scum of the USA should worry about the “Alt Right” – now so many white Trump fans will be researching it or looking into it and coming across sites like this one. Then they will be made aware of how disgusting jewsmedia have been hiding our mass slaughter at the hands of this 6th savage percentile of our population committing over half the nation’s violent crime and murder. Imagine what percent of them are responsible for white womens murders? It’s their specialty.
    Thank you for this site.

  4. The ape Taylor looks dead behind the eye’s, he definitely has no soul. He deserves the death penalty as you say but the reason death is not a real deterrent is because they know that they can keep the appeal system going for years and possibly get the sentence reduced to life. The only reason it was effective back in the day was because justice was almost immediate, in some cases no appeals were granted. The negro lives in the now and so even the impending appeal and trial do not worry him as it would any other race. Just to think, 60 years ago he would have been dragged out of the cells and lynched by a righteous and angry crowd. Jim crow was put in place to protect whites from these savages and not because of racism, the left has made the world a more dangerous place with their ridiculous egalitarian idea’s.

    • Right, it’s much more a deterrent when the death penalty is swift and sure. Thank liberal courts for screwing it up for us. I’ve said what you say about segregation before. It wasn’t racism, it was self protection. We need a return of segregation. We’re running out of places to run to.

  5. If he ever gets out of jail…you guys should hunt him down and cripple him. Note: White dudes (like Ted Bundy) who kill or rape women…should also be hunted down and crippled. Their parents should be beaten also…for raising these monsters.

  6. I read in a different article she stayed at that hotel against her parent’s permission…perhaps if she had listened to them this would not have happened. I am not excusing these criminals. Only the death penalty is fit for them. Maybe today teens disobeying parents is more dangerous than ever.

    • Yes, today’s youth are rebellious and think they are immortal. It’s so sad, but at least dad is not doing the “I forgive them” bit that is far too common today. My ancestors would have broken the perps out of jail and lynched them on the spot. Good southern white men knew how to deal out justice.

  7. “Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is KNOWN to be involved in dog fighting, bringing drugs to parties, and raping women (mostly Caucasian young women) he either picks up UNWILLINGLY or friends of friends that end up being drugged and taken there.”

    Dog fighting, where is your indignation Paladin? This is shocking for the 21st Century. Croons running brutal dog fights. This could get him a long jail term. Hurting animals upsets the “general public” of TV watchers more than raping and killing white women, which is not shown or reported by the (((TV networks)))..

    I agree that a large percentage of missing young white women (and men) have been murdered, and most of them by blacks. One statistical idea would be to compare missing rates in other white majority countries with the USA. then pay attention to those young women who went missing close to negro infested areas or after attending negrofied parties or clubs..
    OTOH, Coons are dumb and hiding bodies is hard work. Not everywhere has a handy gator pit.

  8. You people are all talk. This guys already out on bail. His buddies who helped him are still walking the streets. It’s very likely he’s going to get a plea deal or walk.

    • So I guess you’re OK with an innocent white girl murdered and fed to the gators huh? So it wouldn’t be any harm if one of these coons did this to your Mom, your sister or your wife right?

      All you anti-white pukes me sick. Disgusting, jealous worms.

      I have a vision. When the day of the rope happens, you’ll be one of the first the Sons of Odin hang by the tree.

  9. Prayers for the family and Britney, a beautiful young girl that’s innocence got her taken and not thinking of the consequence. I am not racist until the black card is used. This monster must pay for what he’s done. His family can praise him but then they are just as guilty. Jail is not a place he needs to be, what kind of things did he do to this young girl? She should have listened to her mother but in this case she didn’t deserve what she got. I hope this sorry excuse for a person doesn’t serve much time in jail, perhaps the inmates can have their way with him, for that I do support.

    • Why do you black people always type “SMH?” We know you are shacking your head. That’s about as far as you will ever go to solve the problem of black oppression which is caused by BLACK people.

      Whites aren’t oppressing you, you oppress yourselves to live in the ghetto. You live off of welfare which is barely enough to get by but you keep voting Democrat because you are in fear of loosing the welfare payments while the Democrat ran cities, like Detroit, are literally destroyed from the inside out.

      When a murder or murders of black men, women and children occur in a black neighborhood, its residents are conditioned to be uncooperative with cops and detectives “Snitches get stitches” in pursuit of the murderer or murderers lest they and their families suffer retaliatory harm, including murder. That’s oppression. It’s a gangs-as-Gestapo mentality and reality that exists and rules within black communities throughout this country.

      Black culture is still synonymous from the abuse of women, to violent crime, to absentee parents, to gangs substituting for families, to “Black Power” politicians who steal from the black poor and pocket it (and often are then re-elected) with sustaining self-oppression?

      Be accountable for yourselves, the white man is not the one oppressing you. You are the ones responsible for black oppression and all of your problems. My guess is you are too dumb to even conjugate a sentence properly and probably won’t nor cant read this.

  10. my biracial friend deleted me from FB and called me a racist yet I want to see her defend this black man for the crime he committed if it was a white man who killed a black teen then it would be on CNN every second yet reversed it’s considered to be water under the bridge no harm done white lives don’t matter

  11. SO RACIST THIS SITE SUX. You can’t call people shit skin. Really takes away your credibility. Crime is horrible but the way you talk about crime and use it as an excuse to talk so much shit about black people is inexcusable. And geez all the commenters. Disgusting. How did I end up here? I need a shower.

    • You’re garbage. The word shitskin is worse than rape and murder. I can tell your black. Your excusing your fellow blacks is why whites hate you. It’s not your skin color, it’s you’re behavior.

  12. I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother and poor Brittanee has haunted me since she disappeared. She made a mistake, she used bad judgment, and she didn’t listen to her Mom and all of us at one time or another in our youth made bad decisions. Those of us still alive were lucky enough not to have been taken/abused/murdered by the savages who took this precious child. I can’t wrap my head around what they did to her and how she suffered. My hope is that she was given drugs so her pain was lessened. For DAYS they raped, beat, terrorized this innocent girl ….DAYS. I can;t even fathom how much she suffered at the hands of these sub-human creatures. NOTHING and I do mean nothing is too evil or horrid for them. They need to be strung up, beaten, raped over and over with various HUGE objects, and then slowly castrated. I am beyond sickened by these crimes! Our daughters, granddaughters aren’t safe anywhere anymore. We live in such a violent. wretched society and I, for one, and sick of it all! The court system is too soft, too easy, and these bastards know it! That is why these savages continue to commit such horrendous acts of violence and make a mockery of our judicial system. God bless Brittanee’s family as they wait for answers. I hope and pray they have justice soon.

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