12-Term Black Congresswoman Loses Reelection Bid While Facing 22 Federal Corruption Indictments

corrine brown

These creatures shouldn’t be allowed to vote, much less be allowed to send their own to Congress. Not only are they incompetent and racist, but they are also often corrupt.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Longtime U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown has lost her re-election bid in a radically redrawn 5th Congressional District.

Al Lawson, a former state senator from Tallahassee, won 48 percent of the vote to defeat Brown, who drew 39 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary for a district that now stretches from Downtown Jacksonville west along the Florida-Georgia border to Leon County.

“New leadership is coming,” Lawson said. “We’re going to be very respectable of those people in Duval. They’re not going to lose any ground. We have the ability to go to Washington and help break the gridlock. We have the ability to work across the aisles and help them.”

Lawson will face Republican Glo Smith in the November general election.

Brown said she was proud that she had severed her constituents well during her 24 years in Congress, and 10 years before that in the Florida House of Representatives.

“It’s been an honor serving the people, and they’re going to have a new representative,” Brown said. “I don’t feel bad tonight because I know I’ve done the best I could.”

A third Democrat, LaShonda Holloway, also vying for Brown’s seat ended the night with 13 percent of the Democratic vote.

Brown carried Duval and Columbia counties, but Lawson was ahead in the nine other counties in the redrawn district.

Not only did Brown run in a district drawn to cover thousands of voters she had never represented, but she was indicted in July on 22 federal charges that include conspiracy, mail and wire fraud and violation of tax laws.

Brown and her chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons, are accused of using an unregistered charity to raise $800,000 that prosecutors said they used as a personal “slush fund.”

Brown’s trial on the federal corruption charges was delayed until at least November after a third set of attorneys withdrew from the case last week.

Immediately after her concession speech, Brown began dancing with her bodyguard to, “My Girl.” Her supporters joined in and continued to applaud her — the end of an era in Jacksonville and seemingly a nod to her accomplishments.

One negative effect of blacks clumping together is that it increases their political power. Thus, we have many safe districts that will never see a non-black sent to Congress.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they imposed various barriers to voting on blacks. Unfortunately, the courts won’t roll back the black plague unleashed on us by hypocrite Lyndon Johnson.


6 thoughts on “12-Term Black Congresswoman Loses Reelection Bid While Facing 22 Federal Corruption Indictments

  1. The man of his word, a genuine visionary!

    Probably he also mumbled – “I’ll have this effing Jack disappear for good…” Who knows

  2. I have brought up LBJ’s quite about having niggers vote demoncrap for 200 years to sjw’s and other assorted zombies black and white. After they finished threatening and spitting on me I told them to go to a audio link I had filled with LBJ’s own words.

    Some accused me that the audio was faked by right wing extremists, but a few I think I may have helped convert some of the deluled leftists

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