Young Scholars of Color Enjoy a Round of Fisticuffs During Campus Brawl, One Dead

ithaca-student anthony nazaire

Hundreds of black college students brawling–picture it in your mind.

These are the best and brightest of young black America. They get an affirmative action scholarship to one of the finest universities in the world and they still can’t help but act like animals.

They are hopeless. So sad.

Associated Press

ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) — Police in New York are investigating a brawl on the campus of Cornell University that left an Ithaca College student dead and another Ithaca student injured.

Both schools posted statements on their websites on Sunday, saying the two students were stabbed around 2 a.m. during a large fight.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our community; as such, this incident is deeply disturbing,” said Ryan Lombardi, the vice president for student and campus life at Cornell.

Police said several hundred college-age people had attended a student-organized event at the student union, and that several fights broke out afterward.

Officials identified the slain student as Anthony Nazaire, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in business administration from Brooklyn.

“He graduated from Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School, and at IC he was a member of the executive board of Brothers4Brothers, a student organization dedicated to empowering men of color on our campus,” said Ithaca College President Tom Rochon.

The other unidentified Ithaca student was treated and released from a hospital.

“I ask that you keep Anthony’s family, the student who was injured, and their friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers,” Rochon said.

Police did not identify any suspects in the stabbing. They said they were interviewing witnesses, and urged anyone with video of the incident to come forward.

Both schools said that counseling would be available to students, faculty and staff.

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One thought on “Young Scholars of Color Enjoy a Round of Fisticuffs During Campus Brawl, One Dead

  1. I like the Paladin intro “Young Scholars of Color Enjoy a Round of Fisticuffs During Campus Brawl, One Dead”.

    Coons think that knives are allowed in fistfights. They have never heard of the Marquess Of Queensbury.

    One hopes that hundreds of these fighting apes, sorry Scholars Of Color, will be moved in to the Ivy League ASAP, where they belong under their Jew masters and Overlords. AA is good, it is great! Make the POTUS a gentleman of color, wait a minute, he already is.

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