What Must White People Do For Black People?

slaves in cotton

I sourced this brief essay that advocates the return of blacks to slavery from GLP. I’m not going to post links to that site anymore because it tries to install malware, which my web browser blocks. It’s of the type of malware that downloads a file automatically and tells you your adobe or whatever needs updating. Very annoying.

The title of this post is the title of the thread at GLP if you want to look at it. I think the advocacy of black slavery is mildly tongue in cheek, but maybe not so much.

Here is the formula: Pay Blacks a generous amount for slave reparations but subtract the total amount we have spent on them/because of them in the last 150 or so years (an enormous sum) and then add the amount blacks have created for us in the last 150 years (which would be around zero.)

The amount they would then owe us would allow us to sell them back into slavery in order to make up the difference. Blacks were born to be slaves of whites. Its the only way they will ever be happy again. The plantations are calling. It is time to come home.

hey thats pretty good gif

thats racist gif

What’s your answer? What must white people do for black people?

4 thoughts on “What Must White People Do For Black People?

  1. “Blacks were born to be slaves of whites. Its the only way they will ever be happy again.”

    Yeah, no thanks.
    Just let them go back to africa and do what they want there. Whites don’t need blacks, slave or otherwise, in their countries.
    Maybe, MAYBE a long time ago they were needed, though i doubt they would have been if they actually paid whites a good amount, they were just looking for cheap labor. Not to mention that most people who brought and owned slaves were jews (whowouldathunk).
    But now we have robotics and technology that will be even more advanced in the years to come. So there’s no need for slavery, not that i agreed to it in the first place.

    • Even if they were re-enslaved there would be some dummy to come along and get them freed again. Actually, what I think we owe them is birth control. I would view the expense of that as similar to the cost of buying bug spray.

      • Instead of those chemtrail jets spraying poison, why not spray Norplant throughout black areas?

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