Lovely Woman Who Protested White Genocide in Video FIRED

carrie bowe

A group of women made a video a few years ago protesting white genocide. One of them was fired on Thursday.

The press is ecstatic to have found what they call a “white supremacist.”

Sadly, Carrie Bowe groveled. She got fired anyway.

Although theoretically the First Amendment guarantees her right of free speech, which the GOVERNMENT cannot interfere with or punish, in reality, if she sues the liberal courts will rule for the state.

I should know. I paid my lawyers almost $200,000 before my case was dismissed just before going to trial.

A number of comments on the source site indicate a belief that the firing of Carrie Bowe was illegal.

Although I’ve posted the video that Carrie Bowe and some other lovely white women made a few years ago, I’ve embedded it again at the bottom of this post so you can see exactly what Carrie said.

Oy vey! As you read to the bottom of the article you’ll see that a prominent Jew is dancing a Bar Mitzvah happy dance over her firing. May God strike him dead!

The (((SPLC))) piles on too, calling a common sense objection to your own genocide “white supremacy.”

WV Gazette-Mail

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey fired a spokeswoman Thursday, after it was revealed that she took part in a video called “THE ‘Stop White Genocide’ Video” that recites slogans of white supremacists.

Carrie Bowe, who was Morrisey’s assistant communications director, appears throughout the video, speaking about white genocide, a white nationalist conspiracy theory that alleges immigration and integration will cause whites to become extinct.

Note the dumbass reporters’ pejorative use of the term conspiracy theory. The story is horribly slanted. Only anti-whites are quoted. Jared Taylor could have done a wonderful job of explaining white genocide, but the biased, bigoted, unfair press isn’t interested.

The YouTube video, first uploaded in December 2012 by someone with the screen name of “Johnny Mantraseed,” boasts that it was banned in 18 countries and was once removed from YouTube. It was re-posted to YouTube in 2013 and has been viewed more than 260,000 times.

Throughout the video, Bowe, who started working for Morrisey in January 2015, repeatedly states, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” a phrase coined by well-known white supremacist Bob Whitaker, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bowe did not respond to phone, email and Facebook messages seeking comment.

A little more than an hour after the Gazette-Mail published a story online about the video Thursday, Morrisey’s office released a statement saying that Bowe “is no longer a member of this office.”

“The employee’s conduct and statements, which occurred years before being employed by the attorney general’s office, were not previously disclosed until today, which is contrary to the transparency requirements for being a member of this office, do not reflect the opinion or the perspective of the attorney general or this office,” Morrisey spokesman Curtis Johnson wrote.

As attorney general, Morrisey is responsible for enforcing civil rights laws. He refused to answer specific question’s about Bowe’s conduct.

Bowe posted an apology on her Facebook page earlier this week, referencing a “project” that “may be offensive and hurtful to some.” She wrote she never intended to hurt anyone and was taking “full ownership of my role in the message.”

“Unfortunately, I did not view the finished edit,” Bowe said on Facebook. “My understanding of the project was not the reality of the completed product or the malice [sic] intentions of its creators.”

Bowe said in her Facebook post that she is “working with all of my power to remove the content.”

At least seven YouTube channels have picked up the video, including one called European American Awakening, which has videos from white supremacist David Duke.

After her firing, Bowe wrote to West Virginia Public Broadcasting, saying that she is “embarrassed and heartbroken” over the video and said she had agreed to do it because she thought its purpose was to “further discussion on race relation from a white perspective.”

“Growing up, you could not question why some races could talk or behave a certain way and it was seen as OK, whereby if the behavior was repeated by a white person, it was automatically racist,” Bowe wrote. “As a child and a teenager, the inability to even question this was confusing and, really, the opposite of the honest dialogue we need to have in order to understand different cultures and their history better.”

In the video, Bowe repeatedly talks about “the ongoing obvious truth about white genocide.” She appears in the video with three other young women, all of whom are dressed in all white.

Neither Bowe nor any of the other women are identified in the video, but five friends and acquaintances of Bowe independently verified that it was her in the video.

“If I tell you the ongoing truth about genocide against my race, the white race, liberals and ‘respectable conservatives’ agree that I’m a Nazi that wants to kill 6 million Jews,” Bowe says in the video.

Bowe also says white children in schools are being misled.

“Throughout elementary school, junior high, high school and college, I was told that my race, the white race, was the cause of all the world’s problems,” Bowe says in the video. “Now, many of you have jobs where minorities say things that would get you as a white person instantly fired.”

The four women ask viewers to “recite The Mantra,” a series of phrases embraced by segregationists.

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for everybody,” another woman in the video says, the first phrase of “The Mantra.”

Bowe continues: “Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every white country, and only white countries, to assimilate, i.e., intermarry with all those non-whites.”

One of the other women in the video echoes that language when she says: “How long would it take anyone to realize, I’m not talking a race problem, I’m talking about the final solution to the black problem?”

The “final solution” was the term for Nazi Germany’s efforts to exterminate Jews across Europe.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which studies and tracks hate groups, called “The Mantra” a “white supremacist idea codified into a few sentences.”

Potok said that the notion of “white genocide” is a “fundamentally neo-Nazi idea.”

“Anyone who is quoting directly from ‘The Mantra’ is doing the equivalent of quoting from a Ku Klux Klan document,” he said. “You just read ‘The Mantra’ and if you don’t understand it’s white supremacy, then maybe you need to go back to school for a while.”

In her recent Facebook post, Bowe said she “would greatly appreciate prayers during this time.”

She wrote that she is “TRULY sorry.”

“P.S.: I sincerely ask should you see something of concern, please don’t pass it along or engage in public conversation on the matter,” Bowe concluded.

Delegate Mike Pushkin, D-Kanawha, said the video offended him “as a Jew, as the representative of the state’s largest African-American community and as a West Virginian.”

“How can any West Virginian believe that they will be equally represented by Patrick Morrisey, their lawyer, when this is the kind of person with whom he surrounds himself?” Pushkin said.

Delegate Sean Hornbuckle, D-Cabell, said Morrisey’s decision to fire Bowe after the story broke was political. Morrisey, a Republican, is running for re-election against Democrat Doug Reynolds.

“He fired somebody because he wants to win an election,” said Hornbuckle, one of only three black lawmakers in the 134-member West Virginia Legislature. “It’s terrible that you have people in your office secretly behind closed doors doing things like this. If your [assistant] communications director feels like that, it shows a lot.”

Bowe, who made $40,000 as a Morrisey aide, served as his acting press secretary in September 2015. She also helped manage his field office staff members.

Before Morrisey hired her, she was member relations director with the conservative Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

16 thoughts on “Lovely Woman Who Protested White Genocide in Video FIRED

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  2. This is why it is essential to never apologize: you have admitted wrongdoing, and then they have an excuse to fire you.

    Make them fire you without cause, then turn around and sue, since the activities were done on your own time and do not reflect on your employer (as you did not identify yourself as so employed).

    If this happens enough, employers will be afraid to fire people for political reasons, since it could cost them $2-5 million like the discrimination lawsuits. And that would be a good thing.

  3. Nothing wrong with that video at all. (((They))) hate the truth being told. That’s the problem. Stop White people speaking publicly.

    Put it to a black, Asian, Jew, Moslem whoever and ask them what the problem is. I doubt you will get an answer. Just the usual one word abuse. Probably.

    So any black, Asian, Jew, Moslem, SPLC, state agent trolls here (yes we know you are here). Tell us what is wrong with that video. Without resorting to the usual abuse.

  4. Guarantee Morrisey has his sights set upon a higher office. He’ll never garner juggaboo support with such a thing even remotely attached to him. Juggaboos do not forgive or forget, revenge is their game, and the worse the better. They’ll live with child molestation, murderers, thieves, con artists, drug dealers, perverts and liars but do not violate their first commandment. Thou shalt not suffer a racist to live. Even if they can’t define racist. It’s merely the appearance which matters.

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  6. Good video. It is so true. It is tragic that so few white people even agree with it. Irony – last frame says that firing those who tell this truth is also genocide – this young woman has been racially genocided by the Jews. She should now become a welfare bum and have lots of white children. She is dumb iif she thought she could mention the Holy Six Million in a detrimental way and get away with it! Nobody slanders the Holy Six Million imaginary dead and ever works again! If you do it from the safety of Iraq or Libya ((we)) will destroy the whole country!

    Horrible (((MSM))) reporting with all the usual lies and insults. David Duke is not a white supremacist and he clearly states this, again and again. Yet they smear him with this blatant lie and slogan of the left. There are no white Supremacists. There are only Jew Supremacists, a label (slogan) you will never read in any MSM outlet.

    “recites slogans of white supremacists.” No there are no white supremacists. There are only Jew Supremacists and a small number of Black Supremacists and some Chinese Supremacists. While whites, Jews and blacks fight, the Chinese will quietly take over the management of the world. I predicted this 20 years ago. It will happen and the first thing they (Chinks) will do is end the Welfare State. Black birthrates will plummet when the Chinese run the world. No workie, no eatie.

    Many slogans in the video are actually those of the left! More diversity needed etc, which the video exposes. They are not all slogans of the right. Black Pride is a mantra while White Pride is a criminal slogan.

    From now on I will refer to “White supremacy” as a slogan of the (((Left))) if not “vile spew” (what kind of spew is not vile?).

    I wonder if even a “slogan” like White Survival could be a crime these days?

  7. This woman realized the error of what she had gotten involved with. She apologized and said she never intended to hurt anyone. I believe her. Now, here all of you are making her apology look like nothing. Leave her alone, stop pushing the envelope, and respect what she said. How dare you make people look at her another way. I blame you, not her.

    • In a race war, you’d better pick a side. And if you think the nonwhite side is going to give you any credit for supporting them, you’re mistaken. The leading leftist in South Africa, a white man who fought against apartheid and justice for blacks, was brutally murdered by them. His last words were, “But I tried to free you,” or something like that.

      We didn’t fire her. I’ve seen others like her hounded out of being able to work for years as the left hunts down “racists” like her. The apologies offered by whites are NEVER accepted by the left. Wake up. She will never work again. We’re not bothering her, but the left sure will as they get her fired again and again in the future.

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