Everyone is Missing the Big TRUTH about the Black Quarterback Who Won’t Stand for the Anthem


This post from August 27 was published as the story of Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem was breaking.

Many white people found it odd that a football celebrity whose contract calls for him to be paid $120 million would consider that blacks are oppressed.

My first thoughts were that Kaepernick is an a**hole who should go back to Africa. Those thoughts are in the title of the post.

Since the story broke, its true significance has been revealed on black Twitter (and I assume on black Facebook).


Here’s a small sample of them:

Like Obama, Kapernick is a mulatto, the offspring of a Negro male and a white female. His black father ran out on him and his mother. He was adopted by a white family who may have encouraged him to feel hatred toward whites if they are the typical liberals. Like Obama, he is also a Muslim, having recently converted to that vile excuse for a religion.

In spite of a white mother and white adoptive parents, Kaepernick identifies as black. The old one drop rule is confirmed again. In Kaepernick’s case he’s also covered in tattoos, which makes him look like a paroled felon.

And so blacks have another hero who is not of purely African ethnicity. Another hero who hates the country.

This is getting tiresome.

But at least it’s out in the open now that millions of blacks either hate the country or out of racial solidarity will back a black who does hate the country.

13 thoughts on “Everyone is Missing the Big TRUTH about the Black Quarterback Who Won’t Stand for the Anthem

  1. I think it’s good that this nigger did what he did. It demonstrates clearly that he is an enemy. The more that niggers show that they are enemies the better. Whites are so slow on the up take in realising that these creatures can never be their fellow citizens. No matter how the ‘nice’ niggers behave whites need to realise that it is only a façade in the vast majority of cases. Separation from them is the only answer and the more of them who demonstrate that they are radically different from whites the better. Eventually, a majority of whites will understand and demand permanent separation from this primitive race of savages.

  2. Separation IS the only answer, these “people” are hateful savages and there is not a jot of difference between an Affirmative action law professor and the typical murdering hood rat, they all hate whitey. The 50 year experiment at integration has failed as a lot of people predicted it would. How can we live with a people that hate us ?

  3. Many of his tattoos are Christian symbols. The cross, Jesus, and the like. Previously, he was a church going Christian. What happened? Communism in schools, media, entertainment!

    Not excusing him, he can think for himself, but it’s obvious, many blacks have been brainwashed.

  4. Reblogged this on Countenance Blog and commented:
    Sab’s post this morning is another demonstration of the folly of the concept of a proposition nation. If a country is defined purely in credal terms, its flag also represents a creed. But it also means that those who disagree with the creed, or, like Colin Kaepernick, think that the creed is either a false promise or isn’t being implemented quickly enough or equitably enough, aren’t going to pledge allegiance to that flag, being mindful of the fact that the our Pledge of Allegiance is also a credal invocation and imperative. Now, if I had my way, the American flag would have blood-and-soil implications, and it would still live people like him out. But that’s not the point: The point is that we’re told that credal and proposition nations are inclusive, blood-and-soil nations are not.

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