Black Facebook and Twitter Disagree with Paladin

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You may remember the story of the Black Attack that left a poor white girl gang raped, dead, and fed to alligators. It was posted a couple of days ago.

Since then, the number of visitors to the site has doubled, with many of them being ladies and gentlemen of color and others possibly being Jews or white leftists.

The comments from our new visitors are mostly within the BLACK ATTACK piece, but a few have gone into the About page and the Race Realism page.

If you have an interest in engaging in that “conversation about race” that liberals suggest we have, now’s your chance. Follow the commenting rules and be polite.

slaves in africa today

6 thoughts on “Black Facebook and Twitter Disagree with Paladin

  1. I have no desire to have a “conversation” with assholes who wish to see me, and all other white people, dead. They immediately go on a personal attack, refusing to engage in a reasoned argument. And why should I/we be polite, when they start calling me/us names? If they can’t engage in civil discourse, fuck ’em. Just block the trolls, you’ll have much less anxiety and will live longer.

    • True, there is no logic to what they say, which is usually that white people are bad too and that we do most of the crime. Plus they often reference ancient Egypt, a black civilization (according to them), to prove how intelligent they are.

      I do trash the nasty comments, some of which probably come from blacks and some from white liberals.

  2. We have only the truth while they have the numbers. In Rwanda the 6 million killed the one million fairly easily. It did not matter that the one million killed were the best and most intelligent in that country. Same thing in Cambodia, thanks to (((Henry Kissinger))) policies.
    Humanity has done a lot of advancing for ten thousand years or more. Now, in only one hundred years of Jew control, Humanity has dramatically reversed course.
    In the Soviet Union (which everybody now calls Russia), China and Cambodia, mass murder of the best was undertaken by the worst. Just like Rwanda but mostly forgotten now because the Soviet killers were Jews. In Cambodia and China the killers followed the genocidal advice of the Jew filth, Karl Marx.
    In the Soviet Union Jews and criminals ran that large place in to the ground for over seventy miserable years. At the end of it all the Jews stole all the wealth, the same Jews that were the leaders during Communism.

    The left is a weird and shaky alliance throughout, between feminists, LGBTs, Africans and Muslims, Jews, non whites in general, Christian do gooders and atheist do badders. single mothers, welfare bludgers, work shy, drug addicts, criminals, psychopaths, panhandlers, bums, homeless, billionaires. Many of these groups hate each other much more than they hate white people. So I do not think the future is bright. The welfare state will collapse as will large nations like the USA, Russia and others in to much smaller countries. Then, one day we will just be tribes again. Then the remaining Coons will go back up the trees. Evolution followed by devolution. The program is already in full swing. In one hundred years half the word poopulation will be black Africans (yuk), unless something good happens to stop this.

    PS I never comment on sites run by and for Coons, Lezzos, Anarchists and Poofters. CLAP. So what right do those folks have to come here and annoy us? We are talking about them, not to them.

    • Great recitation of history, Robert, and a frightening vision you have of the future.

      I think the reason that blacks come here is because they feel empowered to do so by Twitter and Facebook, where racial barriers to topics apparently do not exist. I think there is value in seeing their remarks, which are superficial and sometimes zany. We don’t go to their sites because we don’t care about them or what they have to say. I do send the worst of the comments to the trash, following the comments policy.

  3. Holly crap Paladin, what did you do to “RIGHTEOUS” again? Obviously something “inconceivable” did upset Left insects that vermin came buzzing on your blog.

    I will take a chance and cast a bit disorderly some of my ad-hoc composed thoughts.

    Left dogma is like a hornets’ nest, you poke it and all the hell opens. Alt-Right is poking in this vile dogma and vibrating Lefty insects are “turning themselves off” a mass – they are “humbly willing” to “explain” the “truth” by trying to mock “infidel” Alt-Right. As it happens, some insects from time to time try to crap on this blog too.

    Left’s main weapons are Mass Deception and Mass Destruction, where Communism (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others) serve as the best evidence. Nowadays, complex conglomerate of (((PTB))) with subordinated Plutocracy and dogmatic servants is just successor of seemingly late Communist Globalism. Red flag has been abandoned, but Corporately modified commie-formula remained.

    Recently PJ posted a strong inspirational quote – “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it lose. It will defend itself” – which is why Lefties (utterly degenerate state of mind), hate the truth more than anything else. It makes them frantic, hysteric, mad, etc. – they literally chimp out when “impertinently” faced with.

    Be it lion or not, the truth has to be defended from the herds of Lefty hyenas.

    Hyena is predominantly scavenger, while Lefty hyenas scavenge on a destruction inflicted by them, which is what they are doing everywhere, under pretext of progress. The most “progressive” Left project is of course infamous multiculturalism.

    When we deal with themes about Races, Nations and ethnicity, although often unfair for individuals, emphasize is on GENERAL, particularly when we are facing large numbers.
    In the whole developed part of the world Negroids for instance are unnecessary species. They had purpose as agricultural tools in previous centuries, but now? I have no idea what purpose they might have had in Africa and why Mother Nature created them at all, but it’s up to her. I fully comply with her wisdom of placing them in Africa, and Africa only.

    Multiculturalism is an artificial political project in a strong collision with fundamental biological principles on which Mother Nature (God to believers) created everything. To our planet we Humans are just living organisms, no better no worse from others, and I doubt that we are supposed to whimsically negate the laws of our Mother Nature.

    In a conflict with Left, I am prone to count on the Mother Nature laws in helping us from this multicultural madness. We know that our body rejects any foreign object that penetrates our skin or is implanted by any other means, which is a normal defensive reaction. Same as a healthy body rejects foreign objects, presumably healthy Race too is supposed to reject alien Races. Awareness of our identity is our immune system, and if such awareness is gone, we become defenseless, exposed to all kinds of trans-Racial infections.

    Two AIDS diseases exist nowadays in a strange correlation. The first one is known as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, where chimpanzees supposedly were identified as the source of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection in humans. This one is biological.

    The second one, Lefty AIDS disease is psychological – (Acquired Identity-Deficiency Syndrome), where the source of this HIV (Human Identity-Deficiency Virus) is artificially and ill-intently spread on low-resisting Whites as a mental infect. We are witnessing how carefully orchestrated diversity-infection is currently running with at least 300 miles per hour and will soon reach supersonic speed if it will not be stopped.

    Europe is the continent of autochthone nations and every nation represents identity of her people. America has been created by Europeans (Anglo-Saxons predominantly) and European ancestry for sure has significant role for the identity of Traditional White Americans (Real Americans actually). If you lose your identity you become easy handled nobody, which is why (((PTB))) are working so hard on the mongrelization of Racial and National appurtenance of White people.

    We know why (((PTB))) are doing this, but why Liberally marinated ordinary masses comply with this vile genocidal agenda is beyond comprehension. Even bacteria has some defensive mechanisms for the purpose of own survival and hastily develops new ones if necessary. Hence, can we conclude that Liberals are below of even bacterial intellectual levels? It seems they are.

    Although (((PTB))) as a multicultural control room are the epicenter of all Earthly woes, to us, far from the centers of decision makings, Negroids and Muslims are the subject of our main concern, because they like insects (Whites=Agriculture – Negroids=Insects) flood our physical space and we interact with them daily. Annoyance of their presence in our lives could be compared with annoyance from the vermin that affects our comfort. In fighting vermin we use repellants, insecticides and even mechanical devices like fly killing rackets or “fly fuckers” to get rid of nuisance.

    The point is that until the problem with Left retards remains unsolved, solely fighting incoming vermin would have no effect. How to cure Left liberal retardance is a subject of separate study.

    Paladin, if you don’t mind I would paste the same post in the section “Race Realism”, where some comedian pen named as ” J Rock” left his seriously derailed “elaborate” on – ” European predominately ”black” history” – “Genius” must be some Al Sharpfart’s history student. I have to “admit”, his “discoveries” left me “deeply impressed”.

    • Yes, I let these eccentrics with their black history theories comment. It shows how deranged some of them are.

      I don’t know how certain creatures find the site. I assume it’s on Facebook or Twitter. Most of the logic thrown out is of the white people do more crime than we do, or white people are evil because they made us slaves. Blacks are in denial about how criminal many of their own are. They don’t seem to have the smarts to get it.

      A new reader, Scared White Woman, has left a long comment on the race realism page. Take a look and if you’re in the mood, welcome her. I’ve already done so. She sadly knows diversity up close and is a race realist.

      I like your comparison of Negroids to insects. As we sometimes see in the news they can swarm like locusts.

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