Bakery Faces Boycott from Normal People for Turning Ken Doll into a Chick with a D*ck

ken doll transgender

The social justice warrior vibe is all over this story from Metro News.

A bakery has been bombarded with homophobic abuse after creating a cake with a transgender Ken doll, wearing a dress.

The custom-made birthday cake shows Ken wearing a pink dress, floral sash and jewellery made completely from icing.

But after Freeport Bakery in California posted the image on their Facebook page, the staff received an onslaught of homophobic messages from people who saw the cake as a political statement.

One customer wrote: ‘I will never call you for a cake ever, again, and I am throwing your cards to the garbage.’

Another said: ‘You can dress up a plastic doll but sorry to burst your bubble. A person’s DNA determines their sex.’

Co-owner of the bakery in Sacramento, Marlene Goetzeler, told the Huffington Post she was shocked by the level of abuse.

She said: ‘I don’t ask people why they’re buying a cake. I don’t say, “Are you gay? Are you transgender?” It’s not something that comes up.

‘We’ve done a lot of same-sex marriage cakes ― we’ve done them for years. We’ve done these Ken cakes before, but it’s the first time I posted it.’

The vile comments have since been removed and in a pleasant turn of events, the bakery has been sent messages of support from across the globe.

Marlene said despite the social media frenzy, the bakery will not change the way it does business.

‘We’re in the business of spreading joy ― that’s what we do. We make cakes that people love, and that’s what we’ll continue to do,’ she added.

freeport bakery sacramento

Christians in Sacramento should go to the bakery and order a “Jesus hates fags” cake. If the bakery refuses, then sue for discrimination.

9 thoughts on “Bakery Faces Boycott from Normal People for Turning Ken Doll into a Chick with a D*ck

  1. Maybe the makers of Ken should speak up and voice their displeasure. It’s an ideal opportunity for some sabotage.

    Here are a few names to lay with….

    ” auntie – bear – bender – bottom – bum bandit – bum chum – bumder – bummer – butch – butt hugger – carpet muncher – catcher – chaser – chickenhawk – chicken hawk – cub – drag king – dyke – fag – faggot – Fairy – femme – flamer – fruit – gay – gaylord – girlfriend – GLBT – hasbian – homo – homo thug – in the closet – jobby jabber – lemon – lez – lipstick lesbian – minge muncher – mo – nellie – nelly – Peter Puffer – pole smoker – poof – Poofter – power top – puff – queer – shirt lifter – sister – versatile – wasbian”

    Off topic: I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Noting Hill Shoot and Stab festival…guess who lives there ?

    “London’s Notting Hill Carnival is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but among the colorful costumes and vibrant music have been four stabbings – one of which left a 15-year-old fighting for his life in hospital. Over 400 people have sought medical help. ”

    Only four people stabbed so far. They’re improving.

    • I was going to run a set of pics from the festival, posted under the title of “Guess Where?” Then I got busy on other posts and forgot. It looks like Africa or the Caribbean, but it’s London. Disgusting.

      Thanks for the list of vocabulary. I usually use turd burglar, but Peter Puffer is pretty descriptive too.

      • Yes, what’s even more sickening is the Police get involved in twerking. I don’t expect uncivilized people to have any self respect. I do expect Police Officers to show self restraint.

        Is this being talked about on a local website in Freeport, California, Perhaps we could persuade locals to indulge in some sabotage ?

  2. It’s not a “chick with a dick.”
    It’s a dude with fake tits.

    Don’t play their game and use their nomenclature.
    Call (whatever the subject is) it out in spades, using their terminology and linguistics is a losing battle.
    Every single time.

    • I like the term “chicks with dicks” because it shocks and offends transgenders and the PC crowd. My students taught me the term, and believe me the administration would have expelled them if they had heard them say that.

      I get your point though. I’ve made that point many times–trannies are men, not trans women, or whatever trendy slogan the left comes up with.

      • Unfortunately, the PC crowd has now embraced, in their deviancy, the term “chicks with dicks.”
        They revel in it and use it to rub our collective noses in it.
        I would postulate that at this point it is even more horrific to the PC crowd to call them what they really are.

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