An Open Letter to Carrie Bowe


carrie bowe

A post in which I reach out to Carrie Bowe, the white woman fired for telling the the truth about white genocide.

Link to post on Carrie Bowe’s firing.

Dear Carrie,

My condolences to you on the recent loss of your job.

You’re now a national disgrace, if the press and your boss at the Attorney General’s office are to be believed. To get real, telling the truth today is often enough to cause a person to become a national disgrace in the eyes of many.

And make no mistake, Carrie. What you did in 2010 by making the video was tell the truth.

You see, our corrupt system here in America has pushed a secular religion upon us. It’s called egalitarianism.

Government, the press, the entertainment industry, and academia have adopted that secular religion and promote it as truth.

Like in days of yore when heretics were punished by the church, so it is today. You won’t be drawn and quartered, but they will try to destroy you emotionally and strip you of your integrity.

Deviate from the egalitarian doctrine and you’ll be fired, smeared in the press, and may never be able to find a job again.

It doesn’t matter how much you apologize or say you’re sorry.

Those who are in charge of overseeing the destruction of heretics are not good people. Their hearts are black and filled with hate. They in a word are psychopaths.

You can never please a psychopath.

I too was fired and smeared a decade ago. I haven’t worked since. Thus, I’m not speaking to you from theory, but from experience.

I would suggest you change your name and your appearance, but the egalitarian movement has a history of tracking people down and getting them fired from their new jobs.

If this sounds bleak and pessimistic, it is.

If it helps, you are a martyr for truth.

When you appeared in the video that caused you to be fired, you were speaking the truth. The truth is always righteous.

The words you spoke about white genocide are not hateful. The truth is never hateful.

To repeat, the truth is always righteous and never hateful.

Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you it is.

I’m sorry that during your ordeal you recanted the truth. Did you know that you’re in good company? Look up Galileo’s recantation.

This great scientist had written that the earth revolves around the sun, which is true. But the church taught that the sun revolves around the earth. Upon threat of punishment, Galileo retracted his statement of the truth.

Galileo’s recantation is considered one of the worst episodes in the history of man’s efforts to be free to speak the truth.

Carrie, if you continue to distance yourself from the truth about white genocide, I will understand and not condemn you. I will be disappointed, of course. I’m always disappointed when people give in to tyranny.

Thus, let me offer an alternate course of action. Reclaim the truth.

Use your soapbox to proclaim the truth about white genocide.

Tell all about the unfairness of your firing. Speak about the hate you’ve experienced. Tell the truth about the hatred of whites in America today, based on your experience.

Your life will never be the same. You can’t go back. The egalitarian psychopaths who control America won’t let you.

There are some people who can help you begin a new chapter in your life. Some of the people, including women, who comment here can offer you sound advice.

Do not be discouraged. There are many ho admire and will stand with you.

Good luck and Godspeed. Post a comment here if there’s any way we can help you.


Paladin Justice

23 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Carrie Bowe

  1. Carrie makes good people proud, at least the ones who haven’t been programmed. Unfortunately truth is bought and threatened easily and I don’t think any less of her for that. The fact is humanity is always battling a great and powerful evil, so much so the creator had to come down and pay a price so graet to defeat it. Knowing its days are numbered evil is in high gear. For thousands of years it has been building the matrix of deception. One of those deceptions is that we are alone in a vast universe with a sun 90 million miles away that created life by chance with no one to turn to except the psychopaths that run the fake financial systems that plunders the world.Reality has been constructed upside down in the 20th century and it took a lot of fiat currency to make it happen.Smart people know these things and like Carrie her voice is squelched. We don’t live on a ball that spins 1000 miles per hour traveling thru space at 60,000 miles per hour. Simple experiments and observations will reveal the bible correct that we live on a fixed immovable plane. Samual Rowbothem did the experiments and revealed the truth that the earth CANNOT be round. But our classrooms all have globes and NASA gives us pictures on TV…..programming us from birth….(now they have us believe that there are aliens who are coming to fix things I guess they changed their minds we aren’t alone) constructing our reality without having to prove it. The globe has been debunked but the voice is to weak to be heard. Paladin is a truther on a quest as are many of us who have only small voices. One day millions people will be forced to really take a look at reality. That will happen when the man made reality comes crashing down. It must because the sandy lies that supports it will someday begin to shift.

    • Please explain how the Sun can set without getting smaller…. While I am quite skeptical of heliocentrism, “Flat Earth” is pure disinformation.

    • MRS Bowe doest deserve any condolences. I was born in 1967. So how does any white southerner or northerner for that matter deserve condolences. What she did, she learned from her raicist parents and family. As a child – she was yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs about integration because her parents were and were encouraged by those same parents. Her family would be at Klan pic-nics and so would she. She aint much younger than I am. Does Bowe think that there weren’t Black and White People that can’t identify her, that can’t testify to her upbringing? If she thinks this – she is incredibly stupid.

      Religion doesn’t have a damned thing to do with this. Deuteronomy, Liviticus and Exodus was broken and disregarded 400 years ago – 100 times over. Bowe deserves no condolences – she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and it was on purpose.

  2. My own eyes, without any telescope or binoculars, tell me that the earth is round. The moon and sun are round. When the earth eclipses the moon the round earth can be seen moving across the face of the moon. I have seen this.
    When the moon is dark the orange glow from Earth shine can be seen easily, I see it most months especially if away from the big city. This Earth shine could not happen if the earth was flat because the angle would never bounce light on to the moon when the observer is in nighttime.
    Lots of other things like this which every cave man could see with his own eyes. When I stand on a cliff of only 30 meters or more and look out to sea, I can see the curve of the earth easily, the ocean curves. The Church knew the earth was round, They were not fools but rather control freaks, One Ancient Greek accurately calculated the diameter of the earth, within one thousand miles or so. . Thus burning astronomers for telling the truth was not very nice. Some were burned and that is why Galileo recanted.
    The essence of religion is lies, in my opinion.
    I prefer philosophers who say “These are my ideas, live them and have a good life”.
    Whereas a religious fraudster says “These are Gods Commandments revealed only to me. Obey them or be burn in Hell for eternity (or be killed now as with the Muslim faith)”.
    The modern compulsory religion is Jewish Atheism/Cultural Marxism which is forced on to almost all people of the world. Multiculturalism, invasion by dark skins, fast breeding of the worst and stupidest people, genocide and destruction of the best people and so on.

    The Jews know that Carrie is also telling the truth about White Genocide. Making her recant for telling the truth is just like the Church of the Middle Ages or the Barbarian Muslim faith of today.

    “There is nothing new under the Sun”.

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  4. Lots of disinfo here today. Shouldn’t have brought up Galileo. Galileo also believed the tides were the result of the earth’s movement around the sun. He was wrong. He also wasn’t a revolutionary. Heliocentrism was already accepted even by the Church. His proofs were wrong. And his trial was over politics not science vs religion.

    And astronomers burned at the stake? Name two.

    • Will these two do Dusquene Whistler ?

      “Beginning in 1593, Bruno was tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition on charges including denial of several core Catholic doctrines (including Eternal Damnation, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the virginity of Mary, and Transubstantiation). Bruno’s pantheism was also a matter of grave concern.[4] The Inquisition found him guilty, and he was burned at the stake in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori in 1600. After his death, he gained considerable fame, being particularly celebrated by 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who regarded him as a martyr for science,[5] although historians have debated the extent to which his heresy trial was a response to his astronomical views or to other aspects of his philosophy and theology.[6][7][8][9][10] Bruno’s case is still considered a landmark in the history of free thought and the emerging sciences.”

      “Michael Servetus (/sərˈviːtəs/; Spanish: Miguel Serveto), also known as Miguel Servet, Miguel Serveto, Revés, or Michel de Villeneuve (29 September 1509 or 1511 – 27 October 1553), was a Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer, and Renaissance humanist. He was the first European to correctly describe the function of pulmonary circulation, as discussed in Christianismi Restitutio (1553). He was a polymath versed in many sciences: mathematics, astronomy and meteorology, geography, human anatomy, medicine and pharmacology, as well as jurisprudence, translation, poetry and the scholarly study of the Bible in its original languages. He is renowned in the history of several of these fields, particularly medicine and theology. He participated in the Protestant Reformation, and later developed a nontrinitarian Christology. Condemned by Catholics and Protestants alike, he was arrested in Geneva and burnt at the stake as a heretic by order of the city’s Protestant governing council.”

      I’ll see if I can dig anything else up.

      PS… like yourself, we’re skeptics and get called some shocking names for disputing the official narrative.

    • I don’t claim this lot are all astronomers, but there must be a few in there.

      “List of people burned as heretics”

      ” Roman Catholic Countries
      Ramihrdus of Cambrai (1076 or 1077) (lynched)
      Peter of Bruys († 1130) (lynched)
      Gerard Segarelli († 1300)
      Maifreda da († 1300)
      Andrea Saramiti († 1300)
      Fra Dolcino († 1307) (never tried by Catholic Church), Italy
      Sister Margherita († 1307), Italy
      Brother Longino († 1307), Italy
      Marguerite Porete († 1310), Paris, France
      Botulf Botulfsson († 1311), the only known person executed for heresy in Sweden
      Jacques de Molay (1243–1314), burned after conviction by a tribunal under the control of King Philip IV of France, Paris, France
      Geoffroi de Charney († 1314), burned with Jacques de Molay above, Paris, France.
      Guilhèm Belibasta († 1321), last Cathar, Villerouge-Termenès, France
      Cecco d’Ascoli († 1327), Florence, Italy
      Francesco da Pistoia († 1337)
      Lorenzo Gherardi († 1337)
      Bartolomeo Greco († 1337)
      Bartolomeo da Bucciano († 1337)
      Antonio Bevilacqua († 1337)
      William Sawtre († 1401), Smithfield, London, England
      John Badby († 1410), Smithfield, London, England
      Jan Hus (1371–1415), Constance, Germany
      Jerome of Prague (1365–1416)
      William Taylor († 1423), Smithfield, London, England
      St. Joan of Arc (1412–1431), Trial of Joan of Arc, Rouen, France
      Thomas Bagley († 1431), Smithfield, London, England
      Pavel Kravař († 1433)
      Joan Boughton († 1494), Smithfield, London, England
      Girolamo Savonarola († 1498), Florence, Italy
      Joshua Weißöck (1488–1498)
      Ipswich Martyrs († 1515–1558)
      Jean Vallière († 1523)
      Hendrik Voes († 1523), 1st martyr in the Seventeen Provinces
      Jan van Essen († 1523), 1st martyr in the Seventeen Provinces
      Jan de Bakker († 1525), 1st martyr in the Northern Netherlands
      Wendelmoet Claesdochter († 1527), 1st Dutch woman charged and burned for the accusation of heresy
      Michael Sattler († 1527), Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany
      Patrick Hamilton († 1528), St Andrews, Scotland
      Balthasar Hubmaier (1485–1528), Vienna, Austria
      George Blaurock (1491–1529), Klausen, Tyrol
      Hans Langegger († 1529), Klausen, Tyrol
      Giovanni Milanese († 1530)
      Thomas Hitton († 1530), Maidstone, England
      Richard Bayfield († 1531), Smithfield, England
      Thomas Benet († 1531), Exeter, England
      Thomas Bilney († 1531), Norwich, England
      Joan Bocher († 1531), Smithfield, England
      Thomas Harding († 1532), Chesham, England
      James Bainham († 1532), Smithfield, England
      John Frith (1503–1533), Smithfield, England
      William Tyndale (1490–1536), Belgium
      Jakob Hutter († 1536), Innsbruck, Tyrol
      Aefgen Listincx († 1538), Münster, Germany
      John Forest († 1538), Smithfield, England
      Francisco de San Roman († 1540), Spain
      Étienne Dolet (1509–1546), Paris, France
      Giandomenico dell’ Aquila († 1542)
      Henry Filmer († 1543), Windsor, England
      Robert Testwood († 1543), Windsor, England
      Anthony Pearson († 1543), Windsor, England
      Maria van Beckum († 1544)
      Ursula van Beckum († 1544)
      Colchester Martyrs († 1545 to 1558), 26 people, Colchester, England
      George Wishart (1513–1546), St Andrews, Scotland
      Bartolomeo Hector († 1555)
      Paolo Rappi († 1555)
      Vernon Giovanni († 1555)
      Labori Antonio († 1555)
      John Hooper († 1555), Gloucester, England
      John Rogers († 1555), London, England
      Canterbury Martyrs († 1555–1558), c.40 people, Canterbury, England
      Laurence Saunders, (1519–1555), Coventry, England
      Rowland Taylor († 1555), Hadleigh, Suffolk, England
      Cornelius Bongey, († 1555), Coventry, England
      Dirick Carver, († 1555), Lewes, England
      Robert Ferrar († 1555), Carmarthen, Wales
      William Flower († 1555), Westminster, England
      Patrick Pakingham († 1555), Uxbridge, England
      Hugh Latimer (1485–1555), Oxford, England
      Robert Samuel († 1555), Ipswich, England

      Burning of Latimer and Ridley, Oxford, 1555

      Nicholas Ridley (1500–1555), Oxford, England
      John Bradford († 1555), London, England
      John Cardmaker († 1555), Smithfield, London, England
      Robert Glover († 1555), Coventry, England
      Thomas Hawkes († 1555), Coggeshall, England
      Thomas Tomkins († 1555), Smithfield, London, England
      Thomas Cranmer (1489–1556), Oxford, England
      Stratford Martyrs († 1556), 11 men and 2 women, Stratford, London, England
      Guernsey Martyrs († 1556), 3 women, Guernsey, Channel Islands
      Joan Waste († 1556), Derby, England
      Bartlet Green († 1556), Smithfield, London, England
      John Hullier († 1556), Cambridge, England
      John Forman († 1556), East Grinstead, England
      Pomponio Algerio († 1556) Boiled in oil, Rome
      Nicola Sartonio († 1557)
      Alexander Gooch and Alice Driver († 1558), Ipswich, England
      Fra Goffredo Varaglia († 1558)
      Gisberto di Milanuccio († 1558)
      Francesco Cartone († 1558)
      Antonio di Colella († 1559)
      Antonio Gesualdi († 1559)
      Giacomo Bonello († 1560)
      Mermetto Savoiardo († 1560)
      Dionigi di Cola († 1560)
      Gian Pascali di Cuneo († 1560)
      Bernardino Conte († 1560)
      Giorgio Olivetto († 1567)
      Leonor de Cisneros († 1568), Valladolid, Spain
      Luca di Faenza († 1568)
      Thomas Szük (1522–1568)
      Bartolomeo Bartoccio († 1569)
      Dirk Willems († 1569), Netherlands
      Fra Arnaldo di Santo Zeno († 1570)
      Alessandro di Giacomo († 1574)
      Benedetto Thomaria († 1574)
      Francisco de la Cruz ((† 1578), Lima, Peru
      Diego Lopez (martyr)|Diego Lopez († 1583)
      Gabriello Henriquez († 1583)
      Borro of Arezzo († 1583)
      Ludovico Moro († 1583)
      Pietro Benato († 1585)
      Francesco Gambonell († 1594)
      Marcantonio Valena († 1594)
      Giovanni Antonio da Verona († 1599)
      Fra Celestino († 1599)
      Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), Rome, Italy
      Maurizio Rinaldi († 1600)
      Bartolomeo Coppino († 1601)
      Lucilio Vanini (Giulio Cesare Vanini) (1585–1619), Toulouse, France
      Kimpa Vita (1684–1706), Angola
      Maria Barbara Carillo (1625–1721), Madrid, Spain
      María de los Dolores López († 1781), Seville, Spain

      The book “Acts and Monuments” by John Foxe, commonly known as Foxe’s Book of Martyrs lists many more than this.”

      “Protestant Countries
      Robert Barnes († 1540), Smithfield, London, England
      Thomas Gerrard († 1540), Smithfield, England
      Anne Askew (1521–1546), Smithfield, England
      John Lascelles († 1546), Smithfield, England
      John Adams († 1546), Smithfield, England
      Joan Bocher († 1550), Smithfield, England
      George van Parris († 1551), Smithfield, England
      Matthew Hamont († 1579), Norwich, England
      John Lewes († 1583)
      Peter Cole († 1587)
      Francis Kett († 1589), Norwich, England
      Bartholomew Legate (1575–1612), Smithfield, England
      Edward Wightman (1566–1612), relapsed heretic, Lichfield, England
      Malin Matsdotter (1613–1676), for witchcraft, Stockholm, Sweden

      Should keep you busy.

  5. osculum inflame, I can give you three points observation. 1) at high noon look at the sun without burning out your retinas. then six hours later look at the sunset and enjoy it. why cant you stare at it at high noon. it is because the sun is local and not 93 million miles away. if it was millions of miles away, 6k miles would make no difference in brightness.and like an airliner flying over head it will set on the horizon just like the sun as it moves away.
    2) take good pair of binoculars go to the beach on a clear day and look for boats or islands or lighthouses.if you can see any of those three at 30 miles away then the water must be flat as water always is the true flat and level. the math is 8″x mileage x mileage for a sphere with a radius of 4000 miles. the math is 10″ on lake superior so the drop would be even sharper.
    3) this one will take some patience. on new years day go outside and look up at the sky. look for any star pattern and take picture or commit it to memory or draw out an obvious pattern. now go back into your home. come back out six months later and you will find the same pattern. in the helio model, you should not be able to see the same group of stars because the earth has just traveled 200 million miles and is now facing in the exact opposite side of the universe.

    the sun is outside our atmosphere(dome). it might be made up of the van allen belts or even water I don’t know. if the suns rays pass thru it at a variety of angles on a humid summer day it can look bigger even tho its further away. why does the moon look so big sometimes when its further away? most of working stiffs don’t have time to really search out the things be cause we are running the rat race and paying bills busy with our lives. we have learned to rely on others to educate us. and they lie to us telling us things that are not true even tho they may believe it themselves. teachers are busy people too who rely on others. be always open minded and skeptical at the same time. let truth be the lion sit back and watch it devour

  6. My heart goes out to Carrie. I hope she finds a way to become a spokesperson for free speech and the White Genocide movement as both are sorely needed.

  7. Paladin, I just saw this today through a link from Cartier’s site, Stand Up or Die, and I am very much impressed both with Carrie and with you.

    It takes a special breed to broadcast truth, and those opposed to the truth want to replace it with their own fables in order to forcibly control the minds and the activities of those who should be more courageous White men and women, but who have been beaten down by complacency. Those who take the burden of countering the fables are people who should be commended. Carrie has helped, just as you have, Paladin, and your going further to commend her, to spread her truths and to encourage her goes further than so many other White people presently do, and that complacency among our own people needs to change among Whites. It’s necessary to do if the evils of the people and the system that have been emplaced is ever to be overcome. Needed changes will never happen “politically”, but it will happen by complacency and acceptance being eradicated among our own people.

    Thanks to both of you.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I never know when I’ll hear from someone featured on the site. Right now, she’s probably still laying low, but eventually maybe she’ll see the post and respond in a positive way.

      • Paladin Justice, this woman realized the error of what she had gotten involved with. She apologized and said she never intended to hurt anyone. She said she didn’t view the final edit, and I believe her. Now, here all of you are making her apology look like nothing. Leave her alone, stop pushing the envelope, and respect what she said. How dare you make people look at her in another way. You are using her to push your own agenda. We all see that, and you should be ashamed. She made me proud when she apologized, which she should have done. I blame you, and those supporting your one-sided view, for the negativity created by this situation, not her. Ms. Bowe will be fine. We all go through situations that we would rather not have experienced, some more openly than others, but it all happens for a reason, and that reason is for her alone. It’s not for you to use it for your own purposes. Go away, and stop perpetuating divisiveness. This country has enough of that to go around.

      • As you might know if you did some research instead of using liberal talking points, the alt-right is a defensive response to the 50 year attack on individual rights guaranteed not by the Constitution, but by natural law. If you want to observe divisiveness, look at Black Lives Matter. Look at Brian Ogle who was nearly beaten to death by a black mob last Friday night because he had written “Blue Lives Matter” on his Facebook. At age 17, he’s probably permanently disabled, suffering from brain damage. If he lives.

        If you, madam, are white, according to Hillary Clinton, et. al., All Lives Matter is racist.

        The women in that video knew what they were doing. Like Minnie Ervia:

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