When They Call You A Racist, What’s the Best Response?

not a racist poster

If I had a dollar for every time Donald Trump has been called a racist, I’d be richer than he is. This is the same Donald Trump who’s friends with Oprah and who has promoted blacks within his business. But as an anti-globalist, he’s gotten labeled as a racist, and so have his supporters.

In fact, if you put a Trump sign on your car, someone will come up to you and feel compelled to scream “racist” at you.

thats racist gif


The left’s favorite smear is tossed around today to smear and thus silence those who disagree with it’s egalitarian agenda. And to shame people out of voting for Trump

Republicans are all racists. Conservatives are racists. The alt-right is racist. Tea partiers are racists. Basically, if you’re white and you don’t pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter, then you’re a racist.

Which brings up the question of how to respond to the R-word.

This post was prompted by a divergence of opinion between regular commenter Robert and the Daily Stormer’s editor, Andrew Anglin.

Robert lives in Australia. His advice is to never admit to being a racist when you’re labeled that way. I believe that in Australia there are speech laws that could earn you a prison term if you admit to being a racist. There is also social disapproval to contend with. You may lose your friends (fair weather friends), family, and job. Shunning and shaming are powerful weapons in the hands of the left.

I hope Robert comments further on this issue and that I’m not misrepresenting his point of view.

On the other hand, Andrew “Andre” Anglin advises everyone to own the word racist. Just say, “Damn right, I’m a racist. You should be too.”

He argues that a racist belief system occupies the moral high ground. To be a racist is to be opposed to the genocide of your people, traditions, heritage, and family.

Anglin further argues that by claiming the moral high ground for racism, we can put the left on the defensive and win souls to our righteous cause.

This strategy of saying yes to a healthy racism will disempower the word, according to Anglin.

Look at how conservatives and mainstream Republicans have sucked up to the left for decades out of fear of being called a racist. Their sucking up did them no good however, because they still were labeled racists (and sexists, homophobes, etc.).

Why should anyone be afraid of a word? Even old Canckles was called out as a racist by the Bern during the Democrat primary season in relationship to her describing black youths as “superpredators” back in the 90s. Dat’s waycissss, said Bernie Sanders.

As in Australia, the social consequences in terms of lost friendships, family, and job are also going to be present. But honestly, any white person who isn’t a racist should have his head examined.

And if you are a racist, it’s very corrosive to the soul to lie about it (or lie about anything for that matter). Being honest promotes good mental health.

So if someone calls me a racist, then I think I prefer, given my own personal circumstances (I’ve been smeared on the front page of the local paper already anyway), to steal the word racist out the mouth of the morons who use that word to describe me and then defend being a racist.

Am I wrong? Am I missing something?


30 thoughts on “When They Call You A Racist, What’s the Best Response?

  1. Circa 1967, a Black Muslim and I had a brief conversation, in downtown Los Angeles:

    BM: Would you like to buy a copy of Muhammad Speaks?
    ME: No, thank you.
    BM: Whattsa matter, man, are you prejudiced against black folks?
    (After turning around, walking up to the coon, and going nose-to-nose with him.)
    ME: No, I am NOT prejudiced against black folks but you, asshole, are prejudiced against white folks.
    (After staring him down for another few seconds, I turned and left. Neither he nor his identically dressed fellow black muzzie said a single fucking word.)

  2. An excellent post. I agree with Anglin. When accused, online, at this point, I always say, Yes, I’m a racist, I’m only believe in the White Race. Usually shuts them up. Robert is right, too. It really does depend on where you live. But that’s for now; when the SHTF we’re going to have to be willing to shed blood, including our own, to save ourselves.

    • I’m inclined in my own situation to openly agree to the term racist and then say back to my accuser, “What is your defintion of the term racist. Tell me yours and we’ll see if we agree what a racist is.” Or something similar.

  3. Hitler called the party he took over the NSDAP. Very soon after an enemy called the National Socialist Party the Nazi Party. In Bavarian dialect this word sounds like “stupid farm boy”. Neither Hitler nor any senior Party leader ever used the word Nazi. It was popular with enemies and is always used by the (((media))) and (((historians))) even though there is no such thing as a “Nazi”.
    The 1950s Soviets and their (((USA spies))) were referred to as “Commie Rats” by USA patriots. No Communists ever adopted this pejorative for themselves. There are exceptions. Goebbels called the Australians trapped in Tobruk, Libya for 12 months by Rommel the Rats Of Tobruk. Naturally enough the Aussies adopted this name with pride. They never surrendered. Tobruk only fell when the Aussies were replaced by Poles. Also a British Armoured Division were dubbed the Desert Rats by Goebbels and they also adopted the name.
    That is my point. Do not argue with enemies with insulting labels they put on you such as racist, fascist, Nazi or White Supremacist. I am with David Duke on this one. To win, be mild and just say I prefer to live and work with white people and that Africans should live in Africa. That does not make me a racist. I like the word Coon and I do not like to even see one Coon in the street, ever. If that makes me a racist I have no idea. I do not like to see rats in the street either. I do not hate rats.
    Homos do not have to call themselves faggots and butt bandits just because normal people use these words. Jews do not have to agree that they are filthy kikes just because this description of them is popular.

    To accept an insulting label is a bit like pleading guilty as the start of a criminal case. You have no chance once you accept the allegation made by your enemy. Deny it instead and plead innocent, and fight.

    Never accept any insulting label. White Supremacist even more so. There is no such thing it is made up Jew bullshit. White superiority is the correct term to use and the Jew would never allow it because it is true. In reality, most of the world is run, owned and dominated by Jew Supremacists. They have the power to create unlimited money and distribute it to their buddies whenever they wish to do so, maybe that is how they bought up all of Hollywood and the Media, and can lose big bucks doing so, and making shitty poopaganda movies starring blacks. Another example, (((JP Morgan)) and (((Goldman Sachs))) constantly make huge and risky bets which either pay off big, or they get bailed out by the Fed. Either way they win the bet. The Fed has not been audited in more than 60 years, nor has the Fed gold been audited for that long. The Fed refuses to allow any Government or independent audit of its books.


    • That’s absolutely brilliant, and thanks for the great link. I also like to point out to them that all other races are racists unto themselves, like BLM, NAACP, La Raza, etc, so what’s wrong with Whites preferring their own race and exclusivity? Everyone else does it. I also have a hard time getting them to show examples of “White oppression.”

    • I kinda agree with what you said and i’ll give you another reason.

      What racist means can be manipulated by the media.

      If racist now means that you don’t want to be near other races, tomorrow it will mean that you want them all to go back to africa, the day after that it will mean that you hate them all, the day after that anyone who doesn’t have pure-white skin should die etc.

      Admitting that you’re a racist just lets the media dictate what you are. Now just someone who wants segregation, tomorrow it might be a genocidal maniac.

    • “Another example, (((JP Morgan)) and (((Goldman Sachs))) constantly make huge and risky bets which either pay off big, or they get bailed out by the Fed.”

      This is one of the things that annoys me the most.
      In theory, capitalism should be a place where banks and other huge corporations are allowed to crash and burn because then something better might take it’s place.
      But by bailing banks out of their debts, then you basically don’t have any capitalism anymore, because no one else is allowed to play the game and because they players basically cheat.
      Not to mention that they never bail out normal people who have monetary problems and were always good tax payers. They’d rather let veterans and others die in the streets and bail out tens of billions of dollars from the banks.
      This coupled with an immigration and globalization comment i made some time ago and it’s no wonder we’re in this mess to begin with.

    • I’ll be kicking around everyone’s thoughts about this post for many days. Meanwhile, here’s a show I enjoyed as a youth. It’s called The Rat Patrol. There are many episodes on Youtube. This is Season 1, Episode 1.

    • All the media insults/pejoratives/labels attack only right wing people and mirror the words used by Jew groups like the ADL, SPLC. Leftists get a free pass. Nor does the media call a black man a “nigger”. If someone called a black man a nigger, or I call him a Coon, he does not have to agree and say “Yes I am a nigger or a Coon, take your pick”. The fact that some niggers and faggots use these words for themselves does not mean they all have to do so.
      I think the word racist for whites is like the word nigger for blacks or faggot for Queers.
      By accepting and then debating the label rather than the facts of demographics and Science we have allowed the enemy to choose the ground on which to fight. A good general fights on the ground of his choosing. Deflect away from these labels and move towards facts like the (((Molyneux))) guy.

      PS I know nothing about Andrew Anglin. All above is my opinion only, I may be wrong and as I once used to say “I usually am”.

  4. When I have gotten into debates with niggers and their SJW and jew protectors, “Is you a racist?” I replied “well yes I am, everybody is and the worst racists I have ever encountered have been negroes, Jews. Are you saying that only whites can be racist? Take your blinders off Leroy. Can you spell hypocrite?”

    So far their nostrils flare like a bull getting ready to charge, then they have backed off and walked away muttering something about bitch ass crakka. When white SJWs were with them the whites started screaming and flailing about trying to get their simian pals to attack. Also another reason I survive was I was not outnumbered 100 to 1

  5. Racism is a myth – a lie. We are the Human race. We have one Father that Philip saw who is Jesus. How can there even be the term racist when all of us has one Father in heaven needing to be in us to live peaceably with others?

    • WRONG Mr Hughes! The Bible is explicit in that there is to be separation of the races. Furthermore, God Himself – who created the different races to begin with – tells US to be separate and ‘peculiar’ in the Olde English and to NOT mix with the other races lest we adopt their heathen ways. Once again, we dont listen to Him and see what happens ; just look around you… Segregation is Biblical and the Word is VERY clear that the different peoples were placed in different areas for a reason. Wake up.

      As far as the original question… I say ‘yes, just like you are. Its just that I prefer my own and care for them while you hate your own’ [obviously this is said to nominally white sjw types. The first sentence of the reply is for anyone else, but no other types have ever said such to me. I try to avoid interaction with people of colour as much as possible.]

    • Explain how 3 Races all originate from one. Let’s hypothetically say Adam and Eve were White. How do you now get Asian and Black?

      It is impossible.

    • Whites (adamic race) were created separately. Read Weissman or Richard Hoskins books about the adamic race.

  6. “Why should anyone be afraid of a word?”

    If there really was freedom of speech, no one should be.
    But it’s a fact that a lot of people have been fired or their lives ruined just because their views were racist or just promoting their race, even if they didn’t say anything against others.
    Of course, it’s no the same everywhere, but it did, does and will still happen while our society is controlled by this insane liberalism (where they promote tolerance, but only towards things that agree with their views)

    • A commie professor named Herbert Marcuse (Jew) wrote a paper on this back in the 50s or 60s in which he advocated that the left preach free speech, but only for those on the left. He also was a sexual revolutionary. If I recall correctly he coined the phrase, “If it feels good, do it.” That philsophy ruined many lives.

  7. Simple. “Racism”? It’s a nonsensical, bullshit term. Period. Just like “diversity”, “tolerance”, “anti-Semitic”, and so on.

    If someone ACTUALLY thinks that throwing every race together within society — the logical and obvious (and intended) result being that they will obviously inter-breed — is somehow a good idea…. well… they’re not really thinking at all.

    “Ohhhh…. But it creates DIVERSITY!” the idiots will reflexively blather. NO — it DESTROYS diversity… and on a GLOBAL scale. And of course, THAT is the ultimate intent.

    If the Dreadful Few can dilute/destroy the individual races by mixing them, this then destroys the very identities, customs and heritages ***which form the foundation of racial group cohesiveness and cooperation unique to each respective race***. Absent these characteristics they become VERY easy to manipulate and control (THE ACTUAL GOAL). Lacking any true identity, they essentially lose their collective will to survive as a unique people. (And, I assure you, the Sh*tlords will oblige that lack of self- and group-preservation instinct, accordingly, by subsequently CULLING THEM, en masse) All that aside, would not the World be a very BLAND place if all races were to be reduced to some mongrelized, lowest-common-denominator non-race?? I find the contrast of different races around the globe to be an ASSET; this contrast is a GOOD thing. And THAT is TRUE DIVERSITY, I will add.

    It sure would be nice to think that, in a couple generations, peoples’ grandchildren might actually still be able to visit another country, and witness the joy and wonder of actually experiencing, first hand, a DIFFERENT RACE of people — with DIFFERENT APPEARANCES, LANGUAGES, CUSTOMS, VALUES, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, etc.. Races must be preserved. This is how it was intended to be. Anything else is a lie.

    As such, EVERY RACE of people should stick together. EVERY LAST ONE. So diversity in its truest form can endure — GLOBALLY. (That means you, too, White people. There’s a reason they need to break you first. Once YOU fall… the rest they will steamroll. SO STEP UP.)

    Unfortunately, there is no race left that has not been infiltrated and poisoned by the Neo-Pharisees and their minions. Too many people from each race have been duped and lured into turning on their own kind — and others. And they are ALL shortsighted fools. This is an example of WHAT NOT TO DO. It’s your own throats you’re cutting, you damned fools.


    Something else (related) that’s been sort of gnawing at me lately… So, WHO originally invented the idea of “immigration” anyway? Hmmm… Leave YOUR PEOPLE behind, and go to a new land to seek [purported] “better opportunities”? Seems rather selfish to me. (Maybe even a trap.) “But we had to escape a repressive regime!” would be top on the list of reasons for many immigrants’ decision to pack up and leave I’m guessing. Well… you never should have allowed such a regime to take root in the first place, I might counter. But, sadly, we’re ALL guilty of that aren’t we?

    Another thing I’ve pondered lately… “Great American Melting Pot”??? (And this is always stated as though it is a GOOD thing.) Really?? Methinks the Neo-Pharisees originally conjured up this irony-filled, nonsensical idea, too. Let me explain…

    What would happen if essentially every type of metal were to be thrown into a pot, with the intent of melting them all together? NOTHING GOOD. Many would NOT mix/fuse/alloy. All you would get is a bunch of worthless cross-contaminated, weak, JUNK METALS. And a WHOLE LOT OF SLAG. And the best and unique qualities of the individual metals are lost.


    • First, thanks for a long, thoughtful comment that I think the regulars and I would agree with.

      As to immigration, it made sense to send people from the old world to the new world (North and South America) after Columbus discovered the New World. Since American independence, immigration has made very little sense. As I’ve written before I hope we can persuade President Trump to curb all immigration (except for South African whites) for at least 10 years.

      • Token Goy is right.
        Our people have been here LONG before columbus. European immigration is one thing – no worries. Its the influx of non European peoples that causes the trouble and that is solely a jew thing – just check history if you dont believe me.

      • First, let me thank you for this site, and certainly also for allowing me to post my ramblings here. It certainly looks like your blog is headed in the right direction. You have some very respectable and capable thinkers posting here (speaking of others — not myself). And you’re certainly no slouch yourself; quite well-versed/well-written you are, and you have no aversion to legitimate [read: rational, logical, sane] thinking… Rare traits these days, sadly.

        Thanks also for your quick reply. I notice you mention Columbus. Ironically, it is a few little-known details regarding Columbus’ voyage which are one reason I have begun to re-examine even the BASIC foundations of American History as it has been “taught”. Hence my previous questioning of those other very “Murican institutions of immigration, and the [odd, Madison Avenue-esque] advertising slogans that fueled it. “Give us your weak, give us your poor…”, etc.. What were we REALLY being sold? And by whom? But I digress…

        What I find particularly odd about Columbus’ voyage is that it would appear he departed Spain essentially IMMEDIATELY after the Edict of Expulsion (Alhambra Decree) came due for the Jews to remove themselves from that very same country. The edict’s deadline was July 31, 1492; Columbus is reported to have departed port only THREE days later, on August 3, 1492. I have come across several separate sources that seem to corroborate this basic narrative. Some sources even claim he planned to leave a day or two earlier, but that the ports were so clogged with departing Jews that it became a logistical impossibility to sail until things quieted down appreciably. There also seems to be some consensus claiming that many of those on board the ship were INDEED Jews, including the ship’s doctor. There seems to be far less consensus, however, with regards to Columbus’ OWN allegiances/ tribal affiliations. Some say he was definitely a Crypto Jew; others claim he was definitely NOT. But, armed with all this [relatively unknown] information, one things IS clear: it’s certainly plausible that he WAS a Jew. Kind of a game changer, potentially, eh?

        It’s perfectly clear to me that almost all of what constitutes “history” in the West has been viciously distorted, and in some cases is simply LIES told over and over until they are believed by the masses. Everything we have been led to believe now must be carefully re-examined. So much has been manipulated and/or hidden from us. Never underestimate the Jews’ ability to deceive… It is the ONE thing –and the only thing — they excel at. And the classical world clearly understood this. But we became complacent in this regard.

        The Scribes and the Pharisees never really went away. And they’ve been honing their nefarious skills for a couple millennia now.

  8. Token White Goy – good comments. Columbus was a jew and expelled for being one. He and his lackeys were very mean to slaves, as jews usually are to non-whites.

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