Meet the American Hero Who Screamed “Pepe” in Hillary’s Face (and then met some nice Secret Service Agents)

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Hillary Clinton was not thrown off stride when an audience heckler shouted “Pepe” during her Thursday smear job on Donald Trump and the alt-right.

Apparently her Depends were firmly wrapped around her ample buttocks and her medication had been administered by her handlers in just the right dosage. She kept on talking and our heoric saboteur was escorted out of the room by some nice, friendly Secret Service agents.

Excerpt from Breitbart

Hillary Clinton’s alt-right speech yesterday has already been forgotten by most people. It was low energy, littered with untruths, and purposely deceptive in her attempts at branding a broad movement as an evil, racist terrorist group.

There were a few fun things about it though.

The first being the moment when Clinton read out Milo Yiannopoulos’ Breitbart headlines while the audience gasped and screamed in agony.

The second was the moment when a man in the crowd was ejected for yelling “PEPE!”, the name of the iconic green frog meme that has become the alt-right’s mascot, as soon as she mentioned the movement.

Meet Sean, the Pepe guy. He was ejected from Hillary’s event soon after the meme-scream heard around the world, but has no regrets.

“I proudly consider myself a member of the Alt Right…now saying that, or admitting that publicly has its drawbacks because of the false narrative being peddled by the regressive left that the Alt Right is all Neo-Nazi Russian Agents, hell bent on establishing a White Supremacist world takeover, all bullshit” said Sean in an interview with me.

“I call myself alt right because the conservative establishment right in this country does not represent my views, they are just as much to blame for the disaster taking place in America as the left, the alt right to me is fiscal responsibility, secure borders, enforcement of immigration laws, ending the PC culture, and promoting AMERICA FIRST (Not Sharia First)” he continued.

“If you come to this country legally, follow the laws, learn our language, and love the country, you are equal, no matter your color, or religion. Basically alt-right is to separate ourselves from the failing establishment right.”

Sean attended Clinton’s rally in Reno, Nevada, to see just what Clinton would say about the movement.

“I had been planning on attending since I first read she was coming to Reno, originally I had no intention of doing anything other than documenting the event on Periscope… then she started attacking a true patriot, and someone I really look up to, Alex Jones” claimed Sean.

“Misrepresenting his Sandy Hook stance, misrepresenting what a ‘False Flag’ is and discrediting his history of great work, so I let out a cheer when she mentioned his name, and when she was done with her talking point, I yelled “!”.

“She also attacked Breitbart and Steve Bannon personally, trying to discredit him and Breitbart, which has some of the best reporting on the net, along with InfoWars and Drudge. To name drop all these sites tells me that her campaign is in panic mode and is getting desperate.

“As for the ‘Pepe’ shout… She gave me the opening by saying “alt right” with a bit of a pause, so I pounced. It was just to kind of throw off her false narrative and a shout out to the fellow patriots on “Frog Twitter” for all their hard work in trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. About 3 seconds after I screamed “Pepe”, I was escorted out by Secret Service”.

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10 thoughts on “Meet the American Hero Who Screamed “Pepe” in Hillary’s Face (and then met some nice Secret Service Agents)

  1. I never heard of pepe and he does not represent me, nor does any other frog or toad. With apologies to (((Groucho Marx))) “I am not prepared to join any group which is prepared to accept me as a member”.
    Milo the poof does not speak for me nor does anyone ever associated with Infowars. The greatest strength and inherent weakness of whites is individualism and a reluctance to follow. No wonder Communism has never been adopted in any white country. Soviets being somewhat Asiatic especially those gangsters Lenin and Trotsky.
    That is why the Jews have to get rid of the whites, abort them, sterilise them, medicate them, brainwash them, kill them in pointless wars against other whites etc..

  2. Hillary and her minions must be really fragile to let the word Pepe get to her. Over on Jim Stone’s site he has a really good article about her and CGI fakery. It looks like she can only get about 10-15 people to her rallies.

  3. Unfortunately that “Pepe” shouter had a pretty cucky explanation of what the “alt-right” is. Personally, I don’t consider myself alt-right, but simply a guy in search of his ethnostate.

    • Yes where is our homeland? Where is our right of return to Europe? Where are our land rights? When will those that oppress us say “Sorry”?
      When do we get compensation for forced transportation and slavery? When will Affirmative Action for whites begin?
      When will any State support a rise in the birth rate of whites?

      • Easiest quiz I’ve ever taken, Robert. Answers below.

        Yes where is our homeland? Where we’re willing to fight for it and make one.

        Where is our right of return to Europe? I identify culturally as an American – a native of the land our forebears of English ancestry but independent spirit had in mind for us. If I had to go back it would be to England, though I would be sad for what was lost in North America.

        Where are our land rights? See the first answer.

        When will those that oppress us say “Sorry”? You don’t beg forgiveness from your enemies, you smash them.

        When do we get compensation for forced transportation and slavery? None needed. Simply repatriate slaves to their native homeland and we’ll both be better off.

        When will Affirmative Action for whites begin? If we ever need Affirmative Action, we’re already screwed.

        When will any State support a rise in the birth rate of whites? When whites control the state.

    • Yeah, it was weak, but politically correct. I’m fine with it since it does nothing to injure Trump. But that’s today. In the long run, these kind of weak responses need to be strengthened.

      • Sir, I fear Trump is about to cuck hardcore. I’m pretty black-pilled on both his chances as well as his fortitude in the face of the onslaught. You do great work though, my friend. Please keep it up and thank you for your ceaseless energy in these challenging times.

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