Intelligence and Crime’s Sweet Spot

iq by ethnicity and sweet spot of crime

I saw this graph of IQ distribution by race on Twitter. It’s clearly attributable to Stefan Molyneaux, the gentleman pictured.

The theory of crime espoused here could be put this way. Stupid people can’t earn much money, but they still want things. Thus, they steal things and/or rob people to get things. Being stupid, they think they won’t get caught. But they do get caught.

The smart criminals have a better shot at getting away with their misdeeds. Highly intelligent criminals like Bernie Madoff may be able to escape detection for decades. Thus, Jews and Asians commit different types of crime from blacks. The expected payoff from a “white collar” crime can be larger than that from breaking a car window and stealing a cell phone.

Allowing dumb immigrants to come to America is a dumb policy. As Donald Trump says, our government is selling us out for its own selfish interests.

This Stefan Molyneaux video offers a course in the history of crime:

Read more at this wordpress blog, which offers links to even more material.

5 thoughts on “Intelligence and Crime’s Sweet Spot

  1. I have been waiting a while for this guy to appear here so that I could comment on him and remain on topic. For a while I watched his videos but started to smell a rat partly because of those who appeared with him, the usual crowd. He is a Jew, of course, with a Jewish mother from Berlin. This (being a Jew) seems compulsory to be an Internet pundit even one pretending to be a truther. He also leads a cult. If you disagree with him he shames you and kicks you out, as all cult leaders do. He is highly intelligent, well spoken, plausible and speaks mostly the truth about Coons for example. I watched about 20 minutes of this video. So handle him with care, do not be sucked in. Who to trust these days? Answer – nobody, trust only yourself and your own instincts. This man is clearly a Narcissist which in itself is not a bad thing, seems universal these days with selfies taken for Foolsbook non stop everywhere I go. Narcissism plus leading a cult is almost always a bad thing.

    • There’s something about him that I instinctively don’t like. As noted before, I do like and enjoy Mark Dice, also a Jew, so it’s not any dislike of Jews that motivates me to dislike Molyneaux.

      I think it boils down to Dice having fans, but not demanding worship by his fans. Dice’s job is clear–mock and ridicult PC and have a laugh doing it. Molyneaux has sycophants, but his purpose isn’t clear to me. Maybe because I haven’t spent enough time watching his videos.

    • I was just about to say the exact same thing.

      There are a couple things Molyneux has distorted and some other important factors which he ignores entirely; put simply, I don’t trust him. Jews are skilled at lying, so with important tasks, they choose to plant their own into “the alt-right” movement to influence those who are close to discovering the complete picture and lead them astray.

  2. Stefan is a brilliant guy. Sadly he is just as trapped in his brain’s hard wired tendencies as any other lefty or righty. In his case he is deeply Conservative — with a Libertarian bent — and is on a crusade to use his high IQ to convert as many young Americans as possible to his hardwired views. What is unfortunate for a guy with such deep intellectual ability, is that he feels little or no shame over intellectual dishonesty and lying outright in order to bolster his points, like claiming that most Canadians (he’s Canadian) hate our universal healthcare system — we don’t, despite its inevitable flaws — in order to try to swing not-so-smart Americans over to the side of the elite (Stefan amassed a healthy fortune running a software development firm), of which he is one. He is convinced he is fighting the right fight and that Conservatism is the only way to go. I don’t disagree on many of his points, but his blind faith that all the not-so-clever folks in the world can rise to success like he has is patently false, given his IQ and relentless drive and the fact that the majority of the human population don’t share those traits. In his utopia, he’d be a king inside a walled fortress and all the rest would be left to rot outside.

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