“Go Topless Go” New Anthem of Repulsive Man-Hating Feminists

topless feminism

Today (Sunday) is Go Topless Day in America.

American women are uncovering their boobies to protest.


Showing you boobies is a way of fighting the oppressive white male patriarchy, they say.

Feminisism quickly turned from a equal pay movement (if it ever really was that) to a movement promoting lesbianism and sexual perversion of all kinds. LGBT is an outgrowth of feminism.

Who are these nutty, slutty women? Well, here’s a sample.

Huffington Post

Every important political movement has its theme song.
The Civil Rights movement had “We Shall Overcome,” the 1970s feminist movement had “I Am Woman,” and now there’s a ditty for those who are fighting the good fight to allow women to go topless in public.

The song is called, appropriately enough, “Go Topless Go” and performed by singer Gabriela Dolanska.

Dolanska’s Facebook page states she is located in Slovakia, but she clarified to The Huffington Post that she’s from “infinity.” She’s a member of a UFO cult known as the Raelians, who believe that the human body is the product of advanced genetic engineering from a group of E.T.s known as the Elohim.

Covering up breasts is an insult to the Elohim’s good work, they say.

Anywhosy, a video of the annoyingly catchy song was released earlier this week. It may be NSFW, since it features a group of bare­breasted women.

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11 thoughts on ““Go Topless Go” New Anthem of Repulsive Man-Hating Feminists

  1. To respond to this shite, they should do this nonsense in Sweden and Germany when the Muzzies are on the rampage.

    I found a website called men are better then women, with no gaps between the words. It is perhaps comedy but earns amazing comments from outraged women. Even though the guy warns the site is not for women. Here is a sample of a post by the creator of the site Dick Masterton…….he is like Henry Makow on cocaine perhaps……

    “Getting a woman to cheat on her husband or significant other is not like getting a woman to go to the gym — by heaping shitloads of gifts and attention on her like a spoilt child and then ultimately getting no burn for your earn. Getting a woman to cheat is like getting a duck to eat bread crumbs or a rat to eat rubbish. All you have to do is toss it in front of their face.”

  2. Speaking of “I Am Woman,” I saw Helen Reddy (the cunt), in her first U.S. appearance, at the “Troubadour,” in West Hollywood. I love her voice, but she has to be as big a cunt as Hillary. In later years, not at the Troubadour, during each and every show, she would dedicate a song to HERSELF. She would also wear dresses slip up above her crotch, and parade around the stage like she was some sort of sexy babe, when she is, in fact, quite homely.

  3. The equal pay crap came later in the Femislut movement. The first goal was to remove all responsibility and power of the Matriarchy that kept Women in check socially. The second goal was to ally with every non-White minority group and promote DIE-versity to overwhelm the White Men politically.

    After that is when it became really oppressive with so called fair pay (for less hours worked) and all the rest of the lunacy.

    These days all they have left is stupid stunts like topless protests and slut walks because they have everything else.

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