Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe Roast Turns into “Ann Coulter is a “C*nt”” Trashfest

Ann Coulter

If you ever needed proof that Jews are not “just like us,” then look no further than the Celebrity Roast, first popularized on TV back in the 70s by Dean Martin on NBC.

Dean may have spent too much time around Jews or he may have sold out, but whatever motivated him to host these vile events that are supposedly funny, Dean contributed to the coarsening of our culture.

The old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts were mild stuff compared to today’s version.

Excerpt from Deadline

“Welcome to the Ann Coulter Roast with Rob Lowe,” quipped controversial political commentator Ann Coulter during her turn onstage, which was fitting, as she took the most blows tonight at Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe Roast ceremony, held at the Sony lot. The digs were sharp, frequent, and packed with c-word drops as every single one of the other roasters opened up on her as if she were there as the representative of Donald Trump. Which, she kind of was.

“Ann describes herself as a polemicist but most people call her a c***” said Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, who then muttered “a racist c***” under his breath.

“What is it like to be a real life supervillain,” asked comedian Nikki Glaser. “The only person you’ll ever make happy is the Mexicans that dig your grave.”

And that’s just a sample. Per usual, Coulter reveled in the hate, and admitted she was only there to promote her new book, In Trump We Trust, which was unsurprisingly met with loud boos from the audience. Equally unsurprising, she used the opportunity to make jabs Hillary Clinton that hit hard, even if they weren’t particularly good. “Why is Jeff Ross at every Roast?” she asked about the so-called RoastMaster General. “He think he deserves it, everybody else just goes along with it. He’s like Hillary Clinton.”

As is tradition for the Comedy Central roasts, practically nothing was off limits. Lowe’s past controversies were a frequent topic, particularly his infamous 1988 sex tape with a 16 year old girl. Sticking the knife in deeper, a 5 second clip of the tape that left nothing to the imagination was shown during the opening of the ceremony.

Whichever f*cking Jew is in possession of the sex tape is in possession of child pornography and should be prosecuted for such crime.

However, here’s where Jewish privilege kicks in: Don’t hold your breath waiting for law enforcement to enforce the laws.

And to call these trashfests comedy really is fraud. They’re meanness, appealing to the lowest, based instincts in human nature instead of appealing to the best of ourselves.

That’s what Jews do. They’re a sick perverted race.

Meanwhile, the Goyim goes along, thinking it trendy to laugh. As Donald Trump might Tweet, “Sad.”

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2 thoughts on “Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe Roast Turns into “Ann Coulter is a “C*nt”” Trashfest

  1. Deans sidekick was the revolting, tiny, unfunny, paranoid, control freak, Jerry Lewis. Do people actually laugh at the nasal whiny Jerry Lewis style? Is pulling a silly face funny past about three years of age? Apparently people must think so because Jim Carrey does almost nothing else.
    As you can by now guess I prefer the straight man, and hate the “funny” man such as the fat bastard Lou Costello and I find Bud Abbott funny. I love the straight faced comedy of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.
    Rhys Darby in “Yes Man” is 100 times more funny than the star Jim Carrey, he steals the movie with his tragic straight man. However most reviewers on IMDB do not get it at all and think his character is not funny. Rhys is also a brilliant straight man in “Flight Of The Conchords” an offbeat New Zealand Comedy set in Jew York about some second rate NZ musicians with a type of novelty music, with only about one fan and no income. Naturally one of the stars is a horrible, swarthy, ugly Jew. Every actor on this show plays it straight, like a mockumentary such as “Spinal Tap”.
    Laurel and Hardy were both straight men in my opinion. The essence is trying, losing and suffering lifes arrows, unlike kicking tall fat men in the bum like the little freak pedophile Charlie Chaplin used to do.
    I like a lot of self parodying Jew humour such as Get Smart. What choice do I have? Almost all humor on TV is Jew humor, they have a monopoly on the production and distribution of most comedy, music, books, TV shows, movies you name it. If your book or show does not reference Jews in a positive way it will never get off the ground. Even any WWII military history published since about 1990 always mentions the Jews as victims.
    If you tell the truth about the Jews you will never get published anywhere by any publisher. This is called “Free Speech”. The Jews are free to stop you from speaking.

    • As a child I thought Jerry Lewis was funny and still do, but Jim Carrey isn’t so funny. When Martin and Lewis broke up, they didn’t speak to each other for decades. Apparently, Jerry Lewis is annoying in real life as well as on screen. Another Jew you may not enjoy is Pee Wee Herman, who I think took the Jerry Lewis child-like behavior and went with it. He was a one hit wonder, unlike Lewis. The French adore Jerry, maybe because the French critics are Jews?

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