A Bolt and His Nuts: Olympic Hero’s Sex Orgies with (Almost) White Sluts

usain bolt

Since winning more gold at the Rio Olympic games, runner Usain Bolt has been a busy boy.

Partying with sluts.

There’s a lot going on with this story of TNB (Typical Negro Behavior), but let’s start by asking when the oppressed black man is going to lose his lucrative endorsement deals. Or do companies not care that they have a slimeball reprsenting their products.

usain bolt sluts

Daily Mail

He is no stranger to a podium performance.

But Usain Bolt has reportedly held his own mock Olympic Games medal ceremony in a London hotel room for women who flashed their breasts at him and friends and were ‘awarded’ them his treasured medals from the Rio De Janeiro games.

Alas, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist is said to have struck trouble during his cheeky makeshift ceremony when he was asked who came first and had only the golds from his 100m, 200m and relay wins this month.

Bolt had been photographed on Tuesday night heading out to Tape nightclub with a group of glamorous women.

He racked up a £6000 bar tab and was spotted grinding with British model Erica Carvalho, 20, who was invited back to his hotel with seven other women and Bolt’s male friends as the party continued.

He had left his hotel earlier with friend Tara Carroll, a restaurateur from Jamaica.

British high jumper Germaine Mason, who was born in Jamaica and won silver for Great Britain in Beijing, was also among those partying with Bolt.

bolt and sluts

bolt sluts

Is Bolt a racist? He seems to prefer girls with a strong admixture of white genes. We see a wealthy, famous Negro rejecting his own and going after females with white features and very light skin. He plays to the “muh dik” stereotype of the black males lusting for the white female, doesn’t he?

Bolt himself has no class and will someday be a po’ ole broke Nigra, his money having been blown on Jamaica Gold (or whatever it’s called) and gold-digging sluts and his bastard offspring.

Don’t cry for him, though. He made his own bed and made sure his sheets were never cold.

One thing that strikes the eye here and is very disturbing to me is the thought that the mixed race girls that Bolt prefers have white ancestors. Thus, there are white people lying dead in the ground, and maybe some still alive, whose genes were dumped into a shitpile of African dysfunction.

Mulattoes are not “just like us.” They are completely different in temperament, morality, character, and intelligence from Euro peoples.

For Americans, the thought that the (((power elites))) want your grandchildren and future generations to look like these freaks of nature should disturb you.

As Bolt’s nuts make their way into the bodies of his sluts, the babies popped out are going to darken compared to the mothers. Looking on the bright side, Bolt’s access to pure white women is limited compared to his access in Jamaica.

However, it’s a relatively quick trip from the States to the island. Bolt’s gold is going to be spent quickly when the white gold diggers mob the island looking for a piece of the Olympian.

If Bolt had any brains, which he doesn’t, he would use those golden feet of his to run the other way. Otherwise, his child support payments (which he won’t pay anyway) are going to add up fast.

6 thoughts on “A Bolt and His Nuts: Olympic Hero’s Sex Orgies with (Almost) White Sluts

  1. Nigger fame and fortune. Most successful ape athletes date/fuck/marry White women as a status symbol. Look at Tiger Woods, White wife and he cheated on her with White sluts.

    Kobe Bryant married a beautiful Italian mudshark.

  2. A flash in the pan during Olympicmania. Second rate show biz women hoping for a shot by being seen with the Negro of the Hour (lots of photo ops). He’ll fade away like bell bottoms and disco into the pop dustbin. Probably end up broke, homeless and decrepit. Who gives a damn really about a guy whose only talent is running?

  3. Back in the day we used to call the white sluts beef in the UK, nigger meat. Bolt will wind up on the bones of his ass after being taken for every penny, a coon and his money are easily parted.

  4. Funny thing is,
    like the apocryphally tenacious, unflushable turd,
    it and it’s equally risible anthropological thro(((silver)))wback, muhammonkey farah,
    and the vast majority of cloacaratti in (((sport)), are almost certainly doped to the tom toms, in spite of their genetic “gifts”.

    Monkey see, monkey jew.
    You’ll be lawyered up by caiaphas
    Whatever you do Kunte!
    O.j. goes global.
    This time the gloves are off.

    Cowpiss showers, Green negro disease, and cannibalism being other contenders for the limited(((safe space ))) that is their
    last redoubt,
    and origin,
    of the inevitable self terminating chimp-out.
    The seat of the nignogapoxyclipzz.
    The jenkem fuelled two square inch
    imagined, anthropomophised and projected by the Godless,
    to be housed in the impenetrable doop dap dindu bix nood muffugga niggernoggin

    A Human brain?

    Even a (((Strawman))) one,
    as in the “rebbe of zog” joovie!

    Never having been recorded, or made itself known, by any human measure,
    for all of recorded time.

    Like sambo at a dope test,paternity hearing or job interview.

    (The whole jewmaican track and (cotton) field team got banned in 2013.
    All but ussain bonobo!
    (((Mo))) dodged a
    “hands up, don’t racist”,
    pre scheduled,
    test last year.
    His hut full of hooting jabbering sub-simian mendicant mandrills.
    He, or they, didn’t hear the doorbell for two continuous hours at mid-day.
    He sleeping through it.
    Delivering a swift kick in the fagsack to ali baba,
    mookhammed clay,
    his prophet of the sinister handed arsewipe,
    all his rapy rabbimam’s,
    AND five times daily calls to sodomy,rape and incest in the process.

    Where was clockboy?

    His troop no doubt gazing at the door resentfully
    with eons deep prehistoric puzzlement.

    Akin to an alt right shirt lifter picking up his teeth after a bout of casual blasphemy in earshot of a Christian for instance.
    Perhaps going on to mumble how the Christian is in error
    vis a vis his/her grasp of Christian theology.

    No rear entrance into Gods good graces being entertained.
    The point being to limit entry of all flavours of nigga,including White.
    “Narrow is the way.
    Strait is the Gate”.

    Gehennah’s for hitcher’s on Hershy’s Highway.
    All anne frankenstein’s, all section ape.

    Mighty Joe Young,mlk, o.j. blowbama, King Kong, mykoh brown etc, being not avatars/outliers of tnb ,but its very essence. all they could ever amount to.
    However much they, wogs, kikes or other detritus (all niggers) purloin and mimic human names,clothing, or affectation’s to gain trust
    or position.++++++

    Not fans of Man’s Best Friend either, the nogwogzog defamer’s of
    the beautiful rainbow.
    None of who’s complexion’s are included.

    An enemy of Greyfriar’s Bobby, Blondie,the Lady and the Tramp,
    and old Shep, need to be exterminated summarily with no mercy.
    I’ll do it.
    Then a quick act o’ contrition and i might be in with a shout.

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