THE BLACK ATTACK: Beautiful White High School Girl Kidnapped, Gang Raped, Murdered, Fed to Alligators by Pack of Savages

brittanee drexel

Charleston, SC (WYFF) –
A court document includes an FBI agent’s detailed account describing a teen, who went missing in Myrtle Beach, as having been abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and her body thrown into an alligator pit in a swamp, according to a report in The Post and Courier.

Brittanee Drexel, 17, of Rochester, New York, disappeared during a 2009 spring break trip to Myrtle Beach. In July, the FBI announced that their investigation had determined that Drexel was murdered. At that time, the FBI told Drexel’s mother that a suspect or suspects had been identified.

The Post and Courier report says FBI agent Gerrick Munoz’s detailed account is based on a statement from a prison inmate who claims he was present when Drexel was killed.

Munoz testified that inmate, Taquan Brown of Walterboro, told investigators he went to a “stash house” in the McClellanville area in the days after Drexel was abducted, according to the report.

Brown reportedly told the FBI that when he went into the house with a couple other men, he saw Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, then 16, “sexually abusing Brittanee Drexel.”

Munoz testified that Brown saw others in the room with Taylor and Drexel, and that when he was outside the house, Drexel ran from the house, was pistol-whipped, taken back inside and shot. Brown told the FBI that he assumed Taylor had shot Drexel, whose body was then wrapped and taken away, The Post and Courier reported.

brittanee drexel3

The FBI agent said several witness told investigators that Drexel’s body was put in a gator pit so it would be eaten, according to the report.

Munoz reportedly testified that investigators have searched several alligator ponds to no avail. He said investigators have been told that the area is peppered with as many as 40 of these ponds.

Munoz testified that another inmate corroborated Brown’s account, and told investigators that Taylor had picked Drexel up in Myrtle Beach and took her to McClellanville where she ended up in a sex trafficking situation.

The Post and Courier reported that Drexel’s family could not be reached for comment on the new developments and the FBI would not comment on the testimony.

Taylor’s attorney said the testimony is a “squeeze-job” to force Taylor’s cooperation, the report said.

A judge ordered Taylor released on $10,000 bail, which he posted later in the day after the bond hearing, The Post and Courier reported.

Taylor’s mother, Joan Taylor, 44, of McClellanville, told The Post and Courier that the story is “craziness” and is being used by federal authorities anxious to solve the case.

Our people have paid a terrible price for the ill-advised decision by our ancestors (aided and abetted by Jewish slave traders) to import farm labor from Africa.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. By any means necessary.

brittanee drexel2

Read more about the murder, which took place seven years ago, at the Huffington Post. HuffPo reports that the family learned of Brittanee’s fate from the FBI just this past Tuesday.

54 thoughts on “THE BLACK ATTACK: Beautiful White High School Girl Kidnapped, Gang Raped, Murdered, Fed to Alligators by Pack of Savages

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    • Agreed. I just wish people would be more strong minded to mentally fight that which seeks to control and destroy them. She was so beautiful and I hope that justice is served. In case anyone is wondering, I am a black female.

      • I agree with you my son is 46 an I’m.he’s mom we both cried i couldn’t sleep for a few days that poor girl what she went threw. This is a evil person or evil men who could do such a honorable thing they don’t come from god

  2. The stinking jews knew exactly what they were doing when they brought this filth over here. They knew what would happen down the road to us. They’re using the mud races to exterminate us.

  3. This is as about as bad as the Knoxville horror in 2007. Something I didn’t hear about until TWO years later on Stormfront. The deceitful lying POS media deliberately covered up that story.

    I’m saving my rage for the white anti-whites. They need to be first in the day of the rope.

    • Sadly what makes this one different is it looks like this poor misguided young woman at least began the trek willingly. Sacrificed on the alter of Feminist Multi-culturalism by her parents and others who benefited directly from all the social government spending. They told her for her entire life Blacks and Whites are the same, they allowed the entertainment industry to glorify the “noble savage” and she fell for it because the alternative was simply White men trying to control her don’t ya know.

      In retrospect this is actually worse and far sadder than the Knoxville or Wichita attacks because this type of thing plays out much more often every day.

      • This beautiful lovey creature of Gods creation has been brutally killed by demonic possessed monsters and your sorry ass finds a way to equate it to a race issue, I wish people like you would just vanish from the face of the earth. I’m not going to get into all the evil white people have perpetrated on black babies and children like feeding them to gators to catch gators because that would detract from what happened to this beautiful innocent girl. Turn your energies into getting people (of All Races) who do things such as this, put under the jail or in the electric chair and stop race baiting, just because you cant get an attractive woman to look at you.

      • You’re damn right it’s a race issue. I wrote the post, not Jay, so let me respond first.

        “They are just like us.” That’s what a liberal white woman wrote in a comment here a few weeks ago. Except they are not just like us.

        They can’t succeed at anything so they blame the white race. That’s the real race baiting. Don’t believe all that talk about “racists” living in mommy’s basement playing Xbox. It’s far from true.

        Thank you for commenting.

        Their genetic makeup makes them violent, not all, but many. So why should a group of people who created civilization be forced to live among and grant equality to those who are incapable of creating civilization.

        As to Jay’s ability to attract women, I can assure you that he is without peer.

    • Knoxville was one to the most horrific atrocities ever committed on an innocent couple out to meet friends for dinner and a movie.
      Another was the Wichita Massacre. Both included sadistic sexual torture , psychological torture and horrific murder, and immolation.
      There are endless lists of what is approaching Genocide again Euro-Americans.

  4. color doesnt matter. wrong is wrong and right is right. the criminals regardless of race color religion or sex , should all be held accountable and sentence to prison or death .
    and if your mad at blacks for with the way they behave then you can blame your ancestors.
    we all reap what we sow. so the more hate you give dont be surprised when you get it back.
    no one is above god and karma.

    Whites commit just as much if not more crime than any other race too. I mean are we not forgetting how we even got this country. This isnt even our land . its the native americans. so if anybody has a right to be mad it should be them. if you have a problem with that then go back to europe. everyone have a good day.

    • The “native Americans” were many different tribes of Indians. They were constantly at war with each other, killing each other and taking slaves. The Comanche were the worst. Some of the eastern tribes were more peaceful. But they certainly didn’t recognize each other’s claims to different territories.If you think that whites should give back America to the Indians, then likewise blacks should go back to Africa.

      It’s true that all races commit crimes. The point is that blacks commit crimes at a higher rate than other races. If we acknowledge that fact and do something about it, blacks will benefit the most because the victims of black criminals are usually other blacks.

      • Where do these dumb asses come from Sab? They literally must have crawled out from under a rock to comment on your site. You must be getting under their skin. Must have hit pretty close to home. Truth hurts huh?

      • Normally I get around 400 views an hour during prime viewing hours. It’s up to a thousand an hour today. Somewhere on black Facebook or black Twitter is a link to this article, which is driving the extra traffic to it.

        I almost went off on the first commenter, but I decided its counterproductive to do so. I like the way everyone responded to “Mr. Bledsoe” in the comments a few days ago on another post, which was firmly but politely. Although I have to say if some of you guys lose it and go off on an idiot, I don’t mind too much. Some of them really deserve it.

      • Native Americans are not asking us to leave. They are demanding you leave.

        I believe the phrase you are actually looking for is blacks commit “violent” crimes at a higher rate…. You must have a degree in actuarial science. You can skew the number to fit whatever you want.

        What’s that black guys name who did the Ponzi scheme taking billions from all those people? I can’t remember. Help me out here. Oh and lets not forget those black guys who rigged LIBOR to line their pockets with extra cash. And the black woman who used a personal email account that was eventually hacked, the same black woman who had the us ambassador to Libya killed. What’s her name? And the black guy who said Sadam was amassing WMD’s to attack america’s interest so he sent the military into Iraq to kill him. Sorry that was Colin Powell. Wait, no it wasn’t Powell, it was the other black guy, his boss.

        Crimes are committed by horrible people and they should be brought to justice. End of story. If you want to go beyond that, it’s very easy to see that the most horrible crimes in this country (we live here) are committed by white people.

        But you are not interested in justice at all.

        If all the black people in America left, the number of poor white people will increase. Dramatically. As we will not be around to point the finger at, you’ll point it at them as the new class of people to hate and remove from sight.

      • Your facts are wrong about crime rates. Furthermore, the government throws Mexicans in as white to falsely increase the white crime statistics.

        And you’re conflating Jews with people of European blood. Jews may have “white” skin, but they are not of European origins, but rather of Middle Easter or Turkik bloodlines, depending on whether they’re Sephardic or Ashkenazim.

        I’ll live in a poor white small town long before I’d live in a middle class black area. Less crime, less conflict, less stress. Of course, now that the Feds have opened the border to the importation of drugs by Mexican drug gangs, poor whites are turning into meth heads, which is not good. But one can only assume that the Feds want white communities destroyed by meth, while the favored ones take the profits.

  5. @Samson: yes, apes are “demonic possessed monsters.” Their low IQ equates with violence. RACE MATTERS. We still don’t know how the girl ended up in their possession but it looks like she met friends that included some niggers. You’ll notice they didn’t kidnap a black girl, now don’t you???

    As for Jay Clay, I find him very attractive even though I don’t know what he looks like. It’s the inner man that’s handsome, not the outer.

    I doubt your girlish hysteria attracts very many women to you.

  6. Sounds like the 1800 Slave Trade. Remember, where men and women were kidnapped from Africa shipped to America, the women repeatedly gang raped over decades, forced to give birth to increase lifestock and the men killed and beaten for fun. These animals have learned this behavior. Not justifying it, but if you’re talking about race, remember where it started.

    No Jewish individual were involved, maybe Quakers, maybe Arabs, mostly W.A.S.P’s (White. Anglo. Saxon. Protestants, so please stop attacking the Jewish community, unless historical evidence can be provided, implicating others for an act committed is not taking ownership of their own cultures atrocities.

    Basing IQ on race is also wrong, this was supported by failed IQ testing papers that were using a test familiar to American children but unfamiliar to other cultures. It would be like testing American children in an Indian Standardized Test..

    Lets take the focus off the race of people and focus back on to the men that committed this evil act, this is the real crime. All human life is valuable when they value other human lives!!!!!!!..

    I hope they find the men that committed this heinous act and push them through the justice system in a fair manner. Then once they reach prison the boys in the building do exactly the something to them as they did to the girl., just longer, harder and with more pain.

  7. “The Black Attack” Come on this did not have to be a race issue. This is just to deem ALL BLACK PEOPLE!! What they did is wrong and I hope they get the death sentence. Not everything was about race when Daniel Holtzclaw a police officer preying and raped black women.Every race has bad and good to it at least every other race is willing to admit that but white.

    • No one here says there are no bad whites. White crimes make the national news. This crime didn’t. Thus, I give it coverage here.

      Blacks are privileged to see their crimes mostly ignored by the American press. I often have to go the London Daily Mail to find black crime stories that the American media ignore.

      The point is that proportionally to their numbers, young black males commit the most crime. Many of those crimes are directed at white people, motivated by black hatred of whites. You know it’s true.

  8. This is some funny shit. Sorry that happend to this young lady but there are truly some dumb people commenting here.

    White people created civilization. That is so far from the truth I see why you are all so backwards. You need a history lesson on several different levels. Those people who brought us (yes I’m African) over here as slaves brought many of you too for the exact same reason. Indentured servent/slavery was pretty much the same back then. Until the white slaves revolted. You know what they did? The basically said, OK, we’ll treat you a little better because your not black/African. So the white indentured servents said, OK and went back to work doing the same shit. But they felt better about themselves becase they were not black. True story. Don’t believe me? Look it up in your white history books.

    Truth of the matter is you rare not elite. They look at you just like they look at us. You may have more privilages than us, but when push comes to shove they’ll Medgar Evans your ass in a hot second if you cross them.

    This story is played out in many cities across america. What you fail to mention is that most of the kidnappings of white people are done by other white people. Don’t believe me? Look it up. The FBI is a good place to start.

    When this shit really kicks off I’m not afraid to die for what’s right. The interesting this is your dumb ass is going to die as well. At the hands of other white people.

    • Now you’re talking some truth. The USA was established as a plantation nation for blacks and whites. Jews and their Masonic lackeys of the white race reaped the benefits.

      No one here WANTS a war. We want separation from all other ethnic groups, including Jews, Asians, Mexicans, etc. so that we can have our own natural culture. We wish the same for you. You are being used by the (((power elites))) to commit crimes and foment a race war. Peaceful separation is much better.

  9. Hey man she allowed herself to get picked up by the black dude – that’s on her! It’s the “in” thing right now for white girls to get that BBC! They can’t get enough of it – like I try telling women – ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU GET JACKED!! Case in point….

  10. Well, whatever the case. Black people are here and they’re not going anywhere! You accuse them of being violent while your objective is violence. The funny thing is, the existence and thriving black communities reviles you and is a cause of distress. But your existence and opinion of black people mean nothing, nor does it cause distress. You just prove you and your kind are truly the more violent people. By the way, your efforts have failed and will continue to fail!

      • You’re joking, right? It’s really easy to decide that all of the violence in society is due to one group of people- no I’ll be specific, is due to black people. It is not. Do you actually think your irrelevant, unqualified perception can actually encompass the amazing tenacity of the black culture? It can not. You don’t know ANYTHING about the black culture. But if you find your life wanting, and your disparaging attitude provides a foundation for the delusion that makes you believe you matter, have at it. Beyond your paltry and impotent sphere of hate, you remain irrelevant.

      • First of all, if I was irrelevant you wouldn’t have left two comments here.

        Second, regarding crime, I have the FBI crime statistics on my side, published here on this site several times in table form straight from the FBI website. All you have is a vague assertion about the “tenacity” of black culture. Since I don’t care what you think about me, why do you care so much about what I think about your people? You’re inadvertently acknowledging the superiority of whites by caring so much.

  11. Where to begin. Firstly, let me announce that I am of MIXED ethnicity; White (Danish)/ Black (origin unknown, obviously), and “Native”-American (Seminole) ethnic background. Secondly, I AM NOT religious AT ALL. So, racial/religious PROFILING does not apply to me, nor offend me. That said, I also have a daughter, born in Brazil, where I currently reside. About those “savage” BLACKS, whom never contributed anything to society, that’s complete B/S. THEY founded EGYPT, remember, one of the OLDEST and MOST influential civilizations. From the 1rst to the 25th Dynasty (“ancient” Egypt), the population was predominantly black — as were most of the Pharaohs — whom were physically indistinguishable from the people of present day Ethiopia & Somalia, having negroid features. RACIST anthropologists classified ancient Egyptians as a “dark skinned Caucasians?”, which was NOT TRUE. The population of Egypt was always in line with the other populations of the native African people of N/E Africa, especially the “Horn of Africa.” They themselves claimed they’re ancestors came from the land of “Punt” (which is now modern day Somalia). The Egyptians… created the Book of the Dead, which was/is the base foundation of MONOTHEISM, which JEWS, CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS now practice plagiarized REMAKES. That’s like giving CREDIT to a newer ARTIST for doing a COVER song. LOL. The OLD TESTAMENT, the NEW TESTAMENT (AKA BIBLE), AND the QURAN are derived from these ideas (stories/fables/concepts). NEXT, the PORTUGUESE (who were CHRISTIANS, NOT JEWS) are whom initiated the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This is commonplace knowledge. What is LESS known… is that they DIDN’T simply capture Africans… AFRICANS captured Africans (by attacking enemy tribes) at Europeans request for slaves… and SOLD/TRADED them to European slave traders. SLAVERY is an ANCIENT practice, and has been present ALL AROUND THE WORLD in some form or another; throughout history. These are facts. And DNA mapping tells the REAL story of MIGRATION and reveals interrelations among ALL HUMANS on this planet, and guess what, WE ARE ALL RELATED, genetically! SKIN tones FADE smoothly & consistently from the EQUATOR toward the POLES (N. & S.), there is a mapping of this; and GENETIC mutations/adaptations to CLIMATE conditions (SPECIFICALLY the SUN) modified the lifestyles which, naturally, were adapted for survival. WE ARE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING, but most “RELIGIOUS” folks are either OBLIVIOUS to the realities of nature; and are at odds with modern science; proof being the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS myths and fables believed by masses of INFLUENCED followers. LASTLY, it is “RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY”, GREED and POWER that has traditionally fueled modern world conflicts, and ancient ones too. And there you have it. No here we are… in 2016… and the WORLD is STILL suffering from FALLACIOUS arguments like the ONE ON THIS PAGE… about WHOM and WHAT is to blame for UNDESIRABLE elements of SOCIETY, and UNDOUBTEDLY, unfit to resolve ANYTHING, because MOST people simply DON’T KNOW SHIT to begin with, and are UNFIT and UNQUALIFIED for even a rational and logical DEBATE. *DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER.

    • Here’s a starting point for those interested in this debate:

      To be honest, the question of whether ancient Egyptians were black doesn’t interest me. The world I see around me today is far more significant. The world of tomorrow will be lived in by our posterity. Although I won’t be alive to see it, I would prefer that the future world be very unlike the dysfunctional black world that exists in America’s big cities, in the Caribbean, and in Africa today.

      • I agree with your argument point that the “modern world” is what matters the most to “us”… because we are living in it, BUT, without “regarding” the “past”… the “current” state of its affairs is “incomprehensible”. To fix a problem you must backtrack/investigate to see what’s wrong. Economic injustice (unbalanced wealth distribution) and Abrahamic RELIGIONS are literally “plaguing” our world, and MILLIONS have perished and/or suffered as a DIRECT result. Ideals/concepts rooted in RELIGION are at the CENTER of MANY political debates and armed conflicts. ALL recent American presidents have “project(ed)” a DEEP Christian faith (whether genuine or not) in order to appease they’re constituents and the general population. The FUNNY thing is, MOST of America’s Forefathers were NOT Christians, they were DEISTS; George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, Benjamin Franklin (and others); whom structured the democratic government of the American Republic. SO, you really can’t ignore the FACT that they are debating/arguing and policy-making; in many cases, from philosophical standpoints “derived” from ancient “EGYPTIAN” FAIRY TALES. As for North & Latin America and the Caribbean, the ex-colonies/societies doing the best were “organized” by the British, and the worst by the Spanish & Portuguese. But ALL suffered, and continue suffering, from Christianity. Church and State were separated by our For fathers for good reason. This same problem effects the Jewish State (Israel), and MANY predominantly Muslim countries. Have to acknowledge that fact. Religion was used to “justify” slavery in America. Slavery’s END led to a discriminatory disfranchisement, disconnection and systematic oppression of an entire population within the wider population. EDUCATIONS is the KEY, without it you are considered UNDESIRABLE and UNFIT… and in many cases… it’s TRUE! We are NOT that far removed from very “despicable” eras (the negative aspects of them anyways) from the HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY TIMELINE though (specifically the period of European expansionism/colonization)… so I feel the current international AND domestic status quo is quite “understandable” to an educated person. I hope that more educational & economic opportunities for ALL are prioritized & achieved one day. Violence and other crimes will be subdued, DRASTICALLY. THAN, maybe one day, MASS SHOOTINGS and stories like this unfortunate girls will not be so commonplace.

        About those religions:

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  13. Blacks and Whites are separated by thousands of years of evolution. No amount of classroom or ‘living next door’ to whites will make up that difference. Blacks hate us for that and ALWAYS WILL!.

  14. “The average age of rapists at arrest is 31. Fifty-two percent are white” –
    This was a savage act but to paint light on a entire race as rapist is comical. Did we forget how many black women were raped by white men in slavery times?? Dont see me parading saying white men are rapists? Anyway you are entitled to your opinion. I will say as a well educated Black Man (Software Engineer) that could make his own website without using this basic ass word press… PALADIN JUSTICE you are apart of the problem. “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” –> Really? BROCK TURNER is white that was a savage act that he only got 6 months for. Any way my prayers go out to that family its a shame you gotta turn this into some racist crap.

    • Taking your word for it that whites make up 51 percent of arrested rapists, whites are underrepresented since we make up over 60 percent of the population. Furthermore, there are different degrees of rape, such as forcible rape vs date rape. Find a single article that relates a white teen raping and murdering a woman in her 80s. I dare you. There are none. You’re in denial about black criminality.

      Brock Turner may not be a role model, but to compare his case to this one is comparing apples to oranges. The comparison doesn’t work.

    • You might be interested in the coverage of the story at:


      These apes kidnapped her, kept her for days gang-raping and torturing her, then shot her in the head and fed her to alligators.

      And we are told, every single day, that we are the bad guy.

      White men are evil.

      We are responsible for suffering in society.

      The Jews hate the truth, and they have created a false reality where truth is inverted. Where the opposite of the truth is celebrated.

      We are being raped and slaughtered by these filthy animals. We are the victims of them. And it is time we asserted that, without caveat, without apology.

      I want these animals out of my country. I want them away from my women. I want them to be rounded up, interned in camps and returned to Africa by the quickest, easiest and cheapest means available. And honestly, this is being exceedingly generous, exceedingly kind. To a fault.

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  16. If white men did this to a black girl, cities would burn and whites would have have to kiss even more black ass. What they did to this girl is inexcuseable and it disgusts me. When the media reports something like this, they make it as vanilla as possible. When a white does something to a black person, the media sensationalizes it. This incites these people to violence. Noone can convince me otherwise.

  17. I blame the parents. If she had been educated about the vile sub-human race she still might be breathing today. You have to be totally involved in your childs upbringing or the evils of society will prevent them from being a productive member of society,and let them fall prey to the myth that the negro animal is even close to being a human being.

    • I have a new post on this case coming up later this evening. The girl’s father has responded. I can’t quite make myself lay too much blame at his doorstep, but in my next post on this case, I do talk about it a bit.

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    • “And Christ responded to the negroid-mongoloid -demon-jews which murdered Him, soon thereafter, you jews are guilty of all murders (i.e. all crimes) ever. You will never have forgiveness, nor peace, forever, and We have built the eternal lake of fire just for all of you demon-jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Matt 23:33-36, Enoch 12ff and Matt 25:41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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