Italy at Breaking Point: Migrants Sent Back on Private Jets

italy sudan migrants jet deport

The article excerpted below tries to argue that because blacks are killing blacks in the Sudan that Italy must accept every Sudanese who is able to set foot on Italian soil via illegal means.

There is no moral issue that outweighs the right of the indigenous people of Italy to have exclusive right to reside in their homeland free of foreign influence.

Any moral claim that the Negroid race in the Sudan has to impose on European hospitality would be limited to voluntary efforts by Europeans (not by governments, but by private parties) to set up safe zones in the Sudan for Negroid victims of Negroid treachery.

Let the Sudanese stay in their own homeland, to which they are well adopted and reject the notion that the West owes them anything much other than to leave them to work out their conflicts among themselves.

ITALY has started to send migrants back to Sudan on specially chartered flights, with 48 already deported.

Sudanese and Italian authorities are working together to tackle the migrant crisis.

Some 48 people in Ventimiglia have been deported as human rights organisations protest against the move.

The migrants, who were hoping to cross the Italian border into France, were flown to the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on a chartered EgyptAir flight.

In a bid to avoid protesters expecting the flight to leave from Milan Malpensa Airport, the migrants were actually flown from Turin-Caselle, an airport over an hour away.

The deportation, the first of its kind in Italy, has been met with outrage.

Speaking to local media, protesters said: “We knew well two of the guys that were on that plane.

“Until yesterday they were in the Red Cross centre, they felt safe and they were preparing everything to ask for asylum.”

Italian officials are yet to comment on the deportation.

Alessandra Ballerini, a lawyer in Caritas Ventimiglia and expert in immigration law, said: “This is a mass deportation to a country where fundamental rights are violated and where their lives are in danger.

“With this operation, our country becomes an accomplice.”

In 2015, 60 per cent of Sudanese asylum seekers were granted humanitarian protection in Italy.

But Sudan and Italy signed an agreement earlier this month to work together on migration and border control issues.

A team of Sudanese officials have been sent to the Italian-French border to identify migrants to be repatriated.

Amnesty International says human rights abuses have taken place during conflicts in Sudan.

President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Amnesty International said: “The authorities repressed the media, civil society organisations and opposition political parties, severely curtailing freedoms of expression, association and assembly.

“Armed conflict in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states continued to cause mass displacement and civilian casualties; human rights abuses were perpetrated by all parties to these conflicts.

“Government forces destroyed civilian buildings, including schools, hospitals and clinics in conflict areas, and obstructed humanitarian access to civilians needing support because of the ongoing hostilities.”

If the Sudanese can’t get along with each other, imagine how much hatred they will direct at the Italians.

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4 thoughts on “Italy at Breaking Point: Migrants Sent Back on Private Jets

  1. Many of these so called refugees would be actually war criminals, torturers, murderers, rapists and military combatants. Both rebels and Government Army and Police deserters. Very few Sudanese would be nice people whatever the do gooder cuck idiots say.
    It is interesting that many countries today torn by war and strife are the same ones torn by war and strife for hundreds if not thousands of years.
    Such as Sudan and Afghanistan. Both are deserts and shitholes.
    A country is a composite of its people.
    Move shithole people to Europe and Europe becomes a shithole.
    It is simple but lefties cannot see it.
    Some people need a punch in the face from a Muzzie, or to be raped or robbed by a Coon, to be woken up.

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