Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Conspiracy Theories


Posted here today in light of Hillary Clinton’s mocking of “conspiracy theories” in her alt-right Reno, Nevada speech on Thursday. This from the woman who claimed that Bill’s bimbo eruptions were part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against Bill and her. In the Lewinsky affair the Clintons did screw up. It was the famous blue dress with Bill’s DNA on it that did it.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Conspiracy Theories

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  2. Let’s inspirationally conspire a bit against Hillary – we have to get someone from her inner circle to convince this fickle bitch to also use her physical “beauty”, somehow in a “perfect synergy” with her “wonderful” personality. I could bet she is convicted in her divine perfection by all means, hence, a lately fashion hit, a Nearly Nude C-String Swimwear or cunt-patch could serve as a Godsend gift to conspiratorial Anti-Hillary setup. Imagine her appearing in a promotional ad “dressed” in such C-wear with her overflowing vaginal lips hanging stretched on both sides…not to mention her tits hanging down like cocker spaniel ears … ewwwwww

    This would be the end of her career – GUARANTEED! I would die to get chance watching her cognizant aftermath, “excoriating” this “wacist” con trick, staged by supremacist Alt-Right.

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