White Male Utility Worker’s Submerged Photo Goes Viral

jimmir cox

Jimmie Cox needed to fix a broken water pipe. Like all good men of European descent, he did what he had to do.

Read the story of the photo and the woman who took it at WFAA.

And in case you were wondering what Jimmie looks like out of water, here’s a picture that shows his face.

jimmie cox

6 thoughts on “White Male Utility Worker’s Submerged Photo Goes Viral

  1. Probably reached down and shut off a valve. More than likely working for $10 an hour. White privilege huh? Yep, society loves to hate on white men don’t they? Unless he’s unplugging your toilet, cleaning out the sewage pipes or doing any other dirty shitty work that needs to get done.

  2. If he is a bona fide plumber how come no butt crack shows while he bends forwards?

    Whites are meant to be smart. Dunking himself, head especially, in possibly contaminated water like this is not smart. He could have turned off a valve for the whole street if necessary then removed the water from this hole, shut off the valve. Only in a life saving emergency should white men stick their head down a hole of dirty water. OK shutting off the street may have involved the local utility and would have cost the home owner more money and more time. So what? A mans health always comes first, except in a war zone, fire fighting, policing Coons, or a rescue type situation. These dangerous jobs are usually taken by volunteers.

    • I don’t know what your problem is, Robert, but you were not there and you fail to realize that White Men do their job FIRST then complain later. It was just a water pipe, not a sewer pipe. Did you bother to read the attached article?? Why don’t you contact him and tell him what he did wrong instead of strutting around here???

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