“Teen” Ape Stabs Kindly 85 Year Old White Korean War Vet, Sets Him on Fire

dacus murderer

The burned corpse of Gene Dacus shows where liberal thinking and policies lead.

The Negroid race is not held accountable for its sins, as the white man is cast in the role of sinner, slavemaster, and oppressor.

The reality is the opposite. By not holding the Negro accountable the respect for authority is lost. With no respect for authority, the Negro morphs into a murderer who has no respect for life.

Black Lives Matter is the bastard child of elderly billionaire Jew George Soros. Soros has unleashed a crime wave in America. If only the individual stabbed and burned were Soros, the world would be a better place.

RIP, Mr. Gene.


An elderly Korean War veteran found burned in the back yard of his North Birmingham home was stabbed before being set on fire, according to newly-released court records.

Thomas Sims, 18, is charged with capital murder in the Aug. 17 slaying of 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus, affectionately called “Mr. Gene” by his neighbors.

An affidavit used to secure the warrant against Sims said that he killed Dacus during the theft of the victim’s Dodge pickup truck, as well as Dacus’ wallet. “Thomas Laneal Sims was armed with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, to-wit, a knife and while doing so did intentionally cause the death of Gene Dacus, to wit, by stabbing and/or burning him.”

Birmingham police last week said they were searching for a possible second person of interest, but said today they believe Sims is the lone suspect.

Birmingham police were called to Dacus’ home on 33rd Avenue North that Wednesday morning around 12:30 a.m. after receiving calls about a person on fire. When they arrived on the scene, they found the elderly man burned in the back of his home. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Edwards said witnesses told police they saw a fire in the yard before seeing a man running down a nearby alley with a red gasoline jug. Police arrested that man a short distance from the crime scene.

Neighbor Helen McComb said she was at her nearby home late Tuesday night when she heard a commotion outside and went on her front porch to investigate. “I could see something burning,” she said. “Then a guy ran out yelling somebody had burned up Mr. Gene.”

Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards said witnesses told police they saw a fire in the yard before seeing a man running down a nearby alley with a red gasoline jug. Police arrested Sims, who lives in the neighborhood, a short distance from the crime scene.

“It’s disheartening to see someone this young go to this level of violence,” Edwards has said. “To me, what he did to that elderly gentleman is evil at its finest.”

Friends, neighbors and the victim’s son, Gary Dacus, spoke with AL.com about Dacus’ life and his death. “He was the most kindhearted gentleman you ever met,” said Gary Dacus, one of the victim’s three sons. ” He never met a stranger, and he helped anybody he could.”

Sims, who lists an address in the 2200 block of 32nd Avenue North, was arrested in January on a felony charge and a misdemeanor. According to depositions in that case, Sims on Jan. 24 was in possession of a 2013 Toyota RAV valued at $13,725. The SUV was stolen in Jan. 14 carjacking in which the suspects hit the victim with a gun.

Dacus was buried Saturday alongside his wife of more than 50 years, Earnestine, at Oakwood Memorial Gardens in Gardendale.



The obituary:

Jan 11, 1931 – Aug 17, 2016 Mr. Gene, a resident of North Birmingham, AL, was tragically taken from us at the age of 85. He served our nation in the United States Army during the Korean Conflict. Mr. Gene was a friend to everyone he met and he would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He worked many years as an airplane mechanic, he enjoyed collecting things and buying and selling scrap and always willing to make a deal. Mr. Gene was preceded in death by his parents, Howard Dacus and Margaret Vilanueva; his loving wife of over 50 years, Earnestine Dacus. Mr. Gene is survived by his three sons; Ricky Dacus, Wayne Dacus, and Gary Dacus (Teresa); two grandchildren; one great grandson; other family members and a host of friends. Celebration of life services will be held at Ridout’s Gardendale Chapel on Saturday, August 20, 2016 with a time of visitation to begin at 12:00pm; a funeral service at 2:00pm followed by his entombment in the Oakwood Memorial Gardens, Mausoleum, Gardendale, AL. The family extends special thanks to everyone for their prayers, kindness and loving support during this difficult time.

7 thoughts on ““Teen” Ape Stabs Kindly 85 Year Old White Korean War Vet, Sets Him on Fire

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  2. The mainstream media will be all over this story. After all………….we must thank him for his service.

    Think about this for just one second…………….all we hear on the news are ‘tributes’ to the military. CNN has on every hour a “salute to the troops”. Watch a golf tournament on weekends and a uniformed member of the military will tend the flag at hole 18. And every golfer will kiss his ass.

    So here is a man who “fought for our freedoms” and what will he get??? Absolutely fkn nothing.

    Thanks Jews. Wake up White man!

    • The old timers get caught in neighborhoods that used to be white and have turned. They don’t have the money to move. And so this happens. I’m monitoring the story of the murder of the two nuns in Mississippi. No doubt, the nigger did it.

      There are probably some Jews who are happy to see the old goyim dead, but even most of the others don’t care–are indifferent. It’s Jewish egalitarianism that is responsible for this man’s murder almost as much as the Negro youth.

  3. >>If only the individual stabbed and burned were Soros, the world would be a better >>place.

    Such a nice wish, but also stab an burn Soros’ sons who I read he his grooming to carry on his legacy of death and destruction. One common thing I notice about every mug shot of a porch ape perp I see their eyes are totally devoid of any light or life; they have their father Satan’s eyes or the eyes of a wild jungle beast.

    I’m sure nothing bad will happen to the young lad cause he dindu nuffin and was headed to MIT this Fall under a full Carnegie scholarship in excellence for his brilliant papers on cold fusion, time and faster than light space travel.

  4. White Lives Do Not Matter.

    Soros, the Dictator of the World, has declared Open Season on whites, with no size limit or age restrictions. The very old and the very young are the best game to hunt. All Coons do not need a license. There is no bag limit.

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