Online Dating Scam: Girl and Her Three Accomplices Set Up Black Man for Murder

haily bustos2

Lovely Haily Bustos could almost pass for white. It was often done in the old days as being white had its advantages then.

Certainly, even today a light skin and nice facial features will help a woman attract a black man.

But if Haily Bustos skin was light, her heart was black.


Twenty-seven-year-old Adam Hilarie met 18-year-old Hailey Bustos on the dating site Just one night after they went on their first date in Auburndale, Florida, police found Hilarie dead in his kitchen in what they now believe was an armed robbery that Bustos facilitated, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Hilarie and Bustos reportedly had a great first date; the pair went bowling and then back to his apartment where she met his roommate. Almost immediately after he dropped her back home, she texted him, “I had a good time and would like to see you again.” According to the Sentinel, Bustos showed up at his apartment as planned the next evening, but she brought three men with her.

After the men reportedly overpowered Hilarie and got into his apartment, “Hilarie was begging for his life, he was not putting up any kind of fight, and was telling them that he had a 5-year-old daughter,” arrest reports obtained by the Sentinel read. The Washington Post reports the men took Hilarie’s TVs, his XBox, and his iPhone after one of them shot him in the head and killed him.

adam hilarie

All three men — and Bustos — have been arrested. Police also told the Post that Bustos was paid $50 in cash for assisting with the robbery. Though they provided no further details, investigators also said Bustos had been involved in at least one other robbery similar to this one in the past. It’s unclear if Hilarie’s 5-year-old daughter Lajaya was in the apartment at the time of the robbery and shooting.


Adam must have thought that he had died and gone to heaven when an attractive, almost white girl, wanted to see him again. Well, he did die because he trusted the treacherous Haily, if police allegations are true.

By all accounts Adam was a kindly young man devoted to his daughter. He did not deserve to die or even to be robbed. The four involved in his unnecessary killing deserve the death penalty.

haily bustos accomplices

Meanwhile, because the killers are black, Black Lives Matter is silent.

Haily Bustos, only 18, is going to have many nights in prison to mull over the cost to her of the lousy $50 value that she place on Adam’s life.

haily bustos4

19 thoughts on “Online Dating Scam: Girl and Her Three Accomplices Set Up Black Man for Murder

  1. Sab, a lot of these mexican women are downright evil. I worked with them in California. Nice to your face, but will stab you in the back when you let your guard down. Most of them are thieves and liars, even when they don’t have to.

    I don’t understand why the younger crowd does the online dating thingy. I can understand it if you’re older, but when you’re in your 20’s? Please.

    • We had a Mexican girl working at our office. She was a back-stabbing pit viper. Nasty little bitch. I got her reprimanded with her boss as many times as I could. I didn’t really do it because she was Mexican – I did it because of her underhanded bullshit.

    • You don’t need to tell me about it. I experienced both sides of the coin at the university. Two or three of the Mexican girlfriends I had before I woke up were nice people. It can’t be denied. But many of the Mexican women are two faced as you say.

      I also experienced backstabbing white feminists too. As well as normal white women.

      Our dean was a Mexican lesbian whose “beauty queen” cousin was allegedly murdered by a white priest. Look up the Irene Garza murder case from 1960. Lynda de la Vina, the dean, is the family spokesperson for “Justice for Irene.” Anyway, de la Vina hates white males and stabbed me in the back during the time the university was firing me. Recently, the now elderly priest was arrested for the murder and will be put on trial.

      • This wasn’t the usual street BS that niggers pull, or their usual TNB and jive. This was planned and deliberate. Viciously deliberate.


      • I believe it was deliberate as well. These orc women are not to be trusted.

    • I used to know a white male who would have dated the (light skinned black? or Latina?) in this story and given her tons of money. Thousands of dollars a year, not a lousy $50.

      The story illustrates how little thought these creatures do toward thinking about future consequences. My ex-pal would have dated her and sworn she was “just like us.”

      The dumb ass I knew would sometimes call me before his dates and give me a phone number and name of the girl he was dating in case he disappeared. It goes to show he knew the danger but the lure of a young female to a male in his late 50s was too much. Part of my motivation for publishing this story is as a warning to white males like him. The girl has a strong admixture of German blood in her, which this fellow considered to be superior. Her German blood also created whatever attractiveness she has.

      Where we disagree is that I don’t believe the young father in this case deserved violence even if his extended people are violent.

      • Young men nowadays don’t care for the race, they just want to get some. And too many White girls are liberal SJW whose activism out weighs any possible settling down to raise families. In that since we’re doomed. Is your pal still dating around?

        I understand our disagreement but I give no slack to any nigger or any jew for that matter. We can’t afford it if we want to survive.

    • I had a falling out with my ex-pal. He’s a chicken shit unwilling to stand up for his rights. I told him decades ago that unless the Mexicans were stopped Texas would be ruled by Mexicans and it wouldn’t be nice. This was a long time before I woke up. So even in the old days, I had some sense of our dispossession.

      His obsession with nonwhite women is a turn off to me. Like you suggest, he’s just one who wants some, the consequences for our people be damned. I will say that he had frequent run-ins with smart ass Mexican women. So, he had some awareness of race.

  2. Here is a hot tip for the Peelers.
    Go to this $50 shitskin woman’s PlentyOf Fish account and investigate every date she has ever had. There may be other murders with men missing. There will be other robberies which may have been unreported by the victim, eg those with no insurance.
    Check her computer for other dating sites plus buy/sell sites where she may have set up other guys.
    The Coon should have worried about one ting. She agreed to come home with him on the first date. Whilst most men want this, it can be a warning sign that the girl is too keen (why) or maybe a bit mentally unstable (trouble ahead). It is a good idea to take a photo of the girl on the first date, women can do the same in reverse. If she is a crook or a criminal she will try to stop this photo taking, because she knows this photo will prevent her carrying out her plans. The cautions man better email it to a friend, because the three Coons will steal his computer and camera and delete it.
    In this case I would guess that the girl is addicted to drugs. It is amazing to me that an important fact like this (motive) is always left out by the (((MSM))). Because it would tend to support the idea of giving low cost drugs to addicts via prescription rather than have the entire population exposed to non stop crime and murder. This idea is bad for the crime business and bribery and the big money made from illegal drugs.I wonder why the (((MSM)) is on the side of the drug dealers, corrupt politicians and drug barons in Colombia and elsewhere? Any country in the world to wants to run a free heroin trial for addicts, is black listed by the USA and gets sanctions laid on, making the country something like North Korea.
    (((USA))) runs and controls the world in this dictatorial manner.

    • I’m not sure if she’s a light skinned Negress or a Latino with a mix of black genes. I avoided saying in the way I wrote the piece. The important thing is that she’s nonwhite and not trustworthy. Your advice to men is good advice. Your advice to police to look for other victims is also spot on.

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