Daring, Nearly Nude C-String Swimwear Makes a Splash at British Beaches and Pools

c string

There’s not much of a story here, other than the angle that the C-string should rightly be considered an offense against public decency.

The Sun

IF you thought G-strings were racy then you really haven’t seen anything yet – the C-string has landed and nobody knows what to make of it.

The barely-there briefs look more like a headband than anything else, and are designed to tuck between a woman’s cheeks whilst just about protecting her modesty at the front.

There are more pictures at The Sun. Here’s one more that not so subtly promotes interracial sex to men:

c strings

In doing additional research for this story, I discovered the c-string for men:

c string for men

Whether for men or women, it looks like society is continuing its downward spiral.

Here’s a video of a British woman describing her experiences with wearing a c-string.

11 thoughts on “Daring, Nearly Nude C-String Swimwear Makes a Splash at British Beaches and Pools

  1. Considering the UK is just about a total Islamo jihadi cesspool. Sunbather will hear the fast approaching mobs of machete swinging feral savages screaming “Aloha Snackbar!” as they descend upon the sunbathers.

  2. The C String that would be an abbreviation for the Cunt String I suppose.
    Or Cock string when worn by a man in the streets of San Francisco..
    Here is an idea, some Jew might make millions.
    Wear a smallish dildo to the beach or restaurant with a tiny piece of fabric glued to the outside end of the dildo for modesty. This would be smaller than the C string. This is for ladies only. Though gaylords could prance about at the beach, or San Francisco, with one of these up their bumhole.

    This swimwear would be very popular in Sweden. With the Musloid gropers especially.

    Very boring video by a very Jewish looking woman. She had to buy her product “off line” because there were “none in the shops”.

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