Bargain Brawl: Negresses Rip Off Clothes in Chicongo Walmart (Video)

chicongo brawl

There seems to be an endless supply of these types of vidoes videos. Where you have ladies and gentlemen of color you have brawls.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 22, 2016

(Daily Mail) August 22, 2016 – Bargain brawl! Female shoppers pile in to huge fight in the middle of a Chicago Walmart: A massive fight that broke out inside an Illinois Walmart ended with a woman having her clothes ripped off. The all-out brawl occurred inside the store in Crestwood, south of Chicago, and was all captured on video by a witness. The fracas involved four women and was attempted to be stopped by a single male security guard, who got lost in the fight.

More information from the Daily Mail

It is unclear what started the argument that led to the brawl. Crestwood Police did not have records of any arrests.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week and has received thousands of views.

Does ANYONE ever get arrested for these chimpouts? What a disgrace that disturbing the peace is no longer a crime.

7 thoughts on “Bargain Brawl: Negresses Rip Off Clothes in Chicongo Walmart (Video)

  1. Who cares if they beat each other senseless? Maybe Shaniqua will lie in wait in the parking lot and blow Tamika’s shit away when she comes out of the store. One goes to DNS, the other to prison.


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